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Interesting Local Supermarket

By Peter Holland - 11 February 2010 31

I was in Mawson the other day, and stopped in at the Swinger Hill shops. The Friendly Grocer is only new there, and I was surprised to find items on the shelf that I thought were only found in my home state of South Australia – yo-yo biscuits for one. When i mentioned this to the owner, he advised me that they are trying to stock the shelves with products that are synonymous with each of the states and territories, to cater for the multitudes of people who are transferred here from around australia, and occasionally would like something to eat or drink that reminds them of home.

Ambitious? you bet.

He has been asking people what they would want to see in the store, I wrote down Bung Fritz and Mettwurst, after all, it is a lot easier to drop over to him for Fritz instead of wait for the rare care packages from my family. He is also trying to get Woody’s lemonade, which would be an accomplishment in itself.

Here is the thing. If there is a product that you could see yourself dropping into the Swinger Hill Friendly Grocer to pick up on a regular basis, that you can’t get here and reminds you of home, anywhere in australia, pop in and mention it to the staff. chances are, they either have had requests for it, and are getting it, or it is on the shelf already.

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31 Responses to
Interesting Local Supermarket
nic0 12:50 pm 12 Feb 10

Hmmm Nippy’s orange juice is the best, i might have to pay my local Friendly Grocer a visit.

JessP 9:32 am 12 Feb 10

Fritz is what you local types called Devon…but not really. Really good Bung Fritz (when you have a big sausage of it) is divine. The fritz and sauce sandwiches of my youth were the best!

The name ‘Fritz’ come from the German influence in South Australia. Don’t even start me on cabana vs cabanossi, mettwurst vs salami wars!! Everyone knows you not a local the first time you askk for fritz at the deli section anywhere but in Adelaide!

busgirl 11:38 pm 11 Feb 10

If they still make Chicken Cackles I’d love some of those…

Deckard 10:36 pm 11 Feb 10

+1 for WMC’s lemonade.

Nothing like a good glass of urine/Adelaide tap water to clean the innards out.

WonderfulWorld 10:15 pm 11 Feb 10

What a novel idea, I’m from Canberra though so I can’t think of anything we have to add – but I love Haigh Choc and Big M

Oh and what is Fritz?

Hope it does well, its great the buiness is still around with so many small local supers closed these days, I really miss the ability to pop in for milk and bread at Wanniassa shops instead have to go to the super market – I do pop in to swinger occasionally as its so easy to park etc

Dazzlar 7:57 pm 11 Feb 10

Coffee Big M. mmmmmmm

Woody Mann-Caruso 6:36 pm 11 Feb 10

He is also trying to get Woody’s lemonade

I in every tenth bottle so it tastes just like Adelaide tap water.

I-filed 6:16 pm 11 Feb 10

Haigh’s chocolate from Adelaide please! Far, far better than Koko Black – but unavailable in Canberra alas …

AndyC 5:52 pm 11 Feb 10

androo said :

Hartz cola from Tasmania please 🙂

I’ll second that! The Hartz wildberry mineral water is awesome stuff. There was a cafe in Woden in Lovett tower (the 22 story office block) which use to stock the Hartz mineral waters. Not sure if they still do…

Trunking symbols 4:54 pm 11 Feb 10

I’ll never forget my first summer holiday in Qld in early 1983 and the great stuff I bought from the chilled drinks fridges in the grocery stores and supermarkets – Ovaltine, Egg Flip, Natural as well as other drinks and goodies. I’ll also never forget the feeling of utter devastation when I returned to Canberra and checked the drinks fridges here and the only thing I found in them was Moove (flavoured milk). If the Swinger Hill supermarket can fill gaps like this then I’d say they’re on a winner.

MERC600 3:10 pm 11 Feb 10

Be nice to get some good fritz, and some black pudding. And a decent cornish type pasty

androo 2:23 pm 11 Feb 10

Hartz cola from Tasmania please 🙂

sloppery 2:04 pm 11 Feb 10

Bush biscuits…?

JessP 1:55 pm 11 Feb 10

We need Kitcher Buns, Balfours chocolate donuts, Farmers Union Ice Coffee, Menz Fruchocs, Frog Cakes….oh lord the list goes on!!

luther_bendross 1:22 pm 11 Feb 10

Umm… is fritz not devon? Did you ask him also to stock Stobie poles, droptails, spoggies and to start mis-pronouncing Lego as “laygo”?

As for me I’m from Queensland, so I’d like him to start stocking fish and chips to be served to me by a racist redhead.

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