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Deano 12 August 2007 11

Next time someone complains about how dull and quite Canberra is, or how bad our crime rate is, send them the link to the LA Times Homicide Map. Truly bizarre.

I’ll settle for dull and quite any day.

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11 Responses to Homicide Map
jellen jellen 1:39 pm 13 Aug 07

That line from Pulp Fiction was lucky to get past the censor – should have been:
“Let’s get some hard, pipe-hitting [non-racially specific persons from either, both or any gender identification] to go to work…”
I vote Canberra on two counts, neither as violent as the poor parts of LA, nor as ironically self righteous about political correctness as America’s worst city.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 1:06 pm 13 Aug 07

Yeah, sorry – that particular soap box has a hair trigger for me (to murder a couple of metaphors). Didn’t mean to snap. Maybe I should crack open a Knappstein myself.

asp asp 9:53 am 13 Aug 07

Sorry, think I was still under the influenze of a fine Knapstien Shiraz when I was writing.
-First, that should read almost all died from gunshots (out of the first 20 names below the map that shows vitcims, method of killing and age & race).

Almost all Hispanic and black……..interesting?
-The race of the offender is irrelevent to my comment, though I did not make this clear. What I was reffering to is no matter who the offenders are, the mortalit rate of black and hispanic people from homicide in the United States is quite high.

Already, Australian jails have a staggeringly high proportion of aboriginal…prisoners
-I was reffering to imprissonment rates in general. One has to remember that Australia has a rlatively low homicide rate. My point is that in the United States, black and hipanic people are being jailed at a disproportionate rate to white people. Many state that the reason is the gang violence, domestic violence, abuse and general disdain for the law.

We see the same problems in Australia with aboriginal people. Though it has not escalated to the serious of the US with such a high rate of homicides, the point is that in both countries, a racial minority is experiences problems. Instead of just locking them up, the deepr seeded issues need to be addressed. Because in the US, they have not been for the most part and they only continue to get worse.

“you probably have nothing to fear from the roving gangs of heavily armed blacks who roam our streets at night”
I’m not sure if its your intention, but that sound ot me like your implying I am racist. I do not fear heavily armed “blacks” nor do I have any reason to. My concern is when I hear figures, both at school in the past and in the media that gives statistics from within the past five years, stating that 50-60% of person currently held in prison (% dependent on statistics, currently means at time statistics were gathered) are Aboriginal and Middle Eastern. Like illicit drug use, just locking someone up rarely solves these problems and does a lot to compund them. That was my point.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 4:16 pm 12 Aug 07

All died from gunshots…interesting?

No, they didn’t. There are three stabbings and one “other” on the list at the moment.

Almost all Hispanic and black……..interesting?

Not really, because the map doesn’t tell you the ethnic background or gender of the perpetrator. For all you know, there’s a gang of WASPs running around targetting blacks and Hispanics.

Already, Australian jails have a staggeringly high proportion of aboriginal…prisoners.

Aboriginal people are less likely to be jailed for homicide than non-Aboriginal people, so I’m not sure what your point is given that we’re discussing homicides. While Aboriginal people are more likely than non-Aboriginal people to be incarcerated for assault, these offences are heavily slanted toward the less serious end of the GBH / BH / no harm spectrum. These offences are also overwhelmingly committed against other Aboriginal people, so you probably have nothing to fear from the roving gangs of heavily armed blacks who roam our streets at night, asp.

asp asp 2:13 pm 12 Aug 07

correction gain warfare should be gang warfare.
The new spell check function in Firefox doesn’t seem to recognize “gang” as a word. Odd.

asp asp 2:11 pm 12 Aug 07

All died from gunshots……..interesting?
Almost all Hispanic and black……..interesting?
This could be a look at the future of Australia. Already, Australian jails have a staggeringly high proportion of aboriginal and middle eastern inmates to anglo prisoners. If we don’t do something to stop the problems within these communities, this sought of gain warfare is going to escalate to American levels.
What’s Oscar Diaz and the other 18 who died from “other” causes. Are there now so many ways to murder someone that they’ve run out of descriptions.

Deano Deano 11:36 am 12 Aug 07

Going by the article on car theft in today’s Canberra Times, maybe a map of car theft locations would be useful.

el el 11:04 am 12 Aug 07

Yup. Agreed 100%.

ant ant 10:35 am 12 Aug 07

People who complain about a place (like Canberra) being quiet and dull are just the types who expect others to create entertainment for them.

el el 10:23 am 12 Aug 07

Neighbourhood watch reports?

Ntp Ntp 9:47 am 12 Aug 07

Powered by Google this seems a fairly easy program to set up. I’d be interested to see the CT (the ABC, Neighbourhood watch or someone else, even us maybe) compile an assault, burglary, stolen motor vehicle or some such maps for the Canberra area. Getting the data into the public domain would be the only hurdle.

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