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Homosexuals to ease skills shortage

By GnT 6 December 2007 78

Further to the vigorous debate we’ve been having on gay Civil Unions (here and here), the ACT government has flagged the possibility of including a residency clause in the legislation to get it approved by the feds. This would avoid tourists flocking to Canberra just to get ‘married’.

This could also encourage gay people to move here. Now we know who to target the next “Live in Canberra” campaign to.

What’s Your opinion?

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Homosexuals to ease skills shortage
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astrojax 5:06 pm 12 Dec 07

dmd – ; )

[though strictly speaking, capitals should formally be ‘at the commencement of’, not ‘before’, a sentence… otherwise youd have some weird letters just existing in empty space – hey, like inside maelinar’s skull?? ; ) ]

sepi 12:15 pm 12 Dec 07

I dunno – shopping at woolies during summernats is like a wildlife watching experience. The massive queue of wierd cars looping out of maccas, the armed guards at woolies grogshop, the long lines of people in thongs and singlets buying bottles of beam and slabs of beer and cheap sausages.

caf 10:21 am 12 Dec 07

Attempting to shop at Dickson woolies is a northside rookies mistake.

Neocom 9:18 am 12 Dec 07

Simbo: The summernatians can marry whomever the please. As an ex Downer resident (Upper Downer not Lower Downer). I ended up detesting the annual hoonathon. Especially the noise and the depleted shelves at Dickson woolies.

simbo 9:53 pm 11 Dec 07

In the interests of a stereotype-free thread, I should point out that there are a fair few of the SummerNats crowd who would be interested in same-sex marriage.

And no, I’m not just talking about the lesbians…

Deadmandrinking 5:54 pm 11 Dec 07

Capitals before sentences Astro!

Your argument is automatically incorrect!

astrojax 5:21 pm 11 Dec 07

still standing…

and i did a lot more than correct (not attack) your [mis]spelling, not that you seem to notice.

i woulda thought things fall over in a conversation when one interlocutor clams up. a friendly heads up…

Neocom 8:46 pm 10 Dec 07

The ACT should tell the Feds to bugger off!

What the hell is wrong with hordes of same sex couples and their accompanying wedding parties arriving in Canberra for a quick ceremony?

They’ll inject lots of money into the tourism & hospitality industry and be a sight more friendly than the SummerNats crowd.

Deadmandrinking 5:06 pm 10 Dec 07

But surely you could have clarified that position at first, Lord Ghost. Perhaps…’I think that people whom are overly camp don’t make good bosses. But not everyone who is gay is camp.’ or something along those lines (You’d be wrong anyhow, though).

You cannot expect people to just know your position if you don’t tell them what it is. We’re not psychics. Just a friendly (or not so) heads up.

Mælinar 4:40 pm 10 Dec 07

Most people begin to fall over on this site when they attack the spelling/grammar of the message.

Just a friendly heads up.

astrojax 3:29 pm 10 Dec 07

sheesh, this is a dead-end street, innit. the ‘steriotype’ (i am taking this to mean ‘stereotype’) has absolutely no power of explanation. none. nil, nought to the power of less. why do you keep pointing at it? and to exactly which stereotype do point? the whole debate has become pointless…

so we’ll take it as read, shall we? maelinar has nothing of value to add and we can safely ignore his posts in this thread – and probably all others..?

can’t spell, can’t think.

Mælinar 3:14 pm 10 Dec 07

my comments, although they have not necessarily been interpreted that way, were not about all gay people, just a certain few who choose to live a certain way.

As its a very complex subject, and in order to get my opinion in the right context I’d have to use a lot of text.

Look to the steriotype, not my words, if you want an explanation.

Welcome to cut and paste land.

sepi 2:54 pm 10 Dec 07

SES workers are bigots – steriotype or singular example???

astrojax 2:23 pm 10 Dec 07

tell me again what a ‘stereotype’ [note the spelling] has to do with anything?

i might stereotype all, say, volunteer emergency workers as sad sorry bad spellers who smell and can’t play the violin, or whatever, and pntificate from there, doesn’t mean anything if i talk about an individual – even a few – and how s/he can’t spell or play the violin due to his/her being a volunteer emergency worker.

that is just boneheaded and you i suspect you ‘can’t be bothered’ because you actually, really, have nothing to say on the matter.

so no, i won’t ‘look to the steriotype’, i want you to explain yourself or recant your comments.

Mælinar 12:43 pm 10 Dec 07


I can’t be bothered talking about how I think somebody’s sexuality affects their competence levels as its a very complex subject, and in order to get my opinion in the right context I’d have to use a lot of text.

Look to the steriotype, not my words, if you want an explanation.

astrojax 12:23 pm 10 Dec 07

smart people can be wrong too – this isn’t about intelligence; it’s about respect.

still nothing on how homosexuality affects things as opposed to it being an incompetent person who is also, coincidentally, homosexual.

wassup, maelinar, nothing to contribute on this?

Mælinar 9:19 am 10 Dec 07

Read it in context Sepi.

WMD, whatever. I think you are confusing me for an admin, I’m not bound to say anything in any way. If you don’t ‘get’ something, feel free to ask for clarification, although I don’t gurantee to respond.

A lot of people do ‘get’ what I say though, to which I would say that I think that a lot of them are a lot smarter than you. As for my own intelligence, I’m told it’s average. I make no claims to being smarter than you.

Deadmandrinking 3:48 pm 08 Dec 07

Maelinar confuses people with illogic, then claims we’re all confused because he’s smarter than us.

I’m beginning to get a good idea of the workings of this twat.

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