Kangaroo cull attracting misguided protesters

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The Lawson Kangaroo cull has attracted a large amount of media attention over the past months. The trade off between relocation and just knocking them off has come down to a cost issue and since the Federal Government isn’t ponying up the cash to relocate it’s back to the lethal injection for skippy.

I heard on the radio today a bunch of protesters missed the mark by running in and upsetting a number of sedated roos. The problem was they weren’t the ones earmarked as death row as they thought and they were the ones partaking in the anti-fertility treatment.

Good work.

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tap tap 10:58 am 23 May 08

Duke: Your first comment was truly pathetic. Perhaps if you spent as much time actually thinking about what im saying instead of just searching (badly) for some argument to it you might see the truth.

Your second comment has been covered, read comment 32 and 55. One week, not one year. Pathetic.

Ive tried to be civil with you but if the best you’ve got is to say something entirely pointless like 141, or a complete lie like 142, then im thinking perhaps any respect I had for your opinion gets thrown in the bin.

Duke Duke 10:47 am 23 May 08

And about this money raising business – you’ve had enough time and opportunity tap. This issue first surfaced well over a year ago and has had plenty of national and international attention. You probably could have raised the money in a year if protesters were organised and motivated enough.

Duke Duke 10:39 am 23 May 08

Tap, if you expended as much time out at the cull site as you do monitoring this thread you might get a more favourable result. Or, like the other 50 protesters who were out there a few months ago but have now vanished, is it getting a wee bit cold for front-line protesting?

FC you keep on accusing cull supporters of missing the point without actually saying what you think the point is – something to do with a faked moon landing and a grassy knoll no doubt.

tap tap 9:54 am 23 May 08

Neanderthalsis: I agree though, I think most would. A) The case for relocation was strong enough for it to be taken up until the cost blew out, this does add weight to the theory that the relocation idea in this case was sound.

B) Yeah, like ive been saying if the protestors could have raised the money themselves, theres no problem here.

C) Yeah. This is whats bothering me. I just don;t see what they had to lose by giving the protestors the chance to see if the money could be raised.

tap tap 9:35 am 23 May 08

Thumper: No need to refute. I was only saying raising the money was plausible, not a fact, you made the mistake and mis understood what I said. Raising the money is plausible, it could happen. The roo population doubling in size or starving to death in two month?Unplausible. The statement you tried to pass of as a fact while you were accusing me of trying to make my hypothetical come off as a fact is silly. Ill give you a silly question if you want, one that has already been said which you ignored to attack me instead. Why couldn’t the government have waited a couple of months?

Neanderthalsis: No all i know about them is that one was in NSW one in QLD. They were given as examples in the case to use the relocation option in the Lawson problem.

vg: Other kangaroos have been shot therefore these kangaroos shot. That is all your argument is once the ‘im a tough guy, look how much i dont care about helpless creatures. You are stupid city slickers. ha ha.. stupid city slickers.’ plop is taken out of it. Why does the fact that other kangaroos have been culled in the past mean these should? Why should the government not even given the chance for this ‘some’ you speak of to see if they could raise the money.

FC: Yeah i somehow don’t think we are going to convince anyone. Ah well.

Mælinar Mælinar 9:26 am 23 May 08

Thumper, I agree with your theory: first year Arts students.

vg vg 9:16 am 23 May 08

It might behove the so called ‘knowledgeable’ to remove their blinkers and have a look at what happens in rural Australia every single days. Roos get shot, culled, harvested, whatever the f you want to call it. No-one says squat. Yet when 400 get culled on a scale minute compared to what happens on a national daily and regular scale some do good misguided city dwellers espouse all kinds of rot and involved equally as uninformed idiots in on their ‘protests’.

In rural Australia this scenario would have been dealt with in a afternoon with a few well trained shooters. Over and done with, as they do every single f’ing year in ‘the country’.

Get your heads out of your collective asses and take some issues with things that actually matter in the big picture of life. As sad as it may be for some this roo culling isn’t one of them. Hang your hat on something worthwhile.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 9:10 am 23 May 08

that should read wasn’t…

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 9:08 am 23 May 08

Do the results of your quick google give costings of previous relocations?

Most of us I;m sure would support relocation if:
A. It didn’t shift the problem elsewhere (ie. they did some research and found a good location)
B. It was as cost prohibitive
C. The Territory and Fed Govts were willing to let it go ahead.

