Watch this morning’s rescue of a kangaroo from Lake Burley Griffin

Damien Larkins 21 September 2021 27
A kangaroo thanks its rescuers at Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra

While the kangaroo seemed glad to be out, it went back in the freezing lake two more times. Photo: David Boyd.

A kangaroo has been rescued three times in one morning from the freezing waters of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra.

Members of the public came across the shivering marsupial in waters by the Captain Cook fountain around 5:30 am on Tuesday.

The temperature in Canberra was -1.5 degrees at the time, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, with an apparent temperature of -6 degrees.

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Former Navy officer Angus Mitchell was cycling by the scene, stopped and sprang into action.

“Myself and another guy just went in and got him out,” he told Region Media. “We got him out and he was fine.

“I then came back about half an hour later and he’d jumped back in again, so with another guy, we got him out again.

“We had to get him out about three times until the rangers came.”

It was Mr Mitchell’s first ride in Canberra since recently arriving from Brisbane to take up his new role as Chief Commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

“Fortunately, it was quite shallow there. I had no idea how deep the lake was,” he says.

“He was pretty intent on getting back into the lake. He was obviously very panicky and it was freezing in there. He was a bit hypothermic as well, I think.”

Rescuing wildlife from freezing waters isn’t something Mr Mitchell usually does, but he’s taking it all in stride.

“The fact that he came over to us, he did want to get out, but there was nowhere for him to be able to,” he says.

“Hopefully, he’ll get released somewhere a little bit warmer for him and he’ll be fine.”

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Defence recruiter David Boyd was out on his daily walk around the lake and filmed the rescue.

“He was absolutely shivering and obviously in distress,” he says.

“While I was on the phone … these two gentlemen rocked up and basically started stripping off.”

The kangaroo rescue drew quite a crowd.

“He got a bit of a fan club. He had a few people hanging around looking at him and talking to him,” he says.

Mr Mitchell says the rangers were going to release the kangaroo somewhere away from the lake.

If you find injured, sick or orphaned native wildlife, contact ACT Wildlife on 0432 300 033.

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27 Responses to Watch this morning’s rescue of a kangaroo from Lake Burley Griffin
Capital Retro Capital Retro 9:42 am 23 Sep 21

……”do they look like they are getting married.”

Anything is possible now, in Canberra.

Cheryl Boyd Cheryl Boyd 9:29 am 23 Sep 21

Kangaroos will go into water if they have been bitten by a snake. Hope it was taken to a vet to get checked over.

Janice Wilson Janice Wilson 12:22 pm 22 Sep 21

So beautiful.

Jannah Fahiz Jannah Fahiz 10:59 am 22 Sep 21

So beautiful! Thanks for helping this roo. And be sure to stand up against the kangaroo cull. Soon we won't have any of these beautiful native animals in Canberra :(

Susan Moore Susan Moore 6:42 am 22 Sep 21

This is a good news a story 😊

Josie Conlan Josie Conlan 9:46 pm 21 Sep 21

What a beautiful act of care an kindness

Kate Philps Kate Philps 8:07 pm 21 Sep 21

Shaunee Robb aw poor little skippy

    Nola Scheele Nola Scheele 11:56 pm 21 Sep 21

    I think there were too many onlookers and he was scared, that might have been why he was jumping back in. Well done to the rescuers.

Canberra Pool Maintenance Canberra Pool Maintenance 7:50 pm 21 Sep 21

Well done

Mabel Sansom Mabel Sansom 4:59 pm 21 Sep 21

Well done

Carolina Albornoz Carolina Albornoz 4:09 pm 21 Sep 21

Loved this beautiful act of kindness, but is it just me or do they look like they are getting married.

    Shane Phoenix Shane Phoenix 4:34 pm 21 Sep 21

    Roo was up on its tail. That was time to walk away. Ready to kick

Skeptic9999 Skeptic9999 3:12 pm 21 Sep 21

Well done, all you who stepped up.

Allyson Cervelli Allyson Cervelli 3:02 pm 21 Sep 21

Covid! Driving them nuts!

Jill Slaven Jill Slaven 2:31 pm 21 Sep 21

Thanks Mel, poor kanga. A great rescue! I wonder where he went after that?

Paul Rutherford Paul Rutherford 2:01 pm 21 Sep 21

Isn’t that what Kangaroos do to get away from predators is to jump into water and swim away? If so the Kangaroo was trying to get away from people but was risking getting hypothermia. Kangaroos are not the brightest animal

    Shane Phoenix Shane Phoenix 4:33 pm 21 Sep 21

    Not just swim away. They will try drown what chases them

Jody Crawford Jody Crawford 1:12 pm 21 Sep 21

Dominique Webb! What is with the Roos at the moment?

Gail Neuss Gail Neuss 1:07 pm 21 Sep 21

This is brilliant

Capital Retro Capital Retro 12:54 pm 21 Sep 21

That kangaroo may be blind. It’s not uncommon and causes them to get separated from the mob, stumble and be unable to graze. They then fall into gullies and dams and eventually die.

Jennifer Reilly Jennifer Reilly 12:25 pm 21 Sep 21

Good job 👍

Melinda Anthes Melinda Anthes 12:23 pm 21 Sep 21

Oh my god I would not try to take a Kangaroo out of Lake Burley Griffin, one it would try and box you, two it would be absolutely freezing 🥶 Jess O'Callaghan

Dimi Mirceski Dimi Mirceski 12:16 pm 21 Sep 21

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