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IBN News update

By IBN News 8 October 2006 11

Local news website IBN News is now publishing a Sunday edition.

Some of today’s local stories:

* Jon Stanhope asks for the federal parliament flags to be lit up next month as a show of support for abolishing the death penalty;

* Former Goulburn police college boss is reinstated to NSW Police after being sacked for lying;

* Gunning walkathon cancelled after 37 years.

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11 Responses to
IBN News update
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vg 7:49 am 11 Oct 06

Copy that

Big Al 7:02 am 11 Oct 06

Not shitting you VG – Some years ago, I was having a beer with Big Bill at Royals (back when it was a half decent place) and in the flow of conversation Bill confessed that he had once driven Constable Kenny Loala to an appointment … I’m guessing it was in Kenny’s little hatch and not the vintage volvo that Bill gets around in.

vg 11:17 pm 10 Oct 06


Big Al 8:21 pm 10 Oct 06

Yeah – and the option on offer is the guy who used to be Kenny Koala’s driver! Now that’s what I call law and order credentials…

Big Al 8:20 pm 10 Oct 06

But it’s a strategy that’s worked well for the malingering butt-fuck – gassing on about rights for lesbian monkeys in Tibet who want to migrate to Canberra to get a job in our education system distracts all those bright-sparks in voter-land from the fact that the Territory is spinning down the gurgler.

On the other hand it makes for good sport watching aspirational voters* trying to find their way…

*Aspirational voters: as disappointing as it might be to those who take a second job in the hope of a better life for themselves and their kids – and despite JWH claims to the contrary – the sad reality is that these are the voters that have every reason to vote on the left, but are actually dumb enough to think that if they vote like rich people, they’ll become rich people – hence they vote on the right.

vg 7:52 pm 10 Oct 06

Standope should at least try and get his own shit in a pile first before he criticises others.

He is a first class ass clown.

Smackbang 6:57 pm 10 Oct 06

hmm, perhaps a slight overreaction. sorry. it’s been a long and very annoying day.

Smackbang 6:50 pm 10 Oct 06


And that is why I along with many others here find it very hard to take anything you say seriously.

bonfire 4:54 pm 10 Oct 06

smackbang you are a whining softhead.

act pollies are elected to fix potholes on northbourne ave.

to assist underpaid kitchenhands at zeffirellis.

to make sure deb foskey has a roof over her head.

if they want to free political prisoners in bumfukistan, make sure their primary KPI is addressed before they attend to other issues of NO impact to the ACT and which wont come out of the revenue funnelled from my pocket to them.

id rather they kept providing meals to those at ainslei village (now being shitcanned) than blasted the media with piffle about human rights in other countries.

Smackbang 4:29 pm 10 Oct 06

“it is screaming elitism for us to tell other nations how to run their legal systems.”

So I guess that whole campaign against apartheid was just “screaming elitism”? I suppose we should ask the Australian Government to stop human rights dialogues with China?

Before you just jump onto any excuse to stick the boot into Stanhope et al, pause and think about the implications of what you are saying, huh?

Thumper 7:57 am 09 Oct 06

“Jon Stanhope asks for the federal parliament flags to be lit up next month as a show of support for abolishing the death penalty”

Last time I checked Australia didn’t have the death penalty.

Yes, I believe it to be barbaric but it is screaming elitism for us to tell other nations how to run their legal systems.

Can someone again remind Sonic of what his job description entails.

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