How goes the investigation Zed?

johnboy 1 May 2009 17

Katy Gallagher is stoking the facebook fire and unkindly asking Zed Seselja how his investigation into the grotty fake facebook profile affair is going.

    Deputy Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher MLA, said today that the Opposition Leader Zed Seselja either hasn’t tried hard enough or doesn’t really want to find out which member of his party is behind the fraudulent Katy Gallagher facebook site.

    Furthermore, Mr Seselja has failed to give the Minister the courtesy of informing her of his findings into his internal ‘investigation’ into the offensive site.

    Ms Gallagher said the Liberal leader had already told the ABC that he had looked into the offensive site and could not find the culprit.

    Mr Seselja had failed to inform the Minister of this, despite writing to him seeking an update on the progress of the ‘investigation’.

    “Mr Seselja’s inability to get to the bottom of this shameful episode demonstrates how ineffectual he is as a leader and how undisciplined his party is,” the Minister said.

Katy also notes that the spoof profile is still online. Frankly I’d have thought if Liberals were behind it they’d have whipped it down on day one. But stranger things seem to be happening lately.

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17 Responses to How goes the investigation Zed?
Clown Killer Clown Killer 7:04 am 03 May 09

The harsh reality is that Gallagher’s only signigicant contribution to the Government is carbon emissions. This is her idea of waht real politicians do, and she’s running with it because she dosn’t have a clue about what she should be doing in her portfolio.

ant ant 10:40 am 02 May 09

These people are in charge of millions of dollars, in charge of things like roads and hospitals. It’s a concern.

disenfranchised disenfranchised 10:14 am 02 May 09

She has a point. The Liberals made much of similar incidents recently (which was after their own all mighty gaffe earlier this decade when a senior Chief of Staff had to resign over email issues). Zed should come clean. If inappropriate action has occurred sack the staffer (and perhaps the MLA). It isn’t complicated! Is it any wonder the Liberals remain in permanent opposition?

I-filed I-filed 3:21 pm 01 May 09

Focus on your work Katherine.

PreciousLilywhite PreciousLilywhite 2:52 pm 01 May 09

“Last friday she claimed to have made a complaint to Facebook.”

I’m hope they sent a wahhhmbulance to pick her up straight away.

deezagood deezagood 11:27 am 01 May 09

Katy needs to ‘reframe the experience’ and instead of wasting energy being angry, should focus on the happy fact that somebody out there thinks she looks a bit like Reece Witherspoon.

peterh peterh 11:24 am 01 May 09

johnboy said :

Last friday she claimed to have made a complaint to Facebook.

what, on a wall to wall from her profile?

johnboy johnboy 11:21 am 01 May 09

Last friday she claimed to have made a complaint to Facebook.

chewy14 chewy14 11:18 am 01 May 09

Has Katy actually contacted Facebook and asked them to remove the fake profile?
If not she should STFU.
Seriously, they are complaining about a FACEBOOK profile. Are they 12 years old?

Thumper Thumper 11:16 am 01 May 09

When the school yard antics are over can someone please get back to running the territory.

trevar trevar 10:57 am 01 May 09

What if it really is Katy Gallagher’s facebook profile and she’s just trying to blame Zed for how she comes across…

I sent a friend request when it was first mentioned on RA, and it still hasn’t been answered.

RayP RayP 10:47 am 01 May 09

Or even by a sculptor of talent and wit?

RayP RayP 10:44 am 01 May 09

Many people seemed to have like the sculpture caricature of Little Johnny Howard.

Is Katy Gallagher’s legitimate concern that the caricature of her on Facebook is not very good – that it hasn’t been done by someone with real talent and wit?

So would a solution be to commission as public art a caricature of Katy Gallagher by a sculpture of real talent and wit?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:34 am 01 May 09

Zed should say, “I’m sorry, Katy, but it’s a private matter for the individuals”. 🙂

deezagood deezagood 10:13 am 01 May 09

‘Frankly I’d have thought if Liberals were behind it they’d have whipped it down on day one. But stranger things seem to be happening lately.’ I would havwe thought that too … hmm, so maybe, just maybe, they aren’t the culprits?

Trunking symbols Trunking symbols 10:06 am 01 May 09

Zed is not “conducting an inquiry” at all. He merely said that to diffuse the issue and get the media off his case.

PreciousLilywhite PreciousLilywhite 10:06 am 01 May 09

It’d be really nice if Katy actually did some REAL work rather than concentrating on what her FAKE online avatar is up to.

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