FC FC 7:41 am 23 May 08

They continue to completly miss the point tap and come back with similiar questions just worded diffrently. that is when they are not twisting words to say what they want them to say.
I don’t think their little heads have the capicity to really get the simplicity of what you are saying.
If only I didn’t believe life is sacred I would suggest a mass culling of all the dumb ass ignorant fu(ks of the world.

Thumper Thumper 12:15 am 23 May 08

Oh, and feel free to refute anything by asking more silly questions.

Thumper Thumper 12:14 am 23 May 08


what planet are you on? Your arguement is getting sillier and sillier.

A campaign around the world of something along the lines of ‘Donate a dollar to save skippy from a bullet to the head’ could certainly have yielded results

You can’t know this. You’re just making it up. And besides, by the time you had enough money the mob would have doubled in size again, or died from starvation.

tap tap 11:17 pm 22 May 08

More on the plausability of raising the money: People from other countries view the kangaroo in a similar way to how we would view the elephant or moose, exotic and entirely rad. A campaign around the world of something along the lines of ‘Donate a dollar to save skippy from a bullet to the head’ could certainly have yielded results. I know I would donate to save gorillas from the same fate.

tap tap 11:00 pm 22 May 08

A quick (i mean quick) google of previous relocations showed that at least two have happened before, both successful.

el: Yep and the circles are getting quicker and quicker.

There was the option available to wait and see if the animal rights groups and other people against the culling could raise the money, or at least make up the difference between the price of this humane slaughter (yeah… emotive words, but true ones) and the relocation. Yet they just didn’t. Things were in motion towards raising the money, a month or two would have been enough to find out if the money could be raised or not. Why didn’t they let that happen? What did they have to lose?

How much is the culling costing? How much would the relocation cost? Minus the cull cost from the relocation cost and thats how much the private citizens and welfare groups would have needed to raise. I couldn’t imagine it would be that much, good ole Paul was being asked to help, and he is loaded, and I read today that the Irwin clan were involved in this too. Thats a lot of cash right there. But if we couldn’t have raised the money, then nothing would have been lost, the kangaroos wouldn’t have starved by that time. So why not wait and see?

el el 10:50 pm 22 May 08

Round and round in circles we go….

Considering that it was likely that private citizens and animal welfare groups would have paid for it

What are you basing this on? Seriously.

tap tap 10:45 pm 22 May 08

imarty: My real agenda, well in all truth i was rasing those kangaroos as my unholy army of the night, there were only months away being ready for a full invasion of Tasmania, basards weren’t going to be so smug with their clean water, awesome mountains and good beer after my kangaroos stomped them. Now its all gone to crap, my army is in ruins and the Tasmanians are smugger than ever and i looted none of their beer. Oh no! now my secret is out no one could possibly believe my cover story that I just don’t want a bunch of kangaroos to die when they don’t have to. Damn you and your cunning interrogation techniques!

Duke: No duke, a possible solution is to relocate, hence the trial. Maybe it would work, maybe not at all, maybe relocation plus breeding programs of predators, maybe relocation plus this fertility treatments ive heard so much about. If there is a more humane solution than culling, I want it found. Trials is how that sort of thing happens. Considering that it was likely that private citizens and animal welfare groups would have paid for it, again I ask what did the government have to lose? Why couldn’t they just wait and see if the money could be raised? That is not unreasonable.

No the ACT was not the first to attempt a relocation, as they did not attempt a relocation.

Duke Duke 10:13 pm 22 May 08

and do you honestly think the ACT was to be the first to attempt a relocation?

Duke Duke 10:10 pm 22 May 08

Once again your solution for over population is to relocate, a cull being a last resort.
The problem of over population would still eventuate even without a fence – that’s why other states cull – because even in vast expanses of open land kangaroos over populate!

imarty imarty 10:00 pm 22 May 08

Maybe so in your eyes tap but all this angst over a couple of hundred roos.
Really? How many posts now? What’s your real agenda?
Have you spent time in the bush, on the land, or close to rural industries? How closely do you really understand this situation and if so, what’s your ultimate, best case scenario solution?

tap tap 9:59 pm 22 May 08

Err no duke, I suggested many things mainly that this was a trial, and dependant on its success then maybe it would be used more widely. To say that a trial should not happen only because it has not happened in the past is obviously absurd. If this relocation did prove to be a more humane solution (i do mean solution) then I would want it instead of culling in all circumstances.

Lets not forget that the problem with these kangaroos was a fence. Relocation to a place where they are not boxed in, problem solved.

Over population of kangaroos is certainly a wider issue, and one that should be addressed, with culling being a very last resort, however it is not the issue at hand with these kangaroos in Lawson.

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