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Hashemoto at the Phoenix 28 January 2006 – A review.

johnboy 1 February 2006 5

29 January was my birthday. Only my parents had forgotten and buggered off to the coast leaving me to housesit their animals. And my friends were, it seemed, otherwise engaged. In fact the only people who remembered were my girlfriend, my real estate agent, and the dude in Dickson Video Ezy who rented me Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

In any event, on the Saturday night we walked from Dickson into Civic to watch Hashemoto rise from the ashes in the Phoenix.

Randall Blair was doing his thing when we arrived and seats were in short supply. But, as is usual in the Phoenix, patient hovering secured seats close to the stage. We caught a couple of Blair songs and then the legal profession in Canberra’s most accomplished musicians were up.

Due to a complex series of circumstances, involving family commitments and nursing courses in Queensland, the once mighty four piece (who played one of the RA team’s wedding) are now duo with acoustic and electric guitar.

You can cut the numbers down but you can’t take away their extra-ordinary songwriting.

Pottsy and Damo had the precursors to our hearts and minds from the opening bars. With just the two of them playing they took on a Simon and Garfunkel dimension.

Sadly our table had a noisy drunk who was not content to talk across the band but rather over them. Then he inflated a condon which his companions burst. Then he tried to stick the burst condom in my pint. Meeting an alert opponent he stuck it in the pocket of the passed out stoner on a nearby bench as a happy surpise for the next morning.

The exceptional drunk’s noisy antics detracted from enjoying the show. But having been an exceptional drunk many times myself who am I to complain?

In any event it was great to hear some of Canberra’s best songwriters back on a stage. Something to look forward to as we crank up the podcasts for 2006.

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5 Responses to Hashemoto at the Phoenix 28 January 2006 – A review.
LurkerGal LurkerGal 9:12 am 02 Feb 06

Belated Happy Birthday JB.

Kerces Kerces 9:00 am 02 Feb 06

This was the first tme I’ve seen Hashemoto and I loved them and their harmonies.

I also thought the juxtaposition of the beach bum style with shaggy do, pilled tee and Birkenstocks with the clean shaven public servant type right down to his cuffed jeans was interesting. But they did sound great.

riotgirl riotgirl 8:46 am 02 Feb 06

Happy birthday Johnboy – even if it is belated…but you forgot mine as well!!
It was my and Jazz’ wedding that they played at and it was fab – best first dance you could possibly hope for so i had every intention of going to the gig but the minus 4 weeks bump had other ideas ! I bet it was great – whats next for Hashemoto then?

Blossy Blossy 6:15 am 02 Feb 06

no birthday pics?

no skydiving?

Mike Mike 11:46 pm 01 Feb 06

“…watch Hashemoto rise from the ashes in the Phoenix”

I suppose it’s somewhat appropriate then that in Egyptian mythology the Phoenix’s song was said to “strike fear into the hearts of the unpure and courage into those who are pure of heart” and that it was said to ignite and reduce to ashes at the end of its life cycle, after which a new, young Phoenix would emerge from the remains?

Was that a deliberate reference?

Happy Birthday.

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