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Interest in forming an ACT Motorised Road Users Association?

By Impassive - 24 August 2008 95

As a frustrated motorist who is tired of watching the Govt hand over money and resources to cyclists, I have come to accept that until motorists have a lobby group to compete with Pedal Power we will be treated as second class citizens by this government.

The sooner we have a body that represents the interests of the hundreds of thousands of motorists in the ACT and demonstrates to the Govt that there are more motorists than cyclists and that there are votes in making the lives of the motoring public easier, the better off we’ll be.

The Chief Minister says that traffic jams are to be expected – the insanity of what should be the second southbound lane of the GDE (Caswell Dr having been a 2 way road before the changes) being turned into a bike lane while traffic backs up to Ghungalin.. the inexplicable belief that it is better for the environment to have 20,000 cars idling in traffic while 10 cyclists whizz by..

All of this is the direct result of a very loud and effective lobby group organised by the ACT Cyclists. There are a whole lot of motoring organisations in the ACT and some folk driven to the point of forming a political party… I reckon a lobby group will have a better chance of getting things done..

What’s Your opinion?

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95 Responses to
Interest in forming an ACT Motorised Road Users Association?
skaboy12 4:06 pm 24 Aug 08

Davo111 said :

The roads are so much better here too, back in Sydney your whole car can fall into a pot hole. 😉

In the last 12 months I have preferred driving in NSW (especially sydney) over the ACT. Canberra’s roads are on a steady downhill slide due to poor or no maintenance.

Davo111 3:25 pm 24 Aug 08

As if Canberra gets traffic jams! (lol) Drive down to Sydney for a week and you’ll find a ‘real’ jam! The roads are so much better here too, back in Sydney your whole car can fall into a pot hole. 😉

El Botcho 3:24 pm 24 Aug 08

I’d love to see ‘ACT Motorised Road Users Association’ bumper stickers on members of your lobby groups vehicles on my daily bicycle commute. It would give me fair warning of the drivers red neck attitude. I truly believe this would be an useful community service for all road user’s.

I think the bike lane on the GDE is a ‘breakdown lane’ that they have allowed cyclists to ride within (like quite a few of the major arterial roads in the ACT). The cost of painting a few stenciled bicycles on the road must be a real concern.

shauno 2:48 pm 24 Aug 08

VG is right I grew up in Canberra but only visit regularly now and one thing I do notice when I visit is the empty wide open roads. The place seems deserted almost in comparison to other larger cities.

Lenient 2:38 pm 24 Aug 08

I don’t think any govbt. (except for mayber the libs) would consult with a lobby group with such an agenda. Governments are interested in solving traffic problems by making a range of transport options viable. The suggested lobby is delibrately non-inclusive of an important aspect in the transport solution. The cyclist lobby does not want to outlaw motorists (as most cyclists are motorists) and in fact works closely with other groups. Govts (even the greens) and cycling lobby groups want people to use a range of transport options and do not want to dictate how people travel.

Everyone not in a car makes motoring easier, not harder… that’s why comparatively small sums can be spent on cycling facilities.

If cycling laws do change in the ACT it would be to ban cycling on pedestrian walkways, making traffic laws more consistent with the rest of Australia, not getting bikes off streets. Even the Motoring Part of Australia would have to lean towards more consistent, rather than less consistent laws.

vg 2:24 pm 24 Aug 08

Canberra drivers already have more ‘space’ than any city I’ve seen anywhere in the world. To top that off the majority of Canberra drivers could not drive a greasy stick up a dog’s bum.

What additional ‘space’ do you require past the standard width lanes that most, if not all, roads have?

For every cyclist you see thats one less car on the road. Think about that for the millisecond it takes to overtake one

Whatsup 12:48 pm 24 Aug 08

Those pesky bike riding freaks should be banned from the roads. The government should put in more bike tracks with tunnels and create two push bike expressways from the north and south. This will give us more space on our roads and make us less distracted by the tight lycra clad arses that zoom past.

vg 12:41 pm 24 Aug 08

There is a steady procession of people that ride to both Fairbairn and Brindabella Park on a daily basis who come from both Northside and southside

Mr Waffle 11:46 am 24 Aug 08

Drivers switching to bikes has its limits though. The sheer distance many people have to travel to work means there will always be cars, especially if you’re talking about places like the offices out at the airport (the new buildings alone are for 3000+ staff aren’t they?), I can’t imagine too many people riding from the north to the south to go to work there.

vg 11:28 am 24 Aug 08

Oh my hat, what rubbish!

Get on a bike on a public street in this town and tell me all about the advantages. Get rid of all the bikes and put more cars on the road, see how happy you are then.

New Yeah 10:15 am 24 Aug 08

“20,000 cars idling in traffic while 10 cyclists whizz by”

Where? Not in this town. Come on dude, that’s just a lame effort. If you are trying to gee up support among motorists for a lobby group then you are going to have to do better than use gross exaggerations and dubious claims (GDE built with single lanes to suit the cycling fraternity – uh huh).

Re NRMA. Most people seem to buy membership for roadside assistance but NRMA has become a more vocal advocate for motorist rights lately.

Bungle 9:59 am 24 Aug 08

Isn’t that what we pay our NRMA membership for?

ant 9:30 am 24 Aug 08

Badly designed roads are not the fault of cyclists, they are the fault of an incompetant government and its public service. Focussing resentment on cyclists is to miss targetting the real culprit.

beh1972 8:53 am 24 Aug 08

and watch the increase in cyclist numbers during spring and summer.

Do you really think the GDE was made single lane just for the space needed for cycle lanes? Could it possibly be the government saving a buck or two after all delays (and penalties) caused by the save the ridge Nimbys.

Duke 7:29 am 24 Aug 08

Your logic is confused Impassive. You complain of traffic jams and insufficient roads for motorists but fail to acknowledge that more bicycles means less cars.

Keep in mind this simple equation: Each bicycle you see peddaling down the road represents one less car. If we build better lanes for cyclists more people will take up the cycling option, as I have done.

The ten cyclists on the GDE you speak of is incorrect. Yes you may see ten at peak times, but of a very early morning you will count dozens as is the case on Adelaide Avenue.

You are right when you say some roads are too narrow for the amount of traffic they carry but blaming cycling groups for this is wrong. In this day of expensive fuel and parking it is important for Governments to encourage alternative means of transport, particularly healthy ones like cycling. You should try it Impassive – lose weight, feel great, save money!

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