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Ideas for what Canberra shopping centres do need

Feathergirl 15 December 2008 68

After reading the article “Canberra Retail?” I was thinking of what kind of “shop/idea” would be original and useful in Canberra. What do you think?

I thought it would be nice to have a women’s club/cafe at one of the centres. With a menu full of nice small meals at about $8.00. It would have internet access, a kids area with toys and room at tables for prams. 

A quiet room/area with books and magazines that can also be booked for mothers groups, knitting circles, group project get togethers or book clubs would be handy. Also if they could have a healthy take-away dinners menu we could call them at 4:00pm and pick up dinner on the way home from work. I’d also like theme lunch days – I would be in heaven. Mmm pancakes on Mondays or Sushi Thursdays.

Since I’m this is my fantasy I’d also like:

  • One of those flame heaters that look like a real fire for winter.
  • Dessert tasting platters.
  • A community notice board.
  • Waitresses that dress-up on special days (nobody wears Easter bonnets anymore!)
  • They could offer cooking classes too.

Men could also attend the women’s club if the wish, but it would be aimed at women, as I just think it’s a neat idea to have somewhere truely homey and comforting to go with the girls. Free to eat slowly, eat lady sized meals, read the trash mags (or RiotACT if you have your laptop of course) and get away from the food court/club dinners crowds.


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68 Responses to Ideas for what Canberra shopping centres do need
johnboy 11:06 am 16 Dec 08

You could dress up as her and pose next to your christmas tree.

Smells like win to me!

Feathergirl 10:08 am 16 Dec 08

I wouldn't mind dressing up as my WoW character actually, she's a bit cute... I don't know if my partner would find it kinky or laugh at me for being a nerd. Probably laugh.

farnarkler 9:46 am 16 Dec 08

There's big money these days in kinky. Japan seems to be very rich in it!!

poptop 9:41 am 16 Dec 08

Rhetorical question?

Cosplay or any other dress-up game, for anyone over 12, is kinky.

farnarkler 8:33 am 16 Dec 08

There's a very fine line with Cosplay between fun and kinky. Which side of the line do you prefer???

Roma 8:14 am 16 Dec 08

^^ Actually, Ant, this was my first thought too. I couldnt agree more.

Thumper 8:14 am 16 Dec 08

Working families need coffee shops too.

Got to keep the single or childless riff raff out.

ant 2:15 am 16 Dec 08

[quote comment="162570"]I couldn't read past "women’s club/cafe" sorry....sexist rubbish.[/quote]

I was fascinted to see, yet again, how the term "women's" means in actuality "mothers". apparently, anything appellated "women's" is usually to do with children. Therefore, all women have children in tow and really are only interested in stuff to do with children. All this way, to arrive at: biological determinism.

ant 12:33 am 16 Dec 08

And here's the overpriced bundle of sticks, in case anyone things I'm making stuff up:

The label said $12, and the docket (when I got round to checking it) said $22! Graagh!

I managed to break quite a few of them, too, on the journey home. I wonder what they'd do if I tried to return them?

ant 12:21 am 16 Dec 08

I hit Sydney Ikea at 9.45 this morning. They had a lady at the escalator to chase people away, as thye don't open til 10! By noon, the place was packed and the lines for the checkout were epic, and people were cruising Rhodes carpark importuning people for their spots. On a monday!

They need to open more Ikea shops, this is nuts. And they're out of 2-column Expedit units, Bastards.

Mr Waffle 12:07 am 16 Dec 08

What Canberra shopping centres need… is an Ikea!

Agreed, though I've heard they'll only open in a region that has a million+ residents... I'd prefer not to hit that number any time soon (unless they all live on the south side so I don't have to deal with them in traffic).

ant 11:27 pm 15 Dec 08

What Canberra shopping centres need... is an Ikea! Then I won't have to drive for hours to buy a particular bookcase only to find they haven't GOT ANY and so have to settle for buying an overpriced bundle of sticks instead. (don't ask). Bloody Ikea.

sepi 9:24 pm 15 Dec 08

They are soon to ruin lonsdale st with taller buildings with accomodation on top and shops below. But it is nice now.

