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Inner North like Melbourne… Inner South like Sydney?

By johnboy - 8 April 2009 39

Just a wild thought that came into my head as the cold woke me this morning…

It seemed at the time that the character of the Inner North has a lot in common with Melbourne (sans the football devotion), while Canberra’s Inner South is a lot like Sydney (shallower, meaner, but much more wealthy).

The outer suburbs on the other hand could be outer suburbs anywhere at all, with the possible exception of Belconnen which feels like it’s on the threshold of developing some character… A bit like Brisbane perhaps?

Thoughts? Go right ahead and shoot the argument down, or offer a counter-theory

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
Inner North like Melbourne… Inner South like Sydney?
Feathergirl 11:00 am 08 Apr 09

Canberra is our own beautiful Canberra and no comparison to any other city I’ve ever been too. It has it’s own delicious flavour of pine forest, firework smoke and public servant handbags. Overall the people of Canberra are friendly folk, maybe a little shy, but big hugs to you all. Any international cities you guys could compare Canberra too? Funny enough I think Canberrrans may be slightly like Canadians???

G-Fresh 10:50 am 08 Apr 09

PML not comparable shagger

Pommy bastard 10:37 am 08 Apr 09

character of the Inner North has a lot in common with Melbourne

It’s not that boring John?

jessieduck 10:12 am 08 Apr 09

I love Adelaide and if I can convince the hubby to pack up and move there I will!

Furry Jesus 9:59 am 08 Apr 09

Elizabeth was built to provide cheap accommodation for factory workers, many of whom came from the UK.

Most South Australians would deny that Elizabeth is part of Adelaide. I do, and half my dad’s family lived there, but we all denied that they were really part of our family, so there’s a pattern there…

I really struggle to understand why people from the eastern states feel this compulsion to constantly dump on Adelaide. It has a beautiful architectural heritage – certainly the old bluestone cottages more than make up for the many plain brick atrocities which can be seen in other cities too – Sydney has some particularly ugly parts which no-one ever seems to acknowledge.

Maybe it says more about where you stay and who you stay with when you’re there.

johnboy 9:49 am 08 Apr 09

C’mon CK you’ve been in town 5 minutes ands till don’t know where to get a decent kebab north of the lake.

Best come on the next bicycle bar crawl and learn to appreciate the inner north.

seekay 9:44 am 08 Apr 09

Er… that’s “Adelaide’s northern fringe”, folks.

seekay 9:44 am 08 Apr 09


There is a nasty series of suburbs towards Adelaide’s northern called Elizabeth, a New Town style satellite city built in the fifties and sixties to accommodate Pommy migrants. As you might imagine, it is nothing but a run down public housing and welfare ghetto and large scale display of discredited planning policies nowadays. The Snowtown bodies in the barrels killers and their victims were all typical locals.

Other than a few blocks of Griffith, Forrest, Kingston, Red Hill, Deakin, Yarralumla and Reid virtually all of Canberra is just like Elizabeth – not Sydney. Nor Melbourne.

Holden Caulfield 9:29 am 08 Apr 09

Woody Mann-Caruso said :

…Many of our suburbs feel like Adelaide – boring brown brick, dead lawns, bogans up to your armpits.

Our kerbs have the wrong profile, and, of course, no Stobie Poles. We have different birdlife in Canberra, too. Nothing like Adelaide really, haha.

Holden Caulfield 9:27 am 08 Apr 09

I live in the inner north, and there’s nothing lacking in my football devotion! 🙂

emd 9:17 am 08 Apr 09

I don’t see that much similarity between Canberra and anywhere else.
Melbourne is quite a varied city – Fitzroy and St Kilda are vastly different to each other. Anyone else remember the first series of Secret Life of Us?
The new Canberra Centre reminds me a bit of the multi-block Myer complex in Melbourne, but could just as easily remind me of the multi-block DJ’s in Sydney.

My only experience of inner Sydney is a few months living on Macleay St in Kings Cross, and it bears no resemblance to Yarralumla. Don’t see much similarity between Darling Harbour or Glebe and anything inner South in Canberra, either.

I actually like that Canberra doesn’t remind me much of anywhere else. It’s a city all its own, with its own culture and style. It’s just that its style is still developing because it’s such a young city by comparison.

smilesr 8:48 am 08 Apr 09

What’s Melbournish about the inner north?

old canberran 8:46 am 08 Apr 09

It’s not really surprising that the inner North could be regarded as similar to Melbourne. Back in the early 60’s there was a huge migration of Melbourne pubes to Canberra and most of them ended up in guvvy houses in the then northern burbs of Dickson, Watson, Hackett and Downer. Most were Defence personnel both military and civil.
They also brought their bad driving habits with them.

South Canberra especially Forrest, Deakin and Yarralumla have always been upper middle class and rich.

PBO 8:36 am 08 Apr 09

Oddly enough, I have to agree.

Woody Mann-Caruso 8:32 am 08 Apr 09

Agree a lot with the Sydney / Melbourne thing, less so with the Brisbane bit – you need endless rolling hills topped with heritage Queenslanders painted garish colours and jacarandas to get even close. Kingston reminds me of the East Parade / Haigh Park in Perth. Many of our suburbs feel like Adelaide – boring brown brick, dead lawns, bogans up to your armpits.

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