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Jon being considered for the Diplomatic Corps? I doubt it…

By caf - 5 June 2008 38

I thought this (unattributed and unverified) rumour from yesterday’s Crikey could do with a wider airing:

“The chief minister of the ACT, Jon Stanhope, is out of favour with the federal government over his push for gay legislation (sic). Talk is he was favoured for a diplomatic posting until he ruffled feathers (again) with his pro-gay rights stance. He is now saying publicly he is staying around for the long haul but privately scurrying for an assignment that will allow him to leave ACT politics with dignity. ACT Labor insiders concede his government is on the nose and very likely to lose the next election in November.”

I don’t know about you, gentle reader, but I find the idea that Our Jon was ever in favour enough with Federal Labor to score a diplomatic post pretty unlikely. The rest is pretty much all well-known (a graceful exit in the style of Carr, Bracks and Beattie was always on the cards within the next couple of years), though I still find claims of Labor being likely to lose the next election a trifle over-egged. A return to minority government seems a lot more likely.

Give Jon Stanhope a diplomatic posting?

  • Hang on, I want to run him out of office first. (42%, 112 Votes)
  • Please no Jon, Don't go! (11%, 30 Votes)
  • Anything to get him out of here. (25%, 68 Votes)
  • Unleash the angry voice and the spiky hair upon the infidels! (22%, 59 Votes)

Total Voters: 269

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38 Responses to
Jon being considered for the Diplomatic Corps? I doubt it…
caf 2:19 pm 06 Jun 08

I’d like to clarify that although I wrote the article, the poll was added by an editor.

beasley 10:05 am 06 Jun 08

Not sure of the accuracy of this, but I heard from a friend who works with a senior ALP adviser up on the Hill, that Stanhope’s high favourability has taken a massive hammering since the Libs put in Zed as Leader and they started their ad campaign.

Supposedly this Adviser is high up in local Labor and is rather indiscreetly going around the factions maneourvouring to get rid of Stanhope and transition in Katy Gallagher, similar to the Beattie handover to Bligh in Queensland.

The Right faction is also working hard to make it Andrew Barr who gets the handover.

If the polling numbers continue to go south for Stanhope, he will be shown the door from within as they have all had enough of him, but have relied on him in the past to stay in Govt.

It is a pity the Canberra Times doesn’t do regular political polls like the other State newspapers.

imhotep 10:09 pm 05 Jun 08

There was a story in the weekend papers about the discovery of a Brazilian tribe who have never had contact with ‘civilized’ society. The perfect posting for our Jon!

Two hours with him, and I’ll bet they move deeper into the jungle.


ant 8:42 pm 05 Jun 08

VicePope said :

I tried to think of other diplomatic postings for others in the Assembly. The absence of Australian diplomatic relations with Hell has been a problem.


VicePope 8:04 pm 05 Jun 08

It would be no secret to others that I think Stanhope is about the best of a very poor lot. I think he would do wonders with a posting into the Pacific region – his pragmatism would pay off. But that would leave the ALP without any leader at all.

I tried to think of other diplomatic postings for others in the Assembly. The absence of Australian diplomatic relations with Hell has been a problem. As well, no-one would choose to employ them anyway, in any capacity. But, perhaps Ms Foskey could follow her unique political career with a posting to Fantasyland. Zed would have to go to Zimbabwe or some other hopeless waste site starting with Z. Pratt to Serbia, for obvious reasons. Hargreaves to anywhere they don’t have drink-driving laws. Dunne and Burke to Iraq and Afghanistan, with a weapons subsidy to the insurgents and the Taliban. Mick Gentleman to Mustang, because he probably thinks it’s a car. So many of the others would be well-placed in Brazil, with the nuts.

spoonbill 4:48 pm 05 Jun 08

Maybe he could be Governor of Tasmania… though come to think of it, that is just not far enough away from Canberra – yep Harare or Iraq!

vg 4:02 pm 05 Jun 08

If he was to become a diplomat he might have to go to church services that commemorate things. As he doesn’t do that in the ACT (except Grasby’s funeral) its fair to say that this is one of the many reason he would be a hopeless diplomat.

And before anyone thinks this is an argument about religion its not. Heads of Government attend memorial services etc as part of their job irrespective of their own personal beliefs. It says something when a Federal Minister, a PM and a Governor-General can attend particular services together in Canberra but the Comrade will open a glass blowing studio in Kingston instead and send Katie (‘no dress sense unless you count just got out of bed as a look’) Gallagher in his stead

realityskin 2:32 pm 05 Jun 08

care factor = -1

someoneincanb 2:29 pm 05 Jun 08

Crikey – does that mean all the grandiose thought that went into arboretum and it won’t have any international species?

Crikey 2:23 pm 05 Jun 08

Stanhope would not make a good diplomat.

If anyone has seen him in public you’d note that he is very uncomfortable with socialising and hob-knobbing. He has no social skills!

Also, although he has all these grandiose plans and ideas he is not worldly.

sepi 1:16 pm 05 Jun 08

I don’t think labour will get a thrashing at the polls either. the alternatives are just not there yet.

I think we might get one of those wierdo govts like we used to have – full of independants and cobbled together groups. Mostly they used to get bogged down in discussion, and never did much, but that could hardly be worse than what we’ve got now.

Skidbladnir 1:11 pm 05 Jun 08

The side menu ones don’t work for me either, but the in-thread voting works fine.

hingo 12:51 pm 05 Jun 08

These polls never seem to work for me but I would vote for the top one. I’m sick of seeing his mug.

Crikey 12:41 pm 05 Jun 08

Or butler to the Iraqi Ambassador

neanderthalsis 12:35 pm 05 Jun 08

I think Our Jon would be well suited to a diplomatic posting. I would suggest Acting Deputy-Assistant Administration Officer (grade 1) at the Harare High Commission.

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