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Is it legal for a truck with Tank Water on the side to fill up from the mains water supply

By eggman - 9 November 2008 58

[First filed: November 07, 2008 @ 11:10
Second filing: November 08, 2008 @ 14:35]

This photo was taken this morning in Gungahlin.

Whilst we all attempt keep within the water restrictions why should a big truck like this who claims to use tank water be allowed to fill up from the mains water supply?

UPDATED: Eggman has added the following update:

    i got a reply from actew as follows:

    Thank you for your email.

    I have confirmed with ActewAGL’s Water Division that the operator
    pictured is licensed to take water from Actew’s potable network.

    The company pictured has a contract to extract water and use it in the
    course of their landscaping business activities. These ’standpipes’ are
    metered and water consumed is charged at the highest billing rate
    (currently $3.70 per kilolitre). Businesses permitted to use metered
    standpipes must abide by the Stage 3 Water Restrictions.

    Please contact the Water Conservation Office if you require further
    information or assistance.


    Water Conservation Office
    ACTEW Corporation Limited

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58 Responses to
Is it legal for a truck with Tank Water on the side to fill up from the mains water supply
eggman 2:04 pm 07 Nov 08

I blanked out the details out of courtesy in case this person was authorised.

I found the place to register my concern

In case anyone else wants do bob-in someone for breaking the water restrictions they can do so here:

Gobbo 1:57 pm 07 Nov 08

RuffnReady said :

Has someone brought this to the attention of the relevant authorities yet?

There is nothing in the photograph to identify the business that is doing the extraction.

How can anyone other than eggman advise ACTEWAGL who was extracting the water in the first place?

Eggman, have you reported this to ACTEW?

babscott1 1:54 pm 07 Nov 08

Well one thing for sure – the owner has his fluros on so we will not miss him carrying out his business.
Safety First!

RuffnReady 1:43 pm 07 Nov 08

Has someone brought this to the attention of the relevant authorities yet?

Gobbo 12:16 pm 07 Nov 08

ACTEW AGL issue licences to businesses for water extraction. They will know whether they have issued a licence to that business.

As they are advertising that they carry tank water, I would expect that they are delivering to rural lessees that are a bit short of a drop or two.

jimbocool 12:11 pm 07 Nov 08

Mr Evil – if he were a contractor “employed by the ACT Govt to water public trees” he wouldn’t be advertising himself as providing “clean fresh tank water”. The presence of a sign claiming to be a road patrol proves nothing.

From memory, Northside horticulture is still done in-house by TAMS, southside is contracted out.

jimbocool 12:08 pm 07 Nov 08

This has to be water theft – report it to ACTEW! If it were legit, how would ACTEW be metering the water from a fire hydrant? If it’s a commercial arrangement how would the wholesaler be billing the retailer?

I was also under the impression that access to fire hydrants was restricted to emergency services.

Mr Evil 11:43 am 07 Nov 08

I assume that he is one of the contractors employed by the ACT Govt to water public trees, so yes, he probably does have the authority to take water from hydrants.

ant 11:43 am 07 Nov 08

I figure there must be some arrangement between the tank trucks and the owner of the water. The local NSW water-bringers fill up at the hydrant on Oaks Estate Rd, just off Pialligo Ave, sometimes there’s several of them there, waiting to fill up. They sell water to the various people surrounding the ACT and QBN to the east, to put in their tanks.

Sammy 11:39 am 07 Nov 08

haha @ WMC.

Danman 11:35 am 07 Nov 08

Should have not wasted your time taking a photo/posting to riotact and just asked the operator then and there.

neanderthalsis 11:29 am 07 Nov 08

It depends, if he is then onselling it to folks so they can top up their tanks to keep the hydrangeas green over the long hot summer it is illegal and he can be charged with theft (as happened in Brisbane a while back during level 6 restrictions, water carriers were filling up from fire hydrants and seeling it to gardeners, council / state govt got a tad peeved after a local current affairs show caught them damp handed and had them charged).

If however he was filling up and then using the water on a building site to lay the dust he would probably get away with it.

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:25 am 07 Nov 08

Outrageous. That vehicle has wheels, not tracks, and doesn’t appear to be armed or armoured.

fnaah 11:23 am 07 Nov 08

Beat me to it, sammy. 🙂

Sammy 11:23 am 07 Nov 08

Well it’s water, and it’s now in a tank, so I guess it isn’t really a false claim.

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