19 January 2007

Images of Canberra - The class of summernats

| johnboy
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Roger Ramjet was very keen that we share his summernats photography.

In the interests of equality, gay men or straight women are encouraged to send in any Canberra beefcake they might come across.

Got an image in or of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to johnboy@the-riotact.com

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Just call me Dr RAMjet. Need ramming??
I’m done too. I’m building an event calander to count down till next Summernats!!

Roger, are you of the medical profession? I can assume you are not with your inability to even spell a simple screen name correctly. So why should I take any form of physical advice from you?

I think if anybody around here needs a good “pumping” I believe it is you. I don’t feel the need to oogle young girls breasts and insist on their behinds being shown on a website. I think perhaps you havent even seen breasts in a while. You must have made your wife pretty mad. Maybe the cleaning is her venting her frustrations of not being “pumped”?

Now, go and look at your pictures some more and grab another box of tissues.

Im done with this topic.

Not just us, RR, most of the whole goddamn (enslaved)male population!

But I console myself with the adage: “most men lead lives of quiet desperation”!

Like at this very moment the cow decides to do the vacuuming (probably because she’s annoyed that I’m not sitting there ready, willing and able to take orders)but she has all week to do the f…ing vacuuming (she doesn’t work).

As the two parts of the species age, the male becomes sweet and amiable (like, check out my posts) whereas the female becomes a …harridan!

As for the fair schmerica, she’s got a sense of humour, which is highly unusual for a female, they take themselves so seriously! Deep down, I think she’s a good sport! As for that lalucha cha!cha!cha! Well, that’s another story!

Chin up! Perhaps the Internet chatroom is the new …shed?

Wow Luca,
we are living very similar lives. “There’s house-work to be done”, “I’m going to give that computer away”. blah blah blah.

P.S. Smerica sounds like she just needs a hard….um…….session. Pump out that built-up stress and frustration girl. 🙂

Yeah, missusses are like that. Mines sitting over on the couch scowling because she says the computer heats up the room but really she’s just pissed off because I’m amusing myself!

Any moment now she’ll squawk ” you’ve got time to f..k about on that f..king computer but when I want you to … oh you don’t have time”.

Very controlling things, females.I tried to warn Hannibal but … he just thinks they are all quiet and submissive! Boy is he in for a shock!

Ah so when you ask “In the interests of equality, gay men or straight women are encouraged to send in any Canberra beefcake they might come across” we can all behave like grown-ups and not go “Gwarrrr!!!!” right?

For god’s sake, Pandy, can’t you play hard to get! Everytime some woman shows an interest in you, you’re panting for her photo! Be cool, man! Try and find out if you have something in common – like flatulence!

Gentlemen, can we tone down the sleazy neediness?

Summernats is but a year away if that’s the sort of thing you’re after.

Schmerica I want pictures of you now!

I think he needs glasses if he think’s I’m blonde.

Last time you said it was her blonde hair!

Aparently its the first three letters of my online screen name that gets males attention.

I am attracted to the “Sch” part of her name. It means she is the quiet type.

Pandy, I have no idea. You would have to ask them.

There’s a lot of sex appeal in there, Pandy!

I say, steady on Hannibal old sport!

I will marry this Luca! For she is a woman, yes?

a loose spincter; haemorroids; excessive flatulance can all lead to leakage.

Pandy – please explain?

I’ve had second thoughts about my question. I think its a bit silly. Obviously Schmerica just acts herself and a swarm of men buzz around her! Sigh!

Luca, I even get skid marks after washing in the bidet. Leakage I guess.

Schmerica, what attracts males to you?

well don’t be coy, schmerica! For the millions of desperate and dateless out here hanging off your every word, if you don’t need to employ the time-honoured mating rituals that have kept civilisation going for centuries, in order to snare a fella, what’s your trick, I mean secret! Invite them to a book-club?

I assure you, I do not need to wear a g-string pulled up to my shoulders to get unwanted attention from males. I’m very sorry Unca Luca but I have found a fatal flaw in your advice. You see, I don’t have the urge to put my g-string up to my eyebrows and shake my butt in guys directions to simply get a few cheers by a bunch of drunk males who need a shag. Quite simply, it’s because I am not one of those girls. I manage to attract males without having to pull my pants down and sit on the back of a car.

If this is what you’re into, by all means feel free to mate with these girls but don’t come crying back to me when your children want to marry each other.

*clapping and laughing out loud*

Skidmarks at your age, Pandy, is a concern! Must you always be so impatient? There are some things in life that must be taken slowly and thoughtfully and wiping you butt is one of them!

Johnboy! H…how could you possibly, possibly suggest such a thing! Must you reduce beautiful poetry to… to mere smut, man!

Marry, Hasdrubahl! marry!

For god’s sake man haven’t you seen what
happened to brother Paul due to his one-legged wife!

Are we blokes plain stupid when it comes to members of the opposite sex? “Yes”!

You see, the problem, Hasdrubahl, is that us men are romantics whereas the female is a calculating piece of work with a check list.

We just take a dame as we find her. No doubt besotted with her big … blue eyes!

And, of course, her intelligence, her sense of humour, her nurturing ways!

But the female of the species isn’t so
much interested in us, the person, the personality, she’s interested in artificial attributes viz (1) income; (2) assets; (3) potential for more income/assets (4) breeding suitability (5) ability to get on with

So, Hasdrubahl, if you must marry one of them, get a pre-nuptial agreement and think ever so carefully about breeding because I can
guarantee you that you’ll be dragooned into it!

But don’t go freely,man! “Rage, rage against the dying of the light”!

Is it possible to say “show us yer tits” in a more verbose way Luca?

Oh schmerica!

In one fell swoop of a post you’ve … you’ve
unflatteringly categorised most of the planet’s male population as : ” filthy old men and trashy guys” !

Now schmerica. Just sit back from your computer, unfold those arms and stop fuming for a few minutes as Unca Luca tries to give you some soothing advice, for your personal development, that sort of thing.

I’ve examined your posts on this subject and … they are not just sharp, schmerica, but unusually sharp!

You really have it in for these gals who, after all, merely showed the tops of their bottoms for god’s sake!

schmerica, what I’m about to say may be a little
confronting but you’re a tough chick, you can handle it!.

And … and you’re among friends who just want you to be happy!

schmerica, you’re jealous of these chicks! And envious and resentful too!

You see, you’re a spunky chick yourself. God or the Intelligent Designer has put all the pieces in the right places. You could easily compete with the dames in question and probably trump them!

But you don’t because you feel constrained by your particular social conditioning but there’s a competitive part of you that… that wants
to get in there and strut your stuff!

Subconsciously you find it all most unfair that the above-displayed gals don’t have your inhibitions and get all the attention, and you react in a negative way!

So, I think, schmerica, you need to be a little more honest with yourself. Deal with this inner turmoil! These …these conflicting forces that are tearing you apart!

I think it would be emotionally healthy for you to prance around Civic with a G-string half way
up your back ! Get a few admiring glances!

Yes! Feel … feel sexy!

My bill is in the mail.

They definately weren’t ugly!!!!

Vic Bitterman11:31 pm 23 Jan 07

Schmerica, some of those chicks are hot. Simple as that.

They’d be hot when clothed. Same difference.

My wife agrees with me.

I dont get G-strings. I understand that they hide a panty line sure. But being a man who gets skid marks in his jocks on occasion, the thought of where that G-string has been gives me the shivers.

i will marry them all!

You don’t get out much do you luca… If you find those sorts of girls attractive its not giving yourself much credit. I don’t label myself as a feminist and have no problem admiring females who deserve to be admired due to their good looks – but unfortunatly these girls are only deserving of attention from filthy old men and trashy guys who think they are gods gift to women.

did you out your load before or after looking at the pictures?

Genuinely laughing out load, luca.

schmerica! schmerica! what is cheap about

I respectfully put it to you and all your feminist pals and snaggy-daggy boyfriends, that you refuse to acknowledge sexiness as a
legitimate human condition!

This failure is at the root of feminist disquiet and is based on an inability to acknowledge reality.

I … I don’t mean to be provocative, schmerica, but it seems you can’t appreciate the female form because you’re … female!

All the great artists, all of whom were, of course, men, acknowledged the beauty and sexiness of the female form.

Most of the lesser artists, all of whom were, of course, females, were blinded to beauty and when given the chance with a brush and palette, painted, as you’d expect … food!

Those photos just go to prove that not all nudity is a good thing!

Why would he be stopped from showing those pictures if the girls were not 18? Did he ask all of them if they were 18? I dont think so… Even if he did I doubt they’d even be able to string a sentence together let alone know their age.

Obviously the $300,000 didn’t include a clothing allowance.

The “13” year old girls must have been over 18 because otherwise this guy wouldn’t be showing all the pictures on his website……would he? 🙂

I think the artist missed the point… The nasty, cheap side of the female matches the nasty cheap haircut sitting next to her.


I was wondering whether other members of RIOTACT had difficulty entering the site because of the graphics (ie pictures). Perhaps they could be reduced to half size?

I think the artist was trying to show how beauty complements beauty. How the female form is at one with the curves and folds of the automobile. Nothing distasteful in it at all!

its a free(ish) country is it not? if a couple of slappers wish to writhe about in the back of a car whilst being leered at by societies finest, and it is done of their on free will, good on them i say. keep the objectification of women running strong amongst the young bucks, and the world will be such a better place…….

I wouldn’t have minded if they were half decent looking. Reminds me of the things my cat brings home from time to time. And when is someone going to tell all these knobheads that bloody mullet haircuts died back in the 80’s?? They were awful then and they aren’t any better now. Bogans obviously!

Don’t you think an event where older women flash their tits to applause is bound to lead to young girls doing this too?

C’mon people – less talk, more slutty images 😉

more Roger, more!

And now with both hands back on the keyboard…

I got no problem with the bogans having their Kultural activity (notice the CAPITAL ‘K’)… but, I don’t live nearby and I’m not a NIMBY (at least not practicing)

(although the $300,000 ‘grant’ from Mr Jon… that’s another story)

VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt10:02 pm 20 Jan 07

“I hope that’s not the 13 year old that the Police picked up who was writing around on the back of a ute trying to look older. “

I saw that too, unfortunately. Seeing a 13 year old child flashing her twat is not something that I want to be involved in, ever. Having a few sheilas flash their tits, while not particularly classy, is not really the end of the world. That 13 year old is a different story altogether.

For some guys the only way they can get other guys to look at (and maybe respect?) their car is to pick up a couple of “ladies” to drawn attention to their vehicle. You won’t see any of the really quality street machines partaking in this kind of shenanigans.

“her butt’s all sunburnt”

I’m guessing the redness of her bot bot has less to do with the sun, and more with her nocturnal/daylight activities

The cars were always – and will continue to be – incidental. A good cover for what is a supreme festival of the baser instincts of humankind. The Romans, Greeks, and before them my beloved Carthaginians, had such bacchanalian fests – and by God, so should we.

I hope that’s not the 13 year old that the Police picked up who was writing around on the back of a ute trying to look older. Plenty of people saw her getting down with another older female – and the really disgusting thing is that groups of men were allegedly taking photos and cheering. I hope Summernats – currently the festival of misogyny, is returned to the true car lovers.

her butt’s all sunburnt

And i’d have happily applied some for free, and provided the sunscreen!

Yes $300,000 public tax dollars at work giving some boys something to wank to.

Strange JB brings in overt advertising, moderates our language and now we have pictures like this. I like where JB is taking this site!

Obviously their IQ is in their G to be dressing and parading around like that!

classy girls… NOT!

Obviously how the odour has killed all the flies.

This cant be summernats – they have way too much clothing on – and no phone number in make up/lippy on their lower back/near bum crack.

Yes I saw this while working at summergnats last year

Settle down Schmerica, or we’ll be in the Canberra Times again! 🙂

Hey – if she dresses like that, that’s the only type of guy that will have her.

Absent Diane4:28 pm 19 Jan 07

why some girl would want the trash driving the car is beyond me as well.

Oh wow! Attention seeking sluts! Something new for Summernats. Send them back to their corner. Why some guy would want such trash in their car is beyond me.

They not wearing seatbelts either. Is Stanhope going to do something about that?

Why wasn’t Katy out there warning these girls about the dangers of skin cancer? Mind you, these chicks will probably die from AIDS or Syphillis before skin cancer ever gets them!

Mullet-man likes rings.

“her butt’s all sunburnt!”

Nah, she’s just been spanked by her Daddy.

my reaction = revulsion

barking toad3:46 pm 19 Jan 07

I considered that possibility – too late of course

ah, okay. No – not that way.
I’m a chick.

VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt3:38 pm 19 Jan 07

Saw these chicks at the nats. They got most of their gear off later on.

barking toad3:35 pm 19 Jan 07

and think of knees

barking toad3:35 pm 19 Jan 07

As in you have known the lass standing up.

Ahh, the yoof of today.

Pandy is not going to be happy with that.

barking toad – what’s a trembler?

barking toad3:22 pm 19 Jan 07

From a trembler FC?

Yeah, does anyone have a front shot – cos I think I know the chick standing up.

This not a porn site. Maybe it should be.

Absent Diane3:05 pm 19 Jan 07

i would call it a gucci mullet.

They’re actually she-males

barking toad3:03 pm 19 Jan 07

Is there a pic from the front that shows their nohopes?

He has a fo-mo skunk do with a cheeky mullet.

I think I’ve always wanted to say that…

te he
her butt’s all sunburnt!

and erm, i’d hit it.
even if it is skanky

can straight men post photos of men they think are beefcakes >? Since we are displaying equality and all…

I was expecting something like this. He has a nice haircut.

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