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Hashtoberfest at Zierholz Brewery, Wednesday 22 October, 6.10pm

By Overheard - 21 October 2008 38

Hastoberfest 2008 is on at the Zierholz Brewery this Wednesday, 22 October 2008.

For more details on the Hash House Harriers, see my earlier post on this topic.

Bring your running or walking gear… and possibly some rain protection. Better still, bring a designated driver.

Get to see what the Hash is all about in convivial surroundings, and also in familiar surroundings for many Rioters.

Zierholz Brewery, Unit 7, 19 Kembla Street, Fyshwick. Run costs $2, but your first run is free.

Hash House Harriers: drinkers with a running problem.

(P.S. For a category for this post, I hummed and haahed but went with ‘Community’. If I’d selected ‘Sport’ I’d be laughed out of the Hash!)

[ED – Lifestyle methinks]

UPDATED: Slideshow of the event below:

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38 Responses to
Hashtoberfest at Zierholz Brewery, Wednesday 22 October, 6.10pm
Ari 1:16 pm 21 Oct 08

At least you can now laugh about it, Granny.

Danman 1:09 pm 21 Oct 08

Crapola – hope you are ok Granny…

Granny 12:47 pm 21 Oct 08

Maybe I will be ‘Friend of Fishar$e’ ….


Granny 12:39 pm 21 Oct 08

No, I told you a bit first over the cheesecake, and then Shannski a bit later when I met her. She was having a hard time believing me!

I really like your hash mates, but! Do hope I get to go on the run tomorrow. They are giving some thought to my hash name … *gulp*!!

: )

Overheard 12:31 pm 21 Oct 08


Yikes! I was listening to you, Granny, really I was, and I have been known to get way distracted when setting up for any sort of speaking/singing/trivia/MC/corporate gig, but that stuff about the car alarm and the wandering away and the getting semi-demi-arrested I definitely did not hear in any part! Were you telling my Hash mates about it, mayhaps?

Granny 12:27 pm 21 Oct 08

Oh, yes! Sorry. Overheard already heard that story last night at the Tradies.

I called Gramps at 1am. I gave him two very unrelated pieces of bad news, one of which was that I’d had an accident. He said he was on his way. The horn was going like a burglar alarm and the car was hot and smokey. I’d driven it over to the side of the road. Then I walked across the road and lay with my face in the ground wishing it would swallow me, but it didn’t. When the horn stopped, I thought, that can’t be good. Then Gramps rang me and said come back, it will be ok. That’s when I got arrested.

Ari 12:10 pm 21 Oct 08

Is this in some way related to your car needing repairs, Granny?

Granny 12:03 pm 21 Oct 08

I am too deeply ashamed, Danman. I was a coward. But I think I was also in shock.

Danman 11:57 am 21 Oct 08

err what did you do to get not under arrest if I can ask Granny ?

Granny 11:52 am 21 Oct 08

Well the scary policeman said, “You’re under arrest,” and said that thing that they say in the movies. That was a bit surreal. I didn’t know they did that in Australia.

Then he sent me over to the other two and they were really gentle with me. I was under the limit, which was good. But nobody put any handcuffs on me or anything and carted me away, so I’m thinking like, “Am I arrested or not?” but they sent us on our way, so I wasn’t going to demand to be hauled off in the police car.

I was wondering whether maybe times were a bit tough, and surely the government could spring for a pair of handcuffs. When I told Shannski, she said I should have whipped out my own, but I was too embarrassed to admit that I’m not really that cool! *chuckle*

I still might have to go to court though. I will know in the next week or so.

Overheard 11:42 am 21 Oct 08

Granny said :

Well, I’m still not sure if I’m arrested or not. As I said last night, you would think they would have used handcuffs.

????????!!!!!!!! Must have missed that bit!

Did I mention I don’t always hear real good?!!

Granny 11:37 am 21 Oct 08

Well, I’m still not sure if I’m arrested or not. As I said last night, you would think they would have used handcuffs.

Overheard 11:19 am 21 Oct 08

Hmmmm. Considers a comment based on the fact that the words ‘Fyshwick’ and ‘creative young lass’ appear in the same sentence. Luckily I’m much too classy for that.

Hope to see you there. I’d offer a lift, but I’m going to either cab it or get a lift. I don’t believe it would be physically possible to go out there and just sit on water or lemon squash and the combination of ein bier und zum medicine vor stoppen coffen might rule me out of the driving thing.

Granny 11:11 am 21 Oct 08

If I can get there, I will be there Overheard. Fyshwick without a car could be interesting, but I’m quite a creative young lass when I set my mind to it.

Overheard 10:50 am 21 Oct 08

“[ED – Lifestyle methinks]”

Damn, it was staring me there in the face.

Hash House Harriers: Lifestyles of the Paunch and Bilious.

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