The shops at Gungahlin that are all outside along the main st are also nice. It is lovely to be outside shopping instead of stuck in sterile city in the mall.

emd 8:32 pm 15 Dec 08

[quote comment="162582"]{cue insecure men and accusations about sexism in five, four, three...oh, you're here}[/quote]

Straight to the poolroom! :)

[quote comment="162673"]Oooh and I had another cafe idea where everything is $2. So like little snacks for $2, like a sushi-train type thing maybe, only with slices of watermellon, cups of jelly, cheese on toast, $2 worth of hot chips, little chicken soups etc. Snacks that cost $2 and you take as much or as little as you like. What do you think?[/quote]

If I were knocked up and in third trimester, this is EXACTLY what I would like! Actually, my four year old would love it too. Would probably be popular for people who just need a quick energy hit in their mall-marathon shopping trip too, or for teenagers after school.

I was at Bateman's Bay on the weekend and there was a shopping centre that was more like a pedestrian mall, except that there were extended roof awnings on the shops that met in the middle, made with clear plastic in places so it let in the sunshine but not the rain. It was quite pleasant, even though it was still in a mall.

I'd like to see more retail spaces like Lonsdale Street in Braddon, where retailers have more freedom to experiment and find out what consumers respond to. I like stepping out in the air between shops, it's not so claustrophobic. But I think Lonsdale Street could be improved by reducing the through traffic - not sure how to do that, I'm not suggesting it become a pedestrian mall as it's convenient to park right outside a shop (especially if it's TJs and you need your bike fixed). But maybe get rid of the centre bit and make the footpaths wider? So cafes and bars are more pleasant for sitting outside.

Thumper 6:18 pm 15 Dec 08

a men-only club would only be worthwhile if I was allowed to wear tweed, sit in leather armchairs, drink single malt scotch, smoke cigars, play cards, talk about the fortunes of the Empire and plan my latest expedition on the veldt.

Who’s coming with me?

Yep, I'm there.Just after I plan my dig in the Rift Valley. Now, where did I put my pith helmet and elephant gun?

peterh 5:09 pm 15 Dec 08

[quote comment="162677"]Peter H - I do have a lovely partner who DOES put body butter on my tummy. I am a lucky girl.

P.S. My brother is a "Peter H" too so when ever I read one of your comments I think of him, it makes me smile.[/quote]

good luck with the birth. i hope all goes well.

poptop 5:03 pm 15 Dec 08

Particularly as jumpers are so often only partially successful. Messy, loud and horrid.

Head first, not heels first!

jakez 5:00 pm 15 Dec 08

[quote comment="162668"]Yeah, I remember that Jakez. The missus knew her.

Nasty business. I've had some strange meetings this morning with people talking about public suicides at universities (apparently it's not uncommon for aggrieved academics to make public plunges from large buildings surrounded by small crowds).

Suicide is always bad, but public suicide is just that much worse.

... hence the booth.[/quote]

Ahh I see now. Yes public suicides are more common than people think (mainly because they aren't reported on usually so that people don't get ideas). Pretty bad stuff to deal with.

Feathergirl 4:59 pm 15 Dec 08

Peter H - I do have a lovely partner who DOES put body butter on my tummy. I am a lucky girl.

P.S. My brother is a "Peter H" too so when ever I read one of your comments I think of him, it makes me smile.

Pommy bastard 4:58 pm 15 Dec 08

[quote comment="162651"]And FWIW, a men-only club would only be worthwhile if I was allowed to wear tweed, sit in leather armchairs, drink single malt scotch, smoke cigars, play cards, talk about the fortunes of the Empire and plan my latest expedition on the veldt.

Who's coming with me?[/quote]

I'm in.

In fact you've made me rather homesick now.

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