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John’s new project – The Concatenate

By johnboy - 8 May 2006 21

Just a brief and gratuitous plug for my new project The Concatenate. It’s an attempt to take what we’ve been doing here at The RiotACT and take it to a national level.

The public site (the one linked to) is on a four hour delay from the one accessible to subscribers.

At the moment I’m giving away free one month trials to the subscription service which will normally cost $50 a year.

What do you get for $50? (For free in May!)

They also get access to the live site (where they can see updates) four hours ahead of the unsubscribed public.

Subscribers get to make comments on the site. They can share their point of view, point out errors, voice support, add more to the picture. Non-subscribers will have to make do with sending emails.

Finally you get a warm inner glow from supporting an independent media outlet, and the knowledge that you’re helping to keep both editor and contributors from starving.

How to get the free trial?

Just email and include the following details:

Your email address of choice for news delivery
Your login name of choice
Would you like your news delivered hourly, in digests at 9am and 4pm, or both?

So, if you like it, please tell your friends, and sign up for the trial.

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
John’s new project – The Concatenate
simto 2:04 pm 10 May 06

Is “an angry mass of poor spelling and wild speculation” going to be on our logline any time soon?

johnboy 1:26 pm 10 May 06

Thanks Bonfire.

You’re right on both points and it’s something we’re working on.

bonfire 1:17 pm 10 May 06

jb – some feedback.

what i like about ra is easy access to the box that shows recent comments.

that would be a nice addition to concatenate

which i shall abbreviate to cc from now on.

this encourages debate and participation among ra posters and lets lurkers follow lively discussions.

also – front page way too big.

perhaps the other ra feature – the box with recent articles – could be introduced to cc.

johnboy 12:42 pm 10 May 06

Oh, and thanks to all those who’ve signed up for a trial.

johnboy 12:41 pm 10 May 06

I think you’ll find media monitors charge a bit more than I do.

But thanks. I think it’s coming along nicely. For those who are interested the photo is on this page

bonfire 12:31 pm 10 May 06

interesting concept. i receive clips from media monitors relating to the area i operate in, but i can see concatenate as a useful open source alternative to reading a newspaper.

ideal for the xbox (vail atari) generation.

Mr_Shab 9:40 pm 09 May 06

Ooh! John Griffiths, is it? johnboy not grown-up enough any more. Aren’t we grand…

Nice publicity photo, BTW. I like the sepia-tone.

Okay, I’m done. You get my 50 bucks, JB.

caf 3:29 pm 09 May 06

riot-act goes to big school? Looks good so far.

Jazz 2:44 pm 09 May 06

you are a sick sick man david

RandomGit 11:08 am 09 May 06

*click* Done and done.

David Heidelberg 10:46 am 09 May 06

I’ll certainly consider subscribing – but only on the proviso that a sealed Johnboy swimsuit section is made available to paid up members.

johnboy 8:58 am 09 May 06

one hopes so.

Special G 8:55 am 09 May 06

Hopefully being a more professional site, the colorful language and character bagging will be kept to a minimum.

Thumper 3:47 pm 08 May 06

Geez, I’ll never get any work done…

Good effort though!

Blossy 1:41 pm 08 May 06

Congratulations Johnboy – looks good, I hope it gets off the ground and flies as you hope xxx

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