HAHA! Sydney and Melbourne sulk over torch relay coming to Canberra

johnboy 28 April 2007 15

[First filed: April 27, 2007 @ 07:34]

The ABC brings word of the shock and outrage in Sydney and Melbourne that the 2008 Olympic torch relay has shunned them and their unique charms.

Instead the Chinese have opted to swing the torch through Australia’s capital which is, oh wait it’ll come to me, hang on… Aha! It’s us!

“Former Olympic hosts Sydney and Melbourne were left out in the cold as organisers announced that Canberra would be the only Australian city to see the Olympic flame on its relay trip around the world next year.

Up to 80 torch bearers will carry the Olympic flame through the city over a five-hour period on April 24.”

UPDATED: The Chief Minister has expressed his joy at this recognition:

“The arrival of the Torch Relay next April will again put us in the international spotlight, allowing us to show off what we consider to be one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities and a city which already shares such a special relationship with China’s capital, Beijing,”

Let’s think about this for a minute when was the last time you paid any attention to the Olympic torch’s world travels?

FURTHER UPDATE: The rather grand announcement ceremony is now on YouTube:

ANOTHER UPDATE: Phayul.com have a story on the Tibetan community commemorating the 18th birthday of the Panchen Llama outside the Chinese embassy yesterday. He became the world’s youngest political prisoner at age 6 and his whereabouts remains unknown (not much point killing him if he’s just going to re-incarnate at least).

It could be a very exciting torch leg if the activists really get out. One wonders if Canberra didn’t get the nod for being easier to secure.

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15 Responses to HAHA! Sydney and Melbourne sulk over torch relay coming to Canberra
astrojax astrojax 7:54 pm 30 Apr 07

how are they choosing the torch bearers? be fun…

Ruby Wednesday Ruby Wednesday 12:28 am 29 Apr 07

I believe it’s ‘Panchen Lama’ unless he is looking rather camelid-esque.

johnboy johnboy 2:35 pm 28 Apr 07

Well the story could well become one about us all getting arrested… but sure we’ll revisit the subject closer to the big day.

I-filed I-filed 2:28 pm 28 Apr 07

This is a great opportunity – rather than attempt to get visitors to the Olympics to wear Falung Gong yellow as a protest, Riotact could campaign for all Canberrans to wear an item of clothing in the bright yellow Falun Gong colour on the day as a protest against human rights abuses in China…that should get international coverage. Johnboy, how about it?

Aeek Aeek 12:34 pm 28 Apr 07

oh great, more local AFP resources being expended on a national event.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 6:47 pm 27 Apr 07

The cynic in me suggests the route will take it right past the ornamental pile of bricks otherwise known as the Chinese Embassy.

And will the Falun Gong mob be allowed to stand there and wave it past?

swamiOFswank swamiOFswank 5:31 pm 27 Apr 07

Tim Gavel of 666 suggested that Jackie Chan could carry the flaming thing. It makes sense when you think about it!!

kaydo kaydo 2:09 pm 27 Apr 07

surely it will pass through their international airports though? or is canberra thinking they still have an international presence?

KandyA KandyA 12:21 pm 27 Apr 07

I still regret not pinching the thing last time it went through, so now, cunningly disguised as a Tibetan monk….

andy andy 12:09 pm 27 Apr 07

well, I for one am hoping that our statue of Al Grassby will be erected by then, so the whole world can see how proud we are.

astrojax astrojax 11:46 am 27 Apr 07

the chinese are going to exploit their occupation of tibet by taking this to the top of everest – we should all line northborne ave and blow it out as it passes by in protest.

or start a small business and reap the immense profits coming to town in tourism after the torch puits us on the map.

or not.

fnaah fnaah 11:23 am 27 Apr 07

If someone was handing out sh1t-on-a-stick, and snubbed me, I don’t think I’d be shocked or outraged. Perhaps our Mexican and Canadian neighbours don’t really care.

johnboy johnboy 10:56 am 27 Apr 07

It’s more than implied in the headline:

Sydney, Melbourne snubbed on Olympic torch relay

James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 9:37 am 27 Apr 07

Yep, never paid attention to where the torch has been in the past –

But think of the oportunity.

Bucket loads of Pollies – With public money cheque books – All suffering under the apprehension that people actually give a crap!

Me thinks I will spend a little while devising a plan to ‘fully demonstrate the true beauty of Canberra to the world’ (Extract cash from said cheque books…..

It should be like taking lollies from babies – Well – The lollies are simply cash, and the babies are….. Oh yep… They are babies!

sheer sheer 9:33 am 27 Apr 07

Is it just me, or does that ABC article mention neither shock nor outrage?

Reading a bit into it there, I would say JB.

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