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Griffith library protest

By johnboy - 19 November 2006 31

Casalingo send in the following picture of the protest on Saturday over the planned closure of the Griffith public library

He had this to say:

Steve Pratt said the Liberals would reverse the decision if they got into Government.

John Hargreaves said the library would close on 1 December, despite the community anger. He said he didn’t consult because he already knew the community would be against his decision.

Some interesting stats were read out by organisers. One of the most telling. On average over two books were borrowed by visitors to Griffith Library, whereas about three quarters of a book on average was borrowed by visitors to other libraries. The consultant’s report (which is used to justify the decision) claims there are too many books at Griffith! And too much space.

Hargreaves had better be able to back up his rather uncertain claim that children’s services comparable to those in Griffith will be available in other libraries like Civic. In any event this doesn’t get around the problem of how people of the inner south are supposed to get to other libraries elsewhere.

Lots of community anger was expressed, but as expected the Government will press ahead with the decision.

What’s left…the ballot box.

What’s Your opinion?

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31 Responses to
Griffith library protest
ozmreeee 1:57 pm 20 Nov 06

Sorry it’s not accpeting my html – so you’ll have to copy and paste the URL:-

ozmreeee 1:56 pm 20 Nov 06

third time lucky

ozmreeee 1:55 pm 20 Nov 06

trying again – here it is Australian Politics Test

ozmreeee 1:53 pm 20 Nov 06

Probably due to the fact that the ‘faceless apparatchiks’ have done their sums and determined that Griffith doesn’t return well at the ballot box.

While I had no time whatsoever for the likes of Moore, when he sold out to the Liberals, I agree that a minority government is the way to go. As long as the controlling interests are not devoid of intelligence (e.g. Stevenson, etc).

I always liked the idea of the Dem’s keeping the bastards honest in the Federal Senate – shame they self-imploded by forgetting this role was their lot in life.

By the way – I once stumbled across this Australian Politics Test and discovered to my horror that I was a closet Dem!!!!

Al 1:07 pm 20 Nov 06

So what exactly is the rationale for closing the library? Assuming there is one…

Woody Mann-Caruso 1:07 pm 20 Nov 06

You misspelled “cnut”.

Nice to see a politician who has the balls to get the information required to make an informed decision, and then act rather than slowing down the wheels of bureaucracy with sham consultations with a beligerent and self-interested public. The schools thing should’ve been handled the same way.

el 12:14 pm 20 Nov 06

You’re probably onto something there Seepi. Land in the middle of Griffith won’t exactly sell for cheap.

Excuse my French but I think it’s justified when directed towards the current Labor govt:


Absent Diane 12:12 pm 20 Nov 06

yup very sad.

seepi 9:45 am 20 Nov 06

This is very sad. The library is obviously well loved and used.
And how much will it even save them – or is thiws another shameless land grab?

smokey2 8:14 am 20 Nov 06

With an aging population libraries need to be in the community not the commercial centre. Forcing people into Civic is not a good idea.

Thumper 7:55 am 20 Nov 06

I must also add that it is a sad, sad day when government are closing public libraries.

Thumper 7:54 am 20 Nov 06

Sadly, I think Wagga has it right….

However, the saviour for Canberra would be to have a minority government once again so pollies can’t go running off with pet projects.

Am I right in saying that it all started to really turn pear shape when Stanhope won the majority in the assembly?

wagga_wagga 6:10 am 20 Nov 06

Hargreaves stuffs everything he touches. Kid Barr wrecks everything he is given to play with. Barr only got the job because of factionalism within factionalism. Stanhope thinks he is Napoleon.

However Canberrans, having had a lot of experience of Dennis Stevenson, Residents Rally (actually small business rally), and that flip-gidget Carnell, will probably stick with Labor – in desperation.

Canberrans may well support an alternative, and we have put faith in both Moore Independents and Greens. Also the Democrats. An alternative has to be credible.

We need our schools, libraries, bus services, taxis services, health services, housing services, jobs and future. And the sooner our well paid superannuated politicians realise this – the better.

Stupid Pratt, saying the Liberals would reverse the decision. We all know this is pollie-twaddle.
They would promise to reverse time, if it won them an election and then tell us, the day after…

“Sorry that was not a core promise”

Good photo, good crowd – Bad luck that Labor will ignore it all.

terubo 10:13 pm 19 Nov 06

Hargeaves appeared to be firmly resolute in his demeanour.
Mind you, when you spend hours playing the pokies in your favourite yacht club, a certain steely determination does tend to set in…

miz 10:04 pm 19 Nov 06

I WAS a Labor voter. They are going to be last next time round. They are crapping on my town.

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