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Housewives may shop in a leisurely way without rush [Historic Video]

By Holden Caulfield - 10 July 2012 35

This video came my way today thanks to the NFSA twitter account.

The voiceover is filled with gems of a bygone era, as is the title of this thread attests. Produced before Lake Burley Griffin came to be I thought the references to locations to the north or south of the Molonglo River was rather quaint.

The two codes of football featured also brought a wry smile.


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35 Responses to
Housewives may shop in a leisurely way without rush [Historic Video]
Thumper 10:29 am 11 Jul 12

devils_advocate said :

johnboy said :

it’s good to have’s one spire standing firm against tawny hills.

That sounds a bit rude somehow.

It sounded to me as if a scriptwriter may have been being a tiny bit naughty.

troll-sniffer 10:28 am 11 Jul 12

Anyone else feel uncomfortable with the woman shopping with the scarf tied over her hair? No wonder those bloody Muslim women think they can parade around in hijabs and burqas when the precedent was set over 50 years ago.

johnboy 10:26 am 11 Jul 12

true, I’m partial to hills of all colours!

devils_advocate 10:23 am 11 Jul 12

johnboy said :

it’s good to have’s one spire standing firm against tawny hills.

That sounds a bit rude somehow.

johnboy 10:06 am 11 Jul 12

it’s good to have’s one spire standing firm against tawny hills.

Yogie 10:02 am 11 Jul 12

I want to live in Canberra in 1958.

Thumper 10:01 am 11 Jul 12

Their spires standing firm against the tawny hills of the Australian uplands.



johnboy 9:46 am 11 Jul 12

At a guess when they built Anzac Parade and put the lake in and realised old George was messing with a major ceremonial axis that wasn’t really about him.

But does go to show how Canberra is an evolving place and not the realisation of the long dead’s plans.

Skidbladnir 9:44 am 11 Jul 12

I really should know this already, but when did the King George V Memorial get moved? And why?
(Other than “That statue looks a bit naff, we could put up an awesome tent embassy here”)

M0les 2:07 am 11 Jul 12

That’s an absolute cracker! Many historical features nolonger seen:

* The bridge at Lennox crossing.
* Grey/faun busses
* The Private Bin looks like it used to be a butchers shop (a meat market: who knew?!)
* The original civic pub
* Waistlines just below your nipples

patrick_keogh 9:43 pm 10 Jul 12

Thanks a lot! Really enjoyed it.

Pandy 9:02 pm 10 Jul 12

Hey I want to have a drink at the sergeants mess!

Zan 8:53 pm 10 Jul 12

Thanks for the memories. I came to Canberra in 1949. My Dad was in the first wave of builders after the war. We lived in Reid near St Johns church. Where Anzac Parade now is it was a paddock with an avenue of trees on either side. The RAAF held outdoor movies there occasionally. Civic seemed such a long way especially through the forrest of poplar trees, some are still standing. We used to go down to Blundell’s cottages to see the river in flood. Such great memories.

schmeah 7:23 pm 10 Jul 12

Wow, awesome clip! Check out the Bega Flats .. how far we’ve come!

Thanks for sharing.

threepaws 6:44 pm 10 Jul 12

What a great video! Surprisingly well edited too. Even as a born and bred Canberran, I think I will look at our city through different eyes, and perhaps yearn for a simpler time (even though my dad was only a newborn at the the time of this video :)) I thought some of the highlights were:

Churches etc “representing the many faiths of Australians” (obviously there were no plans to build a mosque in the 1950’s)

The apparent ease in which cyclists and cars shared the roads

“The late 50’s will be looked back on as the era of espresso, thanks mostly to ‘new Australians” – wow, try using that phrase in public in 2012

Some questions though: WHY did people speak like that in the 50’s? And HOW did the ladies keep their hair looking like a helmet?

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