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Kambah High opens new computer centre, for how long?

By johnboy - 8 November 2006 22

The ABC is noting that Kambah High has opened its new $143,000 “multi-media resource centre” (computer room in English).

Which is sweet as the ACT Government is about to close the high school.

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Kambah High opens new computer centre, for how long?
nyssa76 6:29 pm 09 Nov 06

Well Kambah High has positions advertised in the secondary transfer round (out today).

I had thought of applying for a position there. I won’t let bubzie’s “opinion” tarnish my application but it does make you wonder whether all the work you do for the students will be appreciated.

andy 2:09 pm 09 Nov 06

actually, my reply there wasn’t too well structured either.
Ah well. It’s still better than bubzies, so i’ll continue to hang shit.

Mr Evil 12:43 pm 09 Nov 06

I really like the way like kids like use the word like excessively like when they’re talking like yeah and the way that punctuation like doesnt like exist anymore like its not important like

Battle_Kath 12:13 pm 09 Nov 06

touche AD!

Absent Diane 11:53 am 09 Nov 06

or is it that schooling has failed to teach perhaps?

andy 11:47 am 09 Nov 06

AD – well, It’s clear by the awesome grammar presented by Bubzie that she really doesn’t pay much attention at school anyway.

Absent Diane 9:28 am 09 Nov 06

good onya bubzie… thats spirit I wanna hear. Seriously why would any kid want there school to stay open. Having your school shut down is like the ultimate revenge… a great opportunity to stick your fingers up at your teachers and say “fuck you, you useless fuckers”..

bubzie 10:30 pm 08 Nov 06

lol, the computers have been there already for like a month. And already, about half of them or so are like..broken, or just simply wont work 😀

(and the computers are seriously nothing special…last time i tried using one, it logged out on me mysteriously when i was typing up something pretty important. Great..)

lol, i love bagging out my own school. i personally hope it does close XD

nyssa76 6:16 pm 08 Nov 06

This stuff was probably linked to broadband etc.

Absent Diane 4:36 pm 08 Nov 06

I heard the stuff was already stolen, as a project kambah high’s social ed classes.

Mr Evil 4:33 pm 08 Nov 06

Being in Kambah, what’s the bet the stuff is all stolen within a month?

simto 4:21 pm 08 Nov 06

It’s a bit unclear from the write-up whether there’s actually an additional building attached to this, or just a lot of equipment (most of which, yes, will be fairly easily realocated).

However, from the link, by claiming “the Federal Government believes Kambah High has a long-term future”, Garry Humprhies has probably signed the place’s death warrant. There’s nothing the local mob like more than a good stouch with the feds…

Absent Diane 4:05 pm 08 Nov 06

not expensive.

kris 4:04 pm 08 Nov 06

How expensive can it really be to move a bunch of computers from one school to another?

nyssa76 10:31 am 08 Nov 06

I wonder how much it will cost to take out and put at another school…..probably more than keeping the school open.

Plus there is the fact that the Federal Govt will be pissed that the money will be “wasted” (in a sense).

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