Do we need to shut down some planning too ?

Maelinar 15 April 2007 25

Corbs got the chuck, Hargreaves isn’t allowed to talk to anybody – this is like watching Neighbours. CT has taken to calling Stanhope a new super-portfolio – is this first dib story in response to their bleating earlier this week about not having the good goss before the other papers get it ?

[ED – CT story here]

The new roles and responsibilities of our industrious leaders;

Jon Stanhope Chief Minister, Treasurer, Environment, Business and Economic Development, Land Development, Ageing, Indigenous Affairs, Arts.

Katy Gallagher Deputy Chief Minister, Health, Disability and Community Services, Women.

Andrew Barr Education and Training, Planning, Tourism, Sport and Recreation, Industrial Relations.

John Hargreaves Minister for the Territory and Municipal Services, Transport, Housing, Multicultural Affairs.

Simon Corbell Attorney-General, Police and Emergency Services.

UPDATED: In the Canberra Times Simon expresses his sorrow at losing his planning powers and, worryingly, Our Brave Leader promises that Andrew Barr will do to planning what he did to education. Meanwhile Katy Gallagher says the stoushing is no big deal.

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25 Responses to Do we need to shut down some planning too ?
miz miz 9:01 pm 16 Apr 07

It’s freaky that the knob that brought us school closures now also has planning. I bet the vultures are circling . . .

LG LG 3:22 pm 16 Apr 07

don’t worry Al, Stanhope’s does alright at blaming other people, or where that’s not possible to just say its not his fault and then cry on tv..

worse comes to worse he can always blame the feds 😉

Al Al 2:31 pm 16 Apr 07

Interesting politics on Stanhope’s part – not taking a leaf out of Peter Beattie’s book, where there is a similar shallowness of gene pool. Beattie keeps clear of portfolios, so when things go pear-shaped he comes in as the saviour – sack someone here, cop a big dose of mea culpa (on behalf of the twits who work for me – you just can’t find good help can you?) there, etc.
Can’t blame anyone else when it’s your portfolio…

Maelinar Maelinar 2:05 pm 16 Apr 07

I’m thinking of taking up belief in God.

It’s all you’ sinners fault…

Snahons_scv6_berlina Snahons_scv6_berlina 11:58 am 16 Apr 07

What is amusing is that stanhope isn’t content with having a quiet word to corbell about the land development portfolio but is more willing to just take it entirely off his hands.

seepi seepi 11:34 am 16 Apr 07

I know!

I always thought Simon was in the developers’ back pockets. If he was too stringent for them, and now it is open slather, there could be some very strange streetscapes popping up.

Nevermind – Action will be happy – more suburbs they won’t have to service cos they can’t get a bus down the tiny streets (aka older Dunlop).

LG LG 11:07 am 16 Apr 07

“handing over land to developers to let them make decisions about street layouts etc, and that he trusted developers to be caring and sharing and have the community’s best interest’s at heart.”

isn’t that what happened to Gungahlin? I understand the Gungahlin is used as a (negative) case study at some universities in regards to poor planning controls.

seepi seepi 10:55 am 16 Apr 07

666 was interesting this morning.

Wayne Berry was on saying that Simon lost his planning portfolio because he had been making developers jump thru too many hoops and the develolpers had complained ad nauseam to Jon Stanhope.

Jon S was then on saying that he was handing over land to developers to let them make decisions about street layouts etc, and that he trusted developers to be caring and sharing and have the community’s best interest’s at heart.

Scary stuff!

barking toad barking toad 9:59 am 16 Apr 07

The mayor is trying to get more control.

The concern should not be with the ministries he’s taken on board but what they are. It’s frightening to see he has control of Treasury, Business & Economic Development and Land Planning and Development. That’s where he can wreak havoc.

I’d cop him playing with the feel good ministries (Environment, Indigenous affairs) but it’s a worry when he has control of real things.

LG LG 9:13 am 16 Apr 07

The spat continues – I think I’ve become a fan of Wayne Berry. He’s the only Labor person that asked real questions during the estimates hearings.

Pandy Pandy 12:06 am 16 Apr 07

Are you saying Andrew will do a bit of shafting and boning in Dame Patie Menzies?

I frankly doubt it.

Bartron Bartron 11:31 pm 15 Apr 07

worryingly, Our Brave Leader promises that Andrew Barr will do to planning what he did to education

God have mercy on us all…..time to move.

junkett junkett 10:24 pm 15 Apr 07

Get a grip. We only have 300k+ in the ACT. A City council would have done fine. Remember the referendum that was ignored? So what if Nohope has to earn his left wing dollars. About time he did some work instead of getting his Beaker head in front of the TV (well look at him..he is Beaker! And just as lifelike!)

LG LG 12:30 pm 15 Apr 07

After thinking about it, I think Stanhope’s new ‘super’ portfolio is a joke.

Firstly, the ACT is tiny compared to the rest of Australia and not even the size of a pimple on someone’s arse compared to the entire planet.

We have no real industry to speak of… What the heck is the ACT going to do to address global warming? This reeks of metoo-ism and playing off against the Feds.

Lets not forget that the ACT had targets but failed to meet them and in the end, Stanhope abandomed them – but now all the Labor State and Territory leaders are signing up to 60% reductions…

end rant

Glimmertwins Glimmertwins 12:07 pm 15 Apr 07

The point is that in small parliaments ministerial responsibilities are concentrated among a small cabinet. ACT is no different. Look at the NT
ot Tas

Avacry Avacry 11:29 am 15 Apr 07

Glimmertwins you have completely missed the point.

Glimmertwins Glimmertwins 10:21 am 15 Apr 07

Ministers in the small states/territories (eg SA/Tas/ACT/NT) have lots of portfolios.

Even if he wanted to, Stanhope is not able to have any more than 5 Ministers. The ACT Self Government Act enshrines in law that 5 is the maximum number of Ministers possible.

The federal parliament would have to change the Act to enable any more Ministers. Can’t see that happening anytime soon.

LG LG 10:05 am 15 Apr 07

The dictatorship grows…

Pandy Pandy 11:45 pm 14 Apr 07

Busway is DEAD!!! Long life light rail!

miz miz 9:41 pm 14 Apr 07

It’s weird that Karin McDonald doesn’t get Education. She used to be a teacher.
And even weirder that Hargreaves has anything at all . . . Mick G (in contrast) seems to be a capable fellow, mystifying why he has no portfolio. Both McDonald and Gentleman are from Tuggeranong, it certainly would be nice to get a bit of (sensible) Tuggers input into Cabinet.

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