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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a man in a cage!

By Ntp - 28 May 2007 39

Showing the ACT Judiciary up by self imposing longer sentences than are handed out in the courts in this town, Human Battery Cage in conjunction with Free Range Canberra have set up a protest in Garema Place today until 4pm.

Human Battery Cage - Garema Place

caged protesters

If you miss the spectacle today they will be outside the Legislative Assembly tomorrow and Wednesday 10am – 4pm and again in Garema place on Friday 11am – 4pm.

Update – The protesters plan on meeting with Deb Foskey of the ACT Greens this afternoon with a media appearance likely tomorrow. Their intention is to have the Greens tabling legislation within the next month with the view to banning battery hen farming in the ACT by January 2008.

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39 Responses to
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a man in a cage!
VYBerlinaV8 now_with 11:21 am 29 May 07

The chick in the cage looks like an OK layer.

(Tee hee)

kimba 11:10 am 29 May 07

Same old…same old rent-a-crowd.

What you bleeding hearts don’t understand, is that it is chickens today and eventually it will be sheep, cattle etc. These freaks will not be happy until all animal farming is ceased.

Apparently the old witch Deb Foskey is going in the cage today – so you can go and see a real battery hen in a cage.

barking toad 9:57 am 29 May 07

I’d like to throw organic free range eggs at the attention seeking hippies

gurunik 6:52 pm 28 May 07

if that is all that drives them to sit in a cage…for’s sake will someone lift the protesting game? totally pissant and they deserve to be laughed at. picket the farm if you’re that turned on by the (minor) issue. and then go cut every fence you see to ‘free’ the animals. this is why i’m not a hippy any more. and give my tax dollars back too…..

Pandy 6:03 pm 28 May 07

sounds like something from Simpsons

Meconium 5:35 pm 28 May 07

I for one welcome our new gallinine overlords.

(OK I had to use google to find the adjective for chicken-like)

bobbo123 5:03 pm 28 May 07

That’s the number one issue facing our society at the moment.. The plight of poor battery hens.

How can we all sleep at night?

Pandy 4:54 pm 28 May 07

Just pump’em full of hormones.

Heavs 4:50 pm 28 May 07

They don’t look very tasty. Not much breast meat there at all.

Pandy 4:37 pm 28 May 07

If the sheila layed an egg, I’d eat it.

bighead 4:26 pm 28 May 07

Hehe…I remember that teacher…They have good points, thats for sure. Might go and see them at some point.

toriness 3:41 pm 28 May 07

i signed their petition on the way back from the gym at lunch.

how can people eat battery hen eggs knowing the cost at which they were produced?! disgusting. i barely ever eat eggs being pretty much ovo-vegetarian forever but when i buy eggs i buy free range organic.

FC 3:30 pm 28 May 07

I’m glad that this issue is getting attention and therefore hopefully getting people thinking.
Most people I know seem to be of the mentality that they’d rather not know… thinking hurts there heads/

neanderthalsis 3:29 pm 28 May 07

How much for a dozen eggs?

Nik_the_Pig 3:22 pm 28 May 07

Yes they are cold and do appreciate a coffee if you feel so inclined (soy latte with extra sugar!) but are very happy for a chat.

Photos where taken not long after suffering a verbal spray from Canberra’s local beret wearing nutter which may account for the miserable looks on one or two faces.

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