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Images of Canberra – Civic Skate Park

By johnboy - 18 January 2007 102

Miranda’s tour of the skate parks continues. This time with the urban desolation of Civic.

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102 Responses to
Images of Canberra – Civic Skate Park
Jey 9:13 am
18 Jan 07

I wish they’d get some professional graffiti artists to make it less concrete jungle.
If they did that in the first place you wouldn’t have the ugly stuff that’s up there now.

andy 9:39 am
18 Jan 07

yea.. it looks like big city.. which canberra isn’t

Tonka 9:55 am
18 Jan 07

There have been a group of Graf artists negotiating with the Canberra Centre to paint this wall foa the last six months.

The centre keeps stuffing them around.

The artists concerned have given a lot of time and made a lot of effort for little gain.

First it was advertised as a competition, then it was more like a standard commission, now they’re not even returning calls.

It was actually supposed to be painted on the 12th December, but the centre won’t even do the artists of returning phone calls.

They are keen to paint it still, but the Centre needs to get it’s shit together and quickly.

johnboy 9:58 am
18 Jan 07

We can vouch that the Canberra Centre are almost impossible to have sort of dialogue with.

Tonka 10:16 am
18 Jan 07

All the centre has been asked for is some money for paint and some freedom to get in and do the job.

The group is keen to paint the best wall the city has ever seen, but these guys have no clue whatsoever.

That wall will only get worse over time with people tagging etc…

It’s what they deserve really.

bonfire 10:25 am
18 Jan 07

because their is a real difference between tagging and art.

its like throwing a can of paint as opposed to dropping it.

Mr_Shab 10:35 am
18 Jan 07

Bonfire – I’ll take the Civic wall murals over a grubby beige wall covered in tags any day. Also – taggers tend to respect art. They will leave a wall mural alone, whereas a blank concrete/painted wall is like a flashing neon billboard saying “spray here”. I know for a fact that the business owners in the buildings that have had murals painted on them are very keen on them.

You don’t get to be the sole arbiter of public taste. I for one would be happy to see the new centre’s brutalism softened a bit – and I’d say I’m not alone.

Tonka 10:36 am
18 Jan 07

Well there have been recognised artists who have both thrown and dropped paint on canvas.

Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not art.

bonfire 10:42 am
18 Jan 07

generally recogniosed artists who throw and drop paint on canvasa dont get arrested, unlike the miscreants who deface our city.

i note that some ‘artist’ has already started ‘work’ on this skate park.

Tonka 10:54 am
18 Jan 07

You’re assuming that the guys who want to paint the skatepark wall are the same kids defacing the city.

Quite wrong, and without being too aggressive about it, quite ignorant.

I don’t know the kids that defaced the skatepark, but you’re better directing your ignorance at them than the guys who are trying to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Also, if these guys had been allowed to do their work, that stuff wouldn’t be there.

For the record, just so you can know how wrong you really are about these guys, the same group has been working directly with the government over the last year to reduce the amount of vandalism in the city and also to keep kids out of the criminal justice system.

You’re entitled to your opinion of course, but in this case, you’ve just got it way wrong.

Maybe you should step off your soapbox for a little while and check things out properly before bagging on them.

These guys like tagging less than you do because it ultimately means that they have to confront this type of ignorance on an almost constant basis. They also pay taxes. They also have to deal with angry cops harrassing them over stuff other people have done while trying to have a quiet paint and a laugh with their mates on the weekend.

I’ve seen it happen.

mutley 11:02 am
18 Jan 07

I quite like the angles and starkness in this photo. I think it would be better in portrait orientation though to crop out the wheelie bin.

(Of course, I’d rather the starkness wasn’t in Canberra)

Blamemonkey 11:05 am
18 Jan 07

Rules of Riotact
1. JB is always right
2. You don’t need any knowlegde about a subject to post just an opinion
3. In the case that JB is wrong refer to rule 1.

Tonka 11:12 am
18 Jan 07

No offence intended to anyone whatsoever. Apologies to Bonfire if it was taken that way.

I did acknowledge that he’s entitled to his opinion and I truly believe that.

I just got upset because that opinion labelled my friends as criminals. I was merely defending them because they’re not here to do it themselves.

I just hate seeing my friends tarred with the same old brush for the 10,000th time.

Believe me, they really do hate that stuff more than the average Joe.

Erg0 11:13 am
18 Jan 07

This discussion feels strangely familiar…

Ari 11:39 am
18 Jan 07

“tarred with the same old brush”

I thought they used spray paint?

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