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Holiday Distractions

By Aurelius - 29 September 2008 51

For the next two weeks, those Rioters amongst us who have bred are wondering what time-wasting (but preferably not money-wasting) activities there are in our fair city.

I have a 9yo son, who has expressed a desire to visit the War Memorial these holidays.

But I am trying to think of what to do with him for much of the next fortnight.

So parental units of the hivemind, want to throw up some suggestions?

What’s Your opinion?

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51 Responses to
Holiday Distractions
Thumper 4:09 pm 29 Sep 08

Buy him a sheep, teach him how to ride it, then get him to mow your your lawns 😉

Feathergirl 4:05 pm 29 Sep 08

Maybe I sound a bit like a nana with my ideas, I haven’t got experience with entertaining 9 year old boys but…

If you have a garden area, you could take him to the garden shop and then put a little veggie patch together? Or try an art, woodworking, electronics, cooking or even car/plane/kite model type project. I always liked to do what ever my dad was doing when I was younger, even if it was painting the fence!

Put him in charge of a BBQ for family or a couple of his friends at the Cotter, so he plans the menu, shops and does the cooking (with help when asked for but, some biting of the tounge may be needed).

Hire one of those two people bikes and ride around the lake.

Grab a digital camera and put together a photo scavanger hunt for him to do. Eg. he needs to get a picture of a duck, a blackberry bush, someone driving there car on their mobile phone etc.

I loved a trip to the library when I was young, but that’s probably a bit un-cool. You can hire DVDs there now though and they have stacks of magazines he might like – computer gaming stuff, fishing or extreme sports.

I love spring, I wish I was on school holidays!!!

Skidbladnir 3:57 pm 29 Sep 08

For the school holidays, I propose something like “DIY Weekends” for the adults, and “KIDDIY”.

Woody Mann-Caruso 3:50 pm 29 Sep 08

Geocaching was made for 9 year old boys, and handheld GPS receivers are dirt cheap now. It’ll keep him busy next holidays, and the holidays after that…

darth_baul 3:43 pm 29 Sep 08

Have a look at the Capitals post – you guys will have a great night at the basketball and the two for one deal makes it even better value

Thumper 3:42 pm 29 Sep 08

Take a drive down to the coast. Go for a swim in the morning and then check out Mogo Zoo in the afternoon.

Damn, you can even take me along if you like 😉

rosebud 3:39 pm 29 Sep 08

Take a day trip on the train to Sydney. Kids love train trips. Then take the ferry to Manly, swim at the beach, and then take a double decker train back to central.

tylersmayhem 3:30 pm 29 Sep 08

@enrique: too true mate! They were some of the best days of my life. We didn’t even wear helmets in Maggies season either 😛

enrique 3:27 pm 29 Sep 08

Do what my folks used to do…

Give him a backpack with a good size lunch in it and a bottle of water. Stick him on his bike and send him off with a few of his mates. Give him a designated zone that he isn’t allowed to go beyond and tell him to be home by 4PM.

Trust me, the imagination of a bunch of young kids should be more than enough to keep them occupied. Given they’ll be in a group they should be able to look after each other.

You don’t see nearly as many kids riding around during holidays that you used to. If you’re worried because he is only nine, keep his designated zone restricted to something within your comfort limits.

Ask yourself what sort of things you did with your mates when you were nine.

Ari 3:26 pm 29 Sep 08

On the last Sunday of the month the Kingston Miniature Railway operates for a couple of bucks a ride.

Then you can wander through the railway museum next door and ride some of the full-sized things.

I’m no great railway bufff, but I had fun last time we took the bub there.

Aurelius 3:21 pm 29 Sep 08

Just to clarify, I not necessarily looking for free stuff (although the suggestions thus far have been good – excep the Belco High one) but want to avoid overpaying for stuff that doesn’t deliver (ie, The Zoo & Aquarium, which I found overpriced).

CHW 3:15 pm 29 Sep 08

Tidbinbilla Playground is free; the Cotter is free; Kambah Adventure Playground is free; the Stone Castle at Floriade is free, as is Floriade itself; Molongolo Gorge Walk (off Sutton Road) is, I think, free; Belconnen Indoor Pool has a water slide, but is not free; the National Gallery has some beaut classes kids can enrol in, but that is not free; Weston Park has some new play equipment and is free; The Discovery Centre (off Clunies-Ross dr) is great, but has a gold coin donation; National Botanic Gardens are fabulous and free.

Have fun!

Mr Waffle 3:07 pm 29 Sep 08

Vandals made rather a thorough mess of Belconnen High School over the weekend, so I guess that’s a viable activity for the kiddies…

peterh 2:58 pm 29 Sep 08

tylersmayhem said :

The National Museum of Australia has heaps to do…and it’s free! Do they still have Weston Park? That used to be a good one. The Que$tacon of course. If all else fails, take him wine tasting – it’ll keep him quiet for a while at least 😉

until the hangover….

if all else fails, check with the canberra child magazine, they usually have events for kids and things to do for the holidays….

tylersmayhem 2:49 pm 29 Sep 08

The National Museum of Australia has heaps to do…and it’s free! Do they still have Weston Park? That used to be a good one. The Que$tacon of course. If all else fails, take him wine tasting – it’ll keep him quiet for a while at least 😉

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