“I didn’t promise to keep interest rates low” says Howard

boomacat 10 August 2007 40

Yesterday, John Howard told the House of Representatives that he did not promise to keep interest rates at record lows during the 2004 election campaign.

Is it just me, or do others recall seeing endless “Keep Interest Rates at Record Lows” Liberal Party advertisements during that campaign?

John Howard is a liar.


Keep Interest Rates at Record Lows

[Ed. Its not really canberra specific but how do people feel about this? Most home owners are up for a few dollars more each week and it wont be long before investors pass on the additional costs through already high rentals. Would you vote for someone promising low interest rates in the future or does a promise like that not sway your thinking?]

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40 Responses to “I didn’t promise to keep interest rates low” says Howard
bonfire bonfire 4:57 pm 13 Aug 07

i think we are focussing on the wrong part of the equation.

housing prices have tripled in less than ten years, while interest rates have only risen a few points.

you decide how much to pay (and borrow) not the reserve bank or john howard.

typical softhead blameshifting lacking any real analysis.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 4:02 pm 13 Aug 07

I think we should handle asylum seekers much more sensibly and pragmatically than we currently do.

1) When they get here we need to determine whether their asylum request is genuine. Surprisingly few of these people meet the UN test for refugee status – many of them are economic refugees.
2) Once we know what’s going on (days, not years), we should either let them in, or send them packing.

Keeping them for years while a clunky and inefficient govt dept tries to work out what’s going on is just unacceptable.

Thumper Thumper 8:06 am 13 Aug 07

“Howard told a big, fat, steamy lie. But he carefully cloaked it in weasel words.”


Unlike any other politician?

Maelinar Maelinar 6:28 pm 12 Aug 07

Sepi, your comment re detention centres merely reinforces the line of thought that illegal immigrants do get to stay, albeit with suitable jail time for attempting to do it illegally.

As Ralph continues to regurgitate, there are legitimate ways to enter Australia. It may help your cause if you come up with something new.

Ralph Ralph 5:17 pm 12 Aug 07

The cost is worth it, we need to weed out the undesirables.

There is an even greater cost in terms of unskilled migrants, which the statistics show the vast majority of which don’t gain regular employment, particularly the non-English speaking ones.

Skilled migrants only for Australia, they contribute to the economy, and are far less likely to roam the streets at night.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 4:23 pm 12 Aug 07

These people were all coming here, via a few other countries where they could have settled, from Iraq and Afghanistan. Who knows whether these people are associated with terrorist groups? Best not to gamble with that.

That’s how I feel about immigrants from the UK and the US. Any one of them could be IRA bombers seeking to damage the interests of the UK’s allies, or the next Unabomber. Come to think of it, we should lock off Bass Strait as well in case there’s another Martin Bryant among these “visitors”.

Remember people – any threat you can imagine, no matter how implausible, no matter how unlikely, is real. Be afraid, all of the time, of everything and anyone, especially sand niggers and Mohometan chinks. Remember, only Ralph and the Libs can keep you safe from terrrrrsts.

sepi sepi 1:59 pm 12 Aug 07

I made a financial point I thought might appeal to you, but you’ve ignored it.

90% of those we lock up for years in detention centres are eventually granted approval as asylum seekers. So we are letting them in anyway. So waht is to be gained by traumatising them in detention centres at great expense?


Ralph Ralph 11:16 am 12 Aug 07

Cut the bleeding heart crap seepi. These people were all coming here, via a few other countries where they could have settled, from Iraq and Afghanistan. Who knows whether these people are associated with terrorist groups? Best not to gamble with that.

We’ve got enough problems with the ones we’ve let in already, as does Europe, which is why they are cracking down on illegal migrants. Think Paris riots.

There are legitimate means for coming into this country, these people had no respect for that, so they get locked up. They’re the ones who also brought their children with them seepi. Frankly using them as a pawns to gain entry is pretty disgusting.

Its all fine for the champagne socialists to harp and moan about how evil all this is. They also get warm fuzzies about how lovely it is having these ‘diverse’ people here, and how quaint to eat tantalisingly tasty things they have to cook.

At the end of the day these elites don’t live anywhere near the ghettoes in the suburbs where these people congregate, and don’t have to be subject to the gang violence of Sudanese etc. It’s the ordinary working people who have to bear the brunt when these policies go wrong.

