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Hashtoberfest at Zierholz Brewery, Wednesday 22 October, 6.10pm

By Overheard 21 October 2008 38

Hastoberfest 2008 is on at the Zierholz Brewery this Wednesday, 22 October 2008.

For more details on the Hash House Harriers, see my earlier post on this topic.

Bring your running or walking gear… and possibly some rain protection. Better still, bring a designated driver.

Get to see what the Hash is all about in convivial surroundings, and also in familiar surroundings for many Rioters.

Zierholz Brewery, Unit 7, 19 Kembla Street, Fyshwick. Run costs $2, but your first run is free.

Hash House Harriers: drinkers with a running problem.

(P.S. For a category for this post, I hummed and haahed but went with ‘Community’. If I’d selected ‘Sport’ I’d be laughed out of the Hash!)

[ED – Lifestyle methinks]

UPDATED: Slideshow of the event below:

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38 Responses to
Hashtoberfest at Zierholz Brewery, Wednesday 22 October, 6.10pm
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Granny 5:39 pm 23 Oct 08

G’day, MsCheeky! Welcome to RiotACT!!

: )

Overheard 4:47 pm 23 Oct 08

Oh, and for anyone new or elsewise scratching their heads and thinking they’ve stumbled onto some thread about Amsterdam kofie huizen, kijk hier:

Overheard 4:33 pm 23 Oct 08

Overheard said :

Agh! Don’t mention 2XX! It’s an ‘Artsound’-sized T-shirt, Granny.

Actually, I just got Culturazi and released Marianne and I are going toe to toe this Friday from 5pm to 7pm. Marianne’s got JB on at 5pm, so what chance do I have?! Did I mention that Jigzag are playing live in the studio at this time???!!!

I better cut that sort of talk out or I’ll be telling my story from the mod queue. >OMJ< which is my new shorthand for ‘Overheard Make’um Joke’ to pacify the more literally-minded out there.

Overheard 4:28 pm 23 Oct 08

G-damn, I’m not even safe from them in here anymore!

Just a couple of cultural references here. The “buckets” (or tubs) is where the run starts and finishes and is generally full of frosty cold brews. Depending on the kennel it’s either BYO (Canberra Hash, first Monday run starts back on Monday 3 November) or you buy from the ‘bucket’ (WACT, Capital, etc.) or it finishes at a pub, club, or fine German brewery where it’s every hasher, harriette and horror (kid) for themselves.

And Ms Cheeky’s comment about not actually making it onto the run hastens me to apprise you of this piece of hashing lexicon: “Knitting Circle: Group of harriers or harriettes (usually the latter) who spend more time walking and talking than hashing.”

MsCheeky 3:05 pm 23 Oct 08


Excuse No. 1
I can assure you that running is not a necessary requirement for enjoying yourself at the hash! It’s nice if you can leave the buckets for at least a stroll, but sometimes even that’s not achieved by all. Not by me last night, for instance.

Excuse No. 2
There’s always the Monday night hash. Now that’s the way to get your week off to a good start.

Now you’ve got nowhere to hide.

MsCheeky – Hash Infiltrator

Granny 2:43 pm 23 Oct 08

It’s an awesome T-shirt!

: )

Overheard 2:40 pm 23 Oct 08

Agh! Don’t mention 2XX! It’s an ‘Artsound’-sized T-shirt, Granny.

Granny 2:07 pm 23 Oct 08

I even got a free Hashtober tee, even though it was a 2XX.

Granny 2:06 pm 23 Oct 08

I was ‘the virgin’ … *hehe* Oh, and a muggle too!

Overheard 2:00 pm 23 Oct 08

Slideshow with a few pics, except for one of Granny and me that somehow tacked itself onto a photo set now being viewed by members of my green choir around NSW/ACT! I’m so ****ed at editing and sharing photos!

The press turned up to this one (I somehow managed to mostly dodge the camera’s lens) but the story and pics should be in Sunday’s Canberra Times.

Granny 5:12 pm 22 Oct 08

See you soon, Overheard!

: )

Overheard 4:52 pm 22 Oct 08

Almost time to jump on the beer scooter. Hope to see some lurkers out there. I’ll be the one minding the gear and quaffing down amoxcillyn…

Granny 2:42 pm 21 Oct 08

You guys!

: )

Danman 2:39 pm 21 Oct 08

I’m in the mood for wanting to be punished at the moment

Wow, not often opportunity like that comes knocking, and from a female too 🙂

Overheard 2:12 pm 21 Oct 08

Kramer said :

…another installment of Days of Our Riot…

Anyway, sounds like good fun – except for the running!

I’d make an appearance, but I already have another drinking event for Wed evening (not as nice as Zierholz beer).

It’s a bit like that, ain’t it?!

“Like porridge through a tea-strainer, so are the days of our lives…”

Walkers always encouraged and welcomed. More so lately, they can out-number the runners and joggers.

Me, I’m still suffering from the sight gag of leaping off the stage at the GetUp! gig or possibly my fat man’s parkour in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney — details — and am not quite up to running. Plus there’s the pesty chest infection to combat.

Speaking of which, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck — it must be time to go see the quack!


peterh 1:58 pm 21 Oct 08

Overheard said :

Granny said :

Oh, dear … I think I’d rather not know.

: )

Thanks for your kind words, guys. I’m in the mood for wanting to be punished at the moment, though, and nobody is punishing me which kind of sucks.

Even the one time I ever went to confession the priest was so nice to me.

Maybe I should go to confession. I wonder if I’m allowed.

A lapsed Catholic I may be, Granny, but that bit about ‘ye who is without sin cast the first stone’ sort of sticks.

Ha, sticks and stones! Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah!

and i am leaving it alone….

except, mum, can i have a bag of gravel?

Granny 1:49 pm 21 Oct 08

Kramer, I will have you know I’ll be walking!

: )

Granny 1:48 pm 21 Oct 08

Overheard, you’re wonderful. I’ll be ok.

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