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Images of Canberra – Nazi Gnome at Floriade

By johnboy - 24 September 2008 28

There’s no immediate explanation as to why this little fella’s adorning Floriade.

Anyone have any theories?

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28 Responses to
Images of Canberra – Nazi Gnome at Floriade
GottaLoveCanberra 12:26 am 25 Sep 08

Damn I love the German language, especially when someone calls someone else nasty names ^_^
Any good places that are free/easy to learn it?

circusmind 12:13 am 25 Sep 08

utah said :

It’s the Gnational Front.

Ding Ding Ding!

We have a winner!

utah 11:41 pm 24 Sep 08

It’s the Gnational Front.

tap 8:57 pm 24 Sep 08

Sid Vicous used to wear a t-shirt with a swastica on it… maybe a 1970’s politically uncorrect punk gnome?

I hate gnomes.

Bungle 8:11 pm 24 Sep 08

I think that gladiator might have been a teeny bit classier.

Sammy 6:22 pm 24 Sep 08

Yeah, I think Romper Stomper is the theme here.

Holden Caulfield 6:10 pm 24 Sep 08

Skidbladnir said :

The theme is fascination with film or somesuch…

Romper Stomper?

That would further explain the Russell Crowe connection given the Rabbitohs beanie.

shiny flu 6:03 pm 24 Sep 08

Has anyone noticed the Anarchist symbol on his/her (you just don’t know these days) right arm?

Whilst it is correct that the NDSP symbol forms a diamond, you cannot deny the colours (red, white & black).

Having lived in Germany and having an understanding of modern German culture, whoever painted this is a simple Arschloch und Dummkopf. If this is meant to be a parody, then it fails horribly considering the issues with the NPD and racial issues that face current Germany (Mostly in the former DDR states and South Germany- basically the equivalent to Australia’s Bogans).

If it’s someone who’s actually a neo, well sorry mate but a real Neo Nazi would never get a Anarchist tattoo… nochmal: Arshloch. Also going to prove that every and any neo-Nazi is as unintelligent as a particular female vice-presidential candidate, possibly even dumber (actually that’s really not possible is it?).

iCanberran 6:03 pm 24 Sep 08

Looking a bit dark? Adolf wouldn’t like that. And he definitely wouldn’t like the anarchy logo.

PaulM 6:00 pm 24 Sep 08

He’s a very confused little gnome – trying to be both an anarchist and also a follower of Der Furher.

GottaLoveCanberra 5:52 pm 24 Sep 08

The symbol on his belt isn’t the Swastika of the NDSP. Their swastika is rotated so that it’s borders would form a diamond rather than a square.

peterh 5:41 pm 24 Sep 08

wait for a wowser to notice it and complain, only a matter of time…

johnboy 5:26 pm 24 Sep 08

And a barely plucked mono-brow…

But I’ll concede the coachwood and myrtle might be a shoutout to South Sydney.

Aurelius 5:17 pm 24 Sep 08

He’s got rather dark skin for a Nazi.

Skidbladnir 5:12 pm 24 Sep 08

The theme is fascination with film or somesuch…

Romper Stomper?

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