Don’t expect anything to change under Labor either.

ant ant 10:37 am 12 Aug 07

And yet, we didn’t need “protection” from all the threatening Outsiders until Mr Howard told us we did.

sepi sepi 9:47 am 12 Aug 07

The only thing to be gained is to make liberal voters, Ralph and Pauline Hansen sleep better at night knowing that these evil children are safely locked away.

sepi sepi 9:45 am 12 Aug 07

Leaving copassion and humanity and a ‘fair go’ aside, from a purely financial point of view the detention centres are a disaster too.

The vast bulk of the refugees within them are eventually allowed to enter Australia. So what is to be gained by locking them up for 3 years, at massive cost to Australia, and creating an ongoing cost, in their treatment for mental illnesses incurred through being locked up?

Ralph Ralph 10:06 pm 11 Aug 07

Dentention centres ehh, sepi. Yeah, let Australia be an international doormat. Lets let in all the scum, unskilled, and looking to take advantage of us.

There are legitimate means for entering this country. Skilled workers have no problems doing so. Skilled migration is at its highest levels, ever.

These opportunists, which you speak of, chose to gamble with their childrens’ lives by tring to enter Australia illegitimately.

Your utopian EU countries are cracking down on refugee migrants. Why is that so?

He has changed us, for the worse.

Care to spell out how that may be, ant?

Gee, with unemployment at 33 year lows, participation rates at record levels, more Australians have jobs. How is that leaving people off for the worse? Continued economic expansion, and higher incomes. Australians are better off, and have their highest incomes ever.

Can’t argue with that, unless you want to start talking about intangible, fuzzies.

sepi sepi 9:04 pm 11 Aug 07

One of Howard’s nastiest moves.

sepi sepi 9:03 pm 11 Aug 07

Detention centres.

el el 8:56 pm 11 Aug 07

I think Johhny H has changed us as a society.
People now think it is normal to lock up small kids until they become suicidal etc.

What? Speak for yourself.

To quote the Late Show – What’s that all about?

bd84 bd84 8:29 pm 11 Aug 07

ant: what abuse? I did not write anything abusive, only statements with a few naughty words.. perhaps I could have said it as “talking rubbish” 🙂

Is this not a forum for debate rather than argument?

Anyway, you’re the one who has been brandishing the name calling, I was more asking you to actually back what you’re saying rather than just typing outlandish claims that don’t seem to have a basis.

Howard may well lose, as I have said before give me the decent alternative and I’ll vote for them. I’m yet to see the decency of Rudd, anyone can sort through the newspaper to see what’s making news that day then develop a policy over their corn flakes.. which is all i’ve seen from him so far. But the polls say people are believing it, which they can if they want to, looks like it will be their loss lol

Anyway, i’m off to lock my small kids in the cupboard until they become suicidal.. wtf?

ant ant 7:36 pm 11 Aug 07

bd84, as soon as you started the abuse, you lost the argument. It is a typical response from right-wingers though. Howard’s going down and all your frothing won’t do a thing to prevent it.

sepi sepi 12:48 pm 11 Aug 07

I think Johhny H has changed us as a society.
People now think it is normal to lock up small kids until they become suicidal etc.

And he likes to try to frighten people to keep himself in power. People are over it though I think. Finally.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 10:29 am 11 Aug 07

I recall that at the time a couple of fairly respectable local and international economic commentators pointed out that the Governments claim to be able to manage the economy in a way that kept downwards pressure on interest rates was akin to them promising, that if elected, they would manage the weather to ensure plenty of rain (but only late at night) and the days would always be warm and sunny. Howard poo pooed the commentary saying that everyone knew it was the Governments excellent management of the economy that kept interest rates lower than under Keating (of course not mentioning that effective rates under Howard’s own stint as treasurer were around 22%).
Did it influence my vote? Nup. Did a promise to introduce a 30% rebate on childcare costs giving me around $8000 a year cash back in my pocket? You betcha!

bd84 bd84 1:15 am 11 Aug 07

ant. no, just sick of you drivelling bullsh_t.

He hasn’t changed “us”, I am still the same person as I was in 1996 besides being 11 years older.. He may have changed people’s perceptions of this country? But I won’t make the broad unrealistic generalisations you are, as I cannot speak on behalf of everyone.

Not everyone agrees what he says, and nobody ever will. I can’t say I agree with everything he says, but then again the alternative isn’t any better, when I get a better alternative I shall vote for them! Anyway, they are politicians after all.. there for the money and for self preservation, using it against John Howard alone doesn’t stack up.

dreamtime of the 50s? No idea where you think of this crap, but as MRB said it’s not restricted to Australia.. and to counteract the George Bush follow up line you would have used.. it was happening before he took power in the US too.

As much fun as writing words such as “disgusting, foul, weasel and toad” is.. try writing something thought out and somewhat intelligent in between them.

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