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Just Cuts Canberra Centre giveaway

By Jazz - 4 September 2012 56


Its not often that i give much though to haircuts. About the only time is when the wall mirror in our building lift reminds me that I’m looking more dishevelled than usual and its probably about time I make myself presentable so that my wife still finds me attractive after 14 years.

The recent opening of Just Cuts in the Canberra Centre came with an interesting offer through their marketing people. “Write us a review and we’ll give you a bunch of haircuts to give away”. Here at RiotACT we dont mind writing reviews, but we feel it gives a more authentic experience if they’ve got no idea that someone is about to plaster an assessment of their product or service all over the internet. To further throw off any suspicion that we were doing a review and just to mix things up I volunteered my 6yo son James to test them out.

On arrival in a very clean and tidy shopfront we were greeted Haynee. Just Cuts have an interesting model – you cannot make a booking. Everything is drop in, take a seat and wait til there’s an empty chair. Perhaps we were lucky, but at 3.15pm on a wednesday afternoon we got straight in.

Haynee managed to handled with aplomb my son talking non stop about how he looks like a 7yo despite only being 6, and about about a million other random things that typically flow from a 6yo’s mouth. She even managed draw out an idea of what he wanted, with a quick check with me to make sure it was an acceptable choice. Lucky for me, he stopped short of asking for Haynee’s blue and pink hair which would have gone down really well at school the next day.

After a quick 15 minutes of snipping, brushing and a bit of hair product it was all done. Haynee took the time to provide james with a membership card which he’s very proud, and explain to me how their pricing model works which if my recollection serves has an adult style cut at around $28 and kid at around $20. In my opinion quite reasonable compared to what i have paid in the past and I thought the service very personable, friendly and engaging.

The results, well you can see for yourself with the before and after shot above. I think there is a bit of a blue steel look going on & my wife thinks its the best haircut he’s ever had.

For RiotACT readers we’ve got 10 haircuts to give away at Just Cuts Canberra Centre. All you need to do is to tell us in 25 words or less in the comments why you need a haircut. The most amusing as judged by johnboy & I will win.

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56 Responses to
Just Cuts Canberra Centre giveaway
Skidbladnir 9:56 pm 04 Sep 12

Good heavens. The spelling, the grammar, the style…
*mutters about editors neither drafting nor proofreading*

Dacquiri 9:35 pm 04 Sep 12

Sorry, forgot to count the words! (Just omit whichever lines you like…)

Dacquiri 9:30 pm 04 Sep 12

Would love a hair cut for my son –
you’ll remember, he’s the one
whom everyone thinks is such a loafer
because he expects his mum to be his chauffeur.
And today the poor boy is feeling sad and nervous
’cause he didn’t get that traineeship with the public service.

tommo 9:05 pm 04 Sep 12

I certainly could do with a haircut, it’s been many months and I’m pretty sure a moth was camping out in there today.

yoyo23 8:26 pm 04 Sep 12

I’m giving myselft one more haircut before the end of the year. Because I’m trying to save money. So it better be a good one!

Extra freebie for being 25 words?

Mordd 7:48 pm 04 Sep 12

Mordd said :

I am addicted to the “cut it short and keep it short” philosophy, although recently I have died my hair again

egads, I used “died” instead of dyed, woops, can’t edit post dammit! pls don’t rule me out for bad grammar ahhhhh…..

Masquara 6:46 pm 04 Sep 12

Sigh – when I saw red-haired kid pics, I thought the article might be a tribute to redhaired Afghanistan victim and Grammar boy Private Robert Poate. RIP.

Mordd 5:54 pm 04 Sep 12

I am addicted to the “cut it short and keep it short” philosophy, although recently I have died my hair again thus meaning I have been dreading actually having to pay for a haircut soon. Having not paid for a haircut since the late 90’s I am quite afraid my hair will go white in shock when I see the average prices these days. I would happily post photos to RA of my Just Cuts style do if given the opportunity to sample their modern day talents.

curlylocks 4:26 pm 04 Sep 12

Love a certain hairdresser at the Gunghalin Just Cuts.

Here is my entry.
Having curly hair that is shoulder length with the windy weather makes the magpies want to come and nest in it. Need a cut badly.

astrojax 2:32 pm 04 Sep 12

i am sick of fighting my own hair, and losing…

and should it be ’25 words or fewer’ – or will the esteemed judging panel accept part-words?

did i win?

poetix 1:25 pm 04 Sep 12

(And he looks very cute, although he probably wouldn’t appreciate the word…)

poetix 1:19 pm 04 Sep 12

My daughter’s blonde bob is starting to touch the collar of her uniform, which is a flogging offence at all independent schools.

neanderthalsis 1:01 pm 04 Sep 12

Why I need a haircut:

While not much remains on top, the remainder are wispy; the recent wind has left the old noggin looking like a bowling ball covered in spiders webs.

Madam Cholet 12:51 pm 04 Sep 12

This is not 25 words and not what you are looking for…..had a very bad experience at the Tuggeranong branch so I won’t bother thanks. Such a bad haircut on my three year old that I had to call t hem to complain. At the same time I also mentioned that fact that they didn’t ask parents before giving said child a lolly that was totally inappropriate for his age, that I then had to cajole from him. I now take him to Moes round the back of Tuggeranong where we are all very happy with the service.

Gantz 12:16 pm 04 Sep 12

Nice review.

Good to see Just Cuts back in Canberra Center. Though I thought they both disliked each other greatly.

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