Is it really rugby when Tuggeranong plays Queanbeyan?

johnboy 13 September 2009 8

Rugby Union used to be famous for the good behaviour of its crowds.

But the Canberra Times brings word (and an all important picture) of all in brawling when the Queanbeyan Whites met the Tuggeranong Vikings in the local grand final for the John I. Dent Cup.

    About 100 fans clashed at Viking Park yesterday with security guards and players scrambling to break up fights between opposing supporter groups on the field.

    Pushing and shoving turned into punches after the Vikings scored after the siren to beat the Whites 30-28 and claim the John I. Dent Cup.

    Good-natured banter erupted into violence when Vikings’ supporters ran on to the ground and started singing their team song to Queanbeyan fans.

I blame a lack of tweed.

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8 Responses to Is it really rugby when Tuggeranong plays Queanbeyan?
Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 8:36 am 14 Sep 09

If rugby is the game played in Heaven, recent on and off field behaviour may give a clue to the reasons the general population has stopped believing in god and religion in general…

caf caf 9:41 pm 13 Sep 09

You blame a lack of tweed? I thought tweed had been conclusively demonstrated to bring out the violent tendencies in Canberra’s low-brow denizens.

Stinkspray Stinkspray 4:44 pm 13 Sep 09

Both Tuggeranong and Queanbeyan need to take a good hard look at themselves. Both Clubs showed poor sportsmanship on the day. The poor display of sportsmanship by the Vikings Colts against Uni/Norths was terrible and shows a problem that is invading the club like a cancer and it needs to be cut out.

Queanbeyan can’t even field a full Colts side so it makes you wonder where they will be as a club in season 2010 and beyond.

Royals have no trouble fielding sides as long as they can find a player to poach from other clubs.

There are some serious problems with ACT Rugby and the fish always rots from the head.

R. Slicker R. Slicker 4:18 pm 13 Sep 09

The streaker during the grand final is an ACT rugby union tradition provided by the Easts club.

vg vg 4:03 pm 13 Sep 09

I remember days when Queanbeyan couldn’t get off the bottom of the ladder and Tuggeranong only played sub-district……but then they got a big club and a lot of cash.

Oh for the gentlemanly days when Dara played Royals every year and you would see a couple of Wallabies gracing the field

Thumper Thumper 2:15 pm 13 Sep 09

Sure it wasn’t marist and St Eddies?

Nambucco Deliria Nambucco Deliria 2:07 pm 13 Sep 09

Its amusing that despite having three writers there (Peter Fitzgerald was in the ‘corporate hospitality’ area whilst I also spotted John-Paul Maloney traipsing around the concourse), the Canberra Times still could’nt deliver a decent write-up of the punch-ups, during or after the match.
The match itself was a corker, despite the best efforts of referee Brent Bowden to ruin it by only refereeing one side – Queanbeyan still couldn’t win even with this massive help from the official, and the silence with which Vikings’match-levelling try was greeted by the whites’ travelling faithful was immensely gratifying after having to listen to their dopey chainsaw revving all afternnon. The Vikings kept the ball alive for almost five minutes after the siren to seal the game, probably to give their fans time to gear up for their sickening attack on the away end at full time. Marvellous stuff.

dubious75 dubious75 1:25 pm 13 Sep 09

I was there and I can say that Chris Dutton certainly seems to be talking it up a bit. There was definitely more than a hundred people on the field after the game and a few minor scuffles broke out but to say about 100 fans clashed is rubbish. It was probably more like 5 or 6 people actually fighting and the usual throng trying to break it up.

I saw security guards strolling over. I definitely did not see “security guards and players scrambling to break up fights.”

I think the most damage was done to a thong (not the underwear type) that was worn by one of the combatants. One of the plugs was pulled out…

Aside from all that it was a pretty good game. Had everything, fluctuations in score with each team gaining ascendancy at different times and thrilling finish with Tuggeranong producing the goods in the final seconds. There was even a streaker. He made it from the southern end of the ground all the way to the northern end (with some interference from a Vikings fan that saw fit to knock him over Andrew Symonds style) climbed back over the fence and got dressed. Security guards couldn’t have cared much less. I think they walked over to where he re-entered the crowd but as he was now dressed again their powers of deduction couldn’t identify the offender.

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