Gungahlin Drive consultants linked to mass electrocutions

johnboy 13 July 2008 13

Gungahlin Drive under construction

The world media is agog that the Halliburton owned consultancy KBR has managed to electrocute 14 US soldiers in shower facilities they built in Iraq.

Those with long memories will remember the same KBR were heavily involved in the design and construction of the Gungahlin Drive Extension.

Makes you wonder no?

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13 Responses to Gungahlin Drive consultants linked to mass electrocutions
caf caf 2:48 pm 15 Jul 08

JR: They will probably need to rebuild the old bridge to make it wide enough for the cycle lane (or build a seperate cycle bridge to route the on-road cycle lane over).

Kramer Kramer 1:50 pm 15 Jul 08

Building a single lane GDE is as good an idea as buying a house in a town centre with no arterial roads.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 1:23 pm 15 Jul 08

Those who travel southbound down the GDE between the Aranda off ramp and the Glenloch Interchange will be pleased to note that the road will soon be upgraded to dual carriageway or at least a pre-election announcement will be made that the upgrade will occur (the cynic in me is coming out again!).

Earlier this month I was attending a joint Community Councils meeting with ACT Government agencies (and their representatives) and Tony Gill – director of ACT Roads (TAMS) indicated to a number of us that there was money left in the kitty and available for the upgrade.

It sort of makes sense given that the southbound lane was in fact the the original “Caswell Drive”, so I suspect that it will be a simple mater of widening the verge to cater for the cyclist lobby (I think the minimum standard is 1.2m for an on-road cycle lanes) and re-spraying new lane markings. I just do not understand why the didn’t make it dual lane in the first place when they were building the thing!

RuffnReady RuffnReady 2:29 pm 14 Jul 08

Regarding the single lane GDE – who the freak thought that would ever be a good idea??? I mean it’s bloody obvious to everyone that it should be double lane. I can’t think of another single-lane carriageway in Canberra… it simply doesn’t make sense to construct it as a single lane road. Whoever made that decision in the planning stages should have lost their job long ago.

The only possible reason I can come up with for the single lane decision is the government trying to engineer congestion so people use their cars less for commuting, but that’s too far fetched.

PBO PBO 12:32 pm 14 Jul 08

It should come as no surprise that NCA and KBR are in bed with each other. KBR is the pitcher and NCA is the catcher.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:48 am 14 Jul 08

Who said there’s no money to be made from war????

p1 p1 9:44 am 14 Jul 08

Sounds like a good investment opportunity. By now while the shares are cheap after the electrocutions, and wait for then to go up with the start of the next war/GDE.

steveu steveu 7:53 am 14 Jul 08

KBR have cleaned up bigtime with the Iraq war, being given contracts for pretty much anything and everything. There isn’t much over there that doesnt have their stamp on it. If you look at their company history, they have been in the business of supplying logistics for every war the US has been in for a very, long time. This mob have made a great deal of money out of the Iraq war. Dick Cheny was a president of the company too, which obviously raised a few eyebrows (particularly with his shareholdings).

Pandy Pandy 10:57 pm 13 Jul 08

Fat lot of good you Gungahlinites did convincing Sonic, JR

Meconium Meconium 10:39 pm 13 Jul 08

Haha, Kramer’s point exactly Jon.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 10:25 pm 13 Jul 08

Kramer said :

Can we please have KBR come over and electrocute the whinging Gungahlinites lamenting the single lane GDE?

The whinging Gungahlinites you speak of (myself included) always advocated that the GDE should be dual carriageway from the outset.

Kramer Kramer 8:40 pm 13 Jul 08

Can we please have KBR come over and electrocute the whinging Gungahlinites lamenting the single lane GDE?

gooterz gooterz 5:59 pm 13 Jul 08

The Green Mile?

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