Hell On Wheels! The Canberra Roller Derby League kicks off

johnboy 3 October 2009 12

For the last year it’s felt as if every sexy, smart woman I’ve met has been in training for the Canberra Roller Derby League (CRDL). Their distinctive t-shirts with the knuckle duster motif has become a bit of a feature in the cooler bars around town.

Now the wait is over and the Surley Griffins are taking on the Black & Blue Belles at Southern Cross Stadium on 24 October. For some girl on girl action we can all get behind.

I’m told there will be beer.

Doors open at 5pm.

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12 Responses to Hell On Wheels! The Canberra Roller Derby League kicks off
pippymoo pippymoo 11:04 am 05 Nov 09

When will roller derby ever not be cool Woody Mann-Caruso? Even if it had 10 lame movies about it (and Whip It was actually pretty good I thought), if you actually went and saw a real game you might realise how complex, skilled and fast it is.

And just for the record I knit, play ukulele and am a CRDL Roller girl. I also build freakbikes, ride a motorbike, screen print t-shirts and shop at the farmers markets, but I just do those things for the street cred.
I don’t mind how many other people share the same interests as me but if you’re in anything just for the street cred you’ll pretty soon work out that it actually takes time, effort and dedication to be good enough at anything to actually earn the street cred. So I don’t think we’re going to be inundated with hipsters somehow.

Come and watch the next bout on November 21st if any of you are keen to actually watch some dedicated, tough and skilled women do their thing instead of sitting in front of a computer and writing about it.

CRDL CRDL 4:20 pm 20 Oct 09

Hey All,

This bout has now sold out – completely – you can’t get tickets for love, money or beggging. Sorry to disappoint the folks who haven’t got tix. We’re planning a second bout on 21 November and will be posting details soon.

Bullseye from CRDL

marc marc 4:27 pm 16 Oct 09

So, I’m creepy for writing a supportive reaction against your anonymous, online insults of a whole bunch of people you don’t know, on a post about their event? And those people all suck because they’re hipsters playing sport (or apparently drinking coffee in public?)

Get knocked back by a couple of hip chicks in your time dude? No luck with the sporty girls either? Long had issues with people who seem to have fun in public? Everyone’s a wanker but you? Getting back at them by posting nasty comments on the web?

Lord knows how you got to be so bitter when you’ve got so much personality!

(And I may be alone on this, but I find people with interests more attractive than those without. Seems natural to me. For example, I’m attracted to you because of your interest in anonymously insulting others when they’re just trying to connect with like-minded folk – to me that’s almost as sexy as World of Warcraft porn, which is super sexy indeed.)

ahappychappy ahappychappy 4:24 pm 15 Oct 09

Haha! WMC +1

Love it.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 2:33 pm 15 Oct 09

Get over yourself. Roller derby is a fantastic sport, and everything else I listed was a great hobby til the tag-along hipster numpties find out about it, tweet about it to their other moron follower buddies and the next thing you know you can’t breathe for w.nkers with ironic t-shirts and boingboing accounts.

Slightly more pathetic – nay, revolting – is the squicky attitude some men have toward women who just happen to have interests. Suddenly they’re hot, sexy, smart and tough. No, they’re just the same as they ever were, and you’re just desperate and creepy for gushing all over them. Here’s a clue – they’re not into roller derby to please you.

“Oh, roller derby girl, you’re ever so amazing. Please, just let me gaze upon your hawt awesomeness – before I return to masturbating over photoshopped World of Warcraft pictures in my mother’s basement.”

CRDL CRDL 2:25 pm 15 Oct 09

What’s wrong with knitting?

Rad Dave Rad Dave 11:16 am 14 Oct 09

Haha.. That was the coolest thing I think i’ve read! I strongly encourage more ineptitude when people are writing their comments!!
Go roller girls..

Avy Avy 12:16 pm 07 Oct 09

I’ll say one thing for marc’s paragraph of ineptitude: there’s no way he’d say that to anyone in real life.

marc marc 12:00 am 07 Oct 09

Couldn’t help but notice Woody Mann-Caruso’s condescending response to this post. As if training for and then competing in roller derby is a fad equivalent to “knitting … ukulele classes … food blogging … handmade marketeers”. I’d just point out that your “poor dears” intro marks you as one who has not had as much success with girls as you reckon you deserve, leading to a cheap dismissal likening them all to spinster aunts looking for something to keep them occupied. As cheap and nasty as dismissing gay rights activists with “poor dears” or those against shooting Bambi…
And frankly, knowing that there is a Drew movie coming out marks you as a probable daytime tv fan or obsessive Ms Barrymore blogger.
Weird dude, very weird.
Go roller girls, I say! You could be married to this dude, squeezing out his babies and copping his cheap nastiness all day (except when he’s watching daytime tele), and instead you’re hot, sexy, sporting-tough and just all-round powerful! Just picture this soft-belied smug doofus when you’re knocking each other senseless! Rad.

Thumper Thumper 8:23 am 06 Oct 09

I might head over to this event and check it out…

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 9:07 pm 05 Oct 09

Poor dears. A mainstream Drew Barrymore movie means roller derby won’t be edgy and cool anymore. They’ve already been chased from knitting to ukulele classes to food blogging to handmade marketeers. Bring on all-girl MMA.

che che 7:25 pm 05 Oct 09

With the new movie Whip It coming out I’m sure there will be an even bigger revival for the sport.

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