Karma? … Lost dog

CoffinRX2 12 May 2010 10

Ok, well it was only about 6-12 months ago I was able to assist a member find a lost dog in Kaleen, and now it’s my turn to ask for the assistance of RA to find a dog.

Housemates staffy x rodhesian ridgeback went missing from our home in Melba today, sometime between 9am and 5pm. His name is Chevy, he has a brown collar with ID tag, name and contact details on it, he’s a bit of a keg of a dog, tan in color, very friendly, and very obediant, and definately not the kind of dog to run away. .. all fences were secure, gates closed, ….. and the other dog here which is not as friendly is here, …. he’s normally the one who bolts at any chance, .. where as Chev is the most calm lazy placid dog ever. …. hence I have a feeling he may have been taken?

I have put up a notice on TAMS website, and will check with the rspca in the morning, but if anyone has seen a dog wandering around Copland drive today, or tonight, please give me a call 0412582682 as we’ll be out looking for him probably most of the night.



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10 Responses to Karma? … Lost dog
CoffinRX2