Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a man in a cage!

Ntp 28 May 2007 39

Showing the ACT Judiciary up by self imposing longer sentences than are handed out in the courts in this town, Human Battery Cage in conjunction with Free Range Canberra have set up a protest in Garema Place today until 4pm.

Human Battery Cage - Garema Place

caged protesters

If you miss the spectacle today they will be outside the Legislative Assembly tomorrow and Wednesday 10am – 4pm and again in Garema place on Friday 11am – 4pm.

Update – The protesters plan on meeting with Deb Foskey of the ACT Greens this afternoon with a media appearance likely tomorrow. Their intention is to have the Greens tabling legislation within the next month with the view to banning battery hen farming in the ACT by January 2008.

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39 Responses to Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a man in a cage!
Pandy Pandy 3:51 pm 01 Jun 07

Foskey came? Shudder

Catriona Catriona 2:21 pm 01 Jun 07

JD114, well said and I am in complete agreement with you. The lack of empathy that some people continue to have for animals is just astounding. Anything that brings attention to the suffering of animals is good, IMO.

Maelinar Maelinar 12:50 pm 30 May 07

Toast comes from a Toaster, but you don’t put toast in, unless you want a Zweibac.

So which came first, the Chicken, Egg, or the Foskey ?

Thumper Thumper 12:24 pm 30 May 07

And I’ll re-add,

Eggs come from chickens?

I thought they came from cartons, next you’ll be telling me that milk doesn’t come from a carton…

FC FC 11:53 am 30 May 07

I’ll re-add my comment:
I think it’s pretty common knowledge that animals feel pain.
You step on your dogs tail – and how surprising – it yelps in pain.

Scott Scott 12:06 am 30 May 07

If a certain politician is in the cage, it might be better all round for the community if we simply lock it and dump it in the lake! I’ve never seen such a negative person in the public domain in all my life.

schmerica_ schmerica_ 7:20 pm 29 May 07

Free range eggs are too expensive! I don’t buy eggs that often (god bless the parents) but on the odd occassion that I have to venture out and buy them, they are (in my experiences) quite expensive.

They all feel pain, they all scream in pain…
They do? You could be very rich you know, interpreting what chickens are saying to people around them.

Yeah, its shit that these chickens are kept in shitty conditions. The funniest part about this whole thread is reincarnation.

gurunik gurunik 6:08 pm 29 May 07

in reply to jd114, i don’t condone battery chickens, or feed lots for that matter. and i was a farm boy prior to this urban existence.
i was taking a shot at the method of protest. they weren’t even dressed as chickens…

sepi sepi 4:35 pm 29 May 07

Ralph very young chooks will lay no matter what the conditions. This is why battery hens have very short lives.

JD114 JD114 4:21 pm 29 May 07

mr barking toad, i salute thee. a truly humorous rejoinder, so rare these days.

barking toad barking toad 3:25 pm 29 May 07

I actually used to be a battery hen in a former life. Luxury.

Plenty of tucker, plenty to drink. Nice and warm. None of this scratching round outside fighting off other chooks trying to get a feed. A bit “neighbourly” though what with the government style apartment living.

The only thing that shat me was the chook next to me. Moan, moan, moan – in a clucky sort of way. Free range this, paddocks that. Seems it was a kangaroo in it’s former life. On some firing range. Reckons life was better then – no chance of getting shot.

Anyway. I stopped laying. Got sick of the moaning next to me. So they lopped me head off.

Now I’m a carp. Prefer to be a battery hen any day. Now I drift round, sucking mud from the banks of LBG while blind mullets float round me and little bastards chuck bits of bread at me with hooks and lines and things.

Mate of mine got caught the other day and they dragged him to the bank and left him there gasping then cut his throat.

I’d like to see the hippies protest in a tank outside the assembly about that.

nyssa76 nyssa76 2:42 pm 29 May 07

I buy organic because I like organic. I grew up on a farm and that’s how we had them.

Hubby, on the other hand, deliberates shits me when he buys eggs that aren’t organic (well when he’s home from sea). Seriously he does it to piss me off and then he spends hours cleaning up egg off the kitchen floor because I’ve dropped them. (And yes I know the money was already given to the battery hen people but it’s the principle)

Maelinar Maelinar 1:56 pm 29 May 07

How long is their unnatural life ? Is it longer or shorter than average ? Do you actually know or are you just standing on a pedestal ?

I think your arguments are unclear.

I personally do not tolerate cage eggs, and I use my purchasing power to ensure that free range is supported. Naturally the market will follow suit, much the same way as dolphin-safe tuna, non-roadkill kangaroo, and the others.

Sitting in a cage outside in the middle of winter is stupid though, especially when they can have just as much an effect by going to woolies and buying all of the free range eggs, effecting a change in marketplace economics as demand outstrips supply.

Danman Danman 1:33 pm 29 May 07

Well I for one hope that they are reincarnated as battery hens, stuck into A4 size cages for the duration of their unnatural lives, and have their beaks cut off and their legs twisted into bizarre shapes by their incarceration until one day they are deemed to be no longer useful and disposed of.

Did I hear someone say public servant ?

FC FC 1:21 pm 29 May 07

List to all these ignoramuses and no balls who can’t handle the reality of giving a sh*t about the reality of animal cruelty so therefore dismiss it as rubbish because actually opening there eyes and there minds from there baseless existence might actually cause them to think.
You’d get charged if you did similiar things to your family cat or dog, so what’s the difference betweent hem and the hens.
They all feel pain, they all scream in pain….
please enlighten me with your informed knowledge of why its fine to be cruel for no other reason that monetary profit….

Ralph Ralph 1:05 pm 29 May 07

Listen to all these moonbats and soft cocks screeching about the supposed obscenity and cruelness of battery hens.

Unhappy hens don’t lay. Nothing wrong with battery farmed eggs.

toriness toriness 12:58 pm 29 May 07

i second that JD114.

JD114 JD114 12:54 pm 29 May 07

It’s a sad indictment of our species that people such as bobbo123, gurunik, barking toad, kimba, choose to believe that battery farming is OK. Well I for one hope that they are reincarnated as battery hens, stuck into A4 size cages for the duration of their unnatural lives, and have their beaks cut off and their legs twisted into bizarre shapes by their incarceration until one day they are deemed to be no longer useful and disposed of.

sepi sepi 11:43 am 29 May 07

It’s not about banning all farming. It is about banning an unneccesary cruel practice like battery hens, when there is a perfectly acceptable alternative – free range, or barn laid eggs.

barking toad barking toad 11:40 am 29 May 07

Oops, sorry.

Just noticed that Deb’s going to lay with them.

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