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Increase in unmarked police cars?

By Ava - 19 March 2008 59

In my travels to and from work this week I have seen 3 different unmarked police cars (aka mobile undercover speed cameras). There has been a lime green XR8, a ‘kermit’ green falcon with standard police car lights on the roof (probably xr6/8) and a black Toyota Land Cruiser, all pulled up on the side of the road, lights flashing, handing out various traffic infringements. In the same period I have seen only 1 standard police car.

What do you enlightened ones here at The RiotAct think of this? Would you regard this as a greater deterrent or a more efficient means of revenue raising?

What’s Your opinion?

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59 Responses to
Increase in unmarked police cars?
bd84 9:45 pm 19 Mar 08

the roof lights on the kermit falcon must be new, it was fully unmarked the few times i’ve seen it. They must be topping up the numbers, there’s also a fully marked dark blue vz commodore around too. Someone mentioned the silver unmarked falcon ute, I avoided speeding past an umarked commodore in a road works zone the other day too. The unmarked cars aren’t too difficult to spot if you pay enough attention and know what to look for.

belcocgirl 9:35 pm 19 Mar 08

its no such a bad idea?

ant 9:13 pm 19 Mar 08

when are they going to do people for queuing across intersections/roundabouts, causing gridlock? Never, yeah. The only time rcently people stopped doing it was when the cops were camped out on the roundabouts…. because of the Important Yanks coming to town for AUSMIN.

Does anyone know of ANYONE being done for tailgating in recent years? I sure don’t.

Do any of the road rules mean anything? Other than speed limits painted on signs. Is that the only road rule?

Gord0 6:48 pm 19 Mar 08

Apparently theres an anti-rice squad comprised of rice machines (silvias, wrx’s, lancers, etc) driven by undercovers in ACT also. Haven’t spotted personally just heard thru friends. This similar idea used to be a good PR idea WHEN we had a functioning dragstip for the cops in dragified marked falcodores to lineup against the public for a 1/8 mile shootoff.

el 6:43 pm 19 Mar 08

There’s also a plain jane looking, red BA/BF Falcon sedan floating about. The only giveaway is the slight raising of the reversing lights next to the numberplate to accomodate the x-mas lights.

Got me in December :-\

spoonbill 5:40 pm 19 Mar 08

I am glad that so many of you obey the speed limit at all times and therefore will never be fined for speeding. I agree that marked cars are more of a deterrent for most drivers and the unmarked cars should be used where there is a known incidence of burnouts and bad driving. As we all know it is that one time when you accidentally travel at more than the posted limit that you get caught, although you may well be a model driver at other times.

Swaggie 4:20 pm 19 Mar 08

All well and good Proud Local if they help catch the Morons with their burnouts and reckless driving so long as these cars are on the road at night time/weekends. Anyone any info on when these cars are utilised? Hopefully it’s 24/7 ?

GnT 4:07 pm 19 Mar 08

I’m happy with some more revenue raising. Perfectly OK with me for other people to contribute to my government funds to spend on things to benefit me.

Mr Evil 2:54 pm 19 Mar 08

I think it is a good thing, and there should be more of them about.

Proud Local 2:48 pm 19 Mar 08

If we really wanted to revenue raise then we would fine drivers for doing 65 in a 60 zone which pretty much every 2nd car does even with a marked Police car around.

It’s only the ones doing 70 plus that get booked, plus if they are doing it with a marked car right behind them, they deserve a ticket as it shows they are not being attentive and looking for all of the cars around them.

Most people that get pulled over who are not going excessively over (i.e.20k’s or more)the limit and have a polite and respectful attitude are likely to get an official caution. Talks of revenue raising from Police is just rubbish and the revenue goes to ACT public coffers anyway, not back to the AFP.

RTA speed cameras? Well, they could be considered a different story.

Unmarked vehicles are very handy for spotting hoons doing burnouts and other reckless driving that most people find unacceptable.

fnaah 2:04 pm 19 Mar 08

I’ve seen a silver Falcon XR8 ute also.

Cameron 1:54 pm 19 Mar 08

I used to be reasonably comfortable spotting unmarked police cars – now they are incredibly diverse and could be any car. I like it that way. One of the funniest things I’ve seen is some idiot in front of me absolutely burn past what turned out to be an unmarked police car when an overtaking lane become available. I’m sure you can guess what happened next.

S4anta 1:51 pm 19 Mar 08

break the law – assume the position. If you cant read a speed sign, then look at your speedo to ensure you are under the number in the red circle you probably shouldn’t drive.

Ingeegoodbee 1:43 pm 19 Mar 08

I’ve long argued that the deterence value of having a visible police presence on the roads is far better for encoraging comliance with our often outdated and sometimes stupid speed limits than the off chance that one of your fellow travellers might be a plod. Think about it, who speeds when there’s a cop driving in the traffic with you.

astrojax 1:18 pm 19 Mar 08

i just dunno about all this discussion everytime police are mentioned about ‘revenue raising’…

sometimes, on a long straight downhill stretch of great highway on a clear fine day, pulling over everyone doing a couple of kays only above the posted limit, mebbe you could cast such aspersions; but where it is on a common road, no excuse if you can’t abide by the traffic regulations.

not knowing where the plain cars were operating, hard to tell, but there are plenty of spots about town – stop signs where lanes cross over the wide median strips, on say limestone or anzac etc. it says ‘stop’, not ‘slow down or just zoom through if you think you make it through a gap in the traffic’. means you have to s-t-o-p… – including school or other heavy pedestrian zones where a more prominent presence would be welcomed…

hopefully these sightings have deterred you, ava?

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