Infinitely suffering police disappointed by Canberras drink drivers

johnboy 18 April 2012 12

ACT Policing apprehended 25 drink-drivers last week, with nine of those drivers holding provisional licences and one being a six-time previous drink-drive offender.

Fourteen drivers were issued with immediate suspension notices.

The six-time offender is a 59-year-old man from Ainslie, who was detected driving on Dickson Place, in Dickson. His reading was 0.153.

In one high-level drink-driving incident during the week, around 3am on Sunday, April 15, police saw a Volkswagen sedan on the incorrect side of the road along Forbes Street in Turner. When the officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the errant vehicle, the car was driven up and over the median strip before coming to a halt.

The 29-year-old woman was a Spanish national and returned an Alcohol Content (AC) reading of 0.199.

Superintendent Kylie Flower said that the consistent number of drink-driving offenders is a continual disappointment to police, as incidents such as the car being driven on the wrong side of the road could easily have resulted in a serious collision.

“The last thing our officers want to attend is a road fatality and these recent results could have easily ended that way. Canberrans need to make the choice to either drink or drive, and to plan ahead about how they intend to get home if they have been drinking,” Superintendent Flower said.

[Courtesy ACT Policing]

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12 Responses to Infinitely suffering police disappointed by Canberras drink drivers
One One 1:44 am 19 Apr 12

At least taking PBS Valium is lawful while driving – but hay anything goes when your selling the test kits and Grog detectors.

One One 1:38 am 19 Apr 12

Really car crushing after attempted homicide using an automobile while under the influence? Oh thats right – people in Canberra call attempted murder by special people ‘drink driving’.

Its always fun to publish the sex of an offender – helps feminists feel better about brain damaged kids who get the blame for being male later on in life.

Without the drink drivers there would be less police to give union political gifts to the ALP/Libs/Greens or anyone who keeps their mouth shut.

Its lawful to drink drive in Canberra on some roads at times. Not like the police would ever dare close down the Tuggeranong parkway for RBT during peek use for union regulated working hours, 9 to 5 weekdays.

Hay while your all here, be sure to blame some phyco for a death squad that visits peoples homes with Tasers and firearms. In Public everyone knows police use Tasers as a last resort to lethal force? right? – but behind closed doors, it is used to get compliance!

Never know – perhaps the act of taking ones own life with the aid of a police performing the execution service could be reported as some nut job having a mental health issue while police defended them selves.

poetix poetix 9:17 pm 18 Apr 12

Love the T.S. Eliot reference in the headline. If the car had only been a Prelude…

Spykler Spykler 8:45 pm 18 Apr 12

Six-time previous offender and still no jail time? Must have Todd Carney’s defence team..

Pork Hunt Pork Hunt 7:04 pm 18 Apr 12

There must be a gene that possesses drinkers to get behind the wheel when pissed. It is related to the gene that causes tradesmen to wear their high viz in pubs till stumps.
No one can be that thirsty that they can’t get changed after work.
There are times when I drink like a fish but I cannot bring myself to carry out either of the above…

farnarkler farnarkler 5:51 pm 18 Apr 12

Too pissed Cheap? Seriously, the courts are so pathetic that no magistrate has got the balls to give a custodial sentence because the defence lawyer will simply appeal the sentence and make the magistrate look bad.

Time for a new political party to begin which will overhaul the legal system and give automatic jail time to repeat offenders (not just for drink driving).

Cheap Cheap 5:36 pm 18 Apr 12

The other day I was driving through some residential streets at 1am and I also saw a car driving at a snails pace on the wrong side of the road. I should have followed the car and called the police, but unfortunately I didn’t think of it.

harryhaller harryhaller 5:32 pm 18 Apr 12

I don’t understand how they constantly get these repeat offenders. I’m not originally from here, but in my former home country, if you got cought drunk driving over the limit repeatedly (or, alternatively, substantially over the 0.005 limit) you get your license snitched. Depending on how much you were over and how many times you reoffended, you lose your license for good; that is, until you manage to sit and pass a psychological examination (at your own cost) that assesses you to not be a threat to the public anymore. A former friend of mine lost his license 5 years ago, and sat the exam three times to no avail. 🙂

Here it seems that you can reoffend as many times as you like (given that no one gets hurt, I suppose), and at most get a fine. Can someone confirm or tell me otherwise? What do you have to do in terms of drink driving before your license is gone – for good?

MonarchRepublic MonarchRepublic 3:47 pm 18 Apr 12

Dilandach said :

Do it more than 3 times, instant crushing of hands. No court, no appeals,….

There, I fixed that for you

Would make it more difficult to drink, let alone drive

dungfungus dungfungus 3:40 pm 18 Apr 12

Dilandach said :

Do it more than 3 times, instant car crushing. No court, no appeals, no getting valuables out of the car first. Nope, tow it straight to the wreckers and crush it into a little cube.

….with the repeat offender still behind the wheel.

Stinger Stinger 3:37 pm 18 Apr 12

It’s not just drink driving. This morning I watched 8 people blatantly run red lights on my way to work. It seems to be a bit of an optional thing here in Canberra…

Dilandach Dilandach 3:31 pm 18 Apr 12

Do it more than 3 times, instant car crushing. No court, no appeals, no getting valuables out of the car first. Nope, tow it straight to the wreckers and crush it into a little cube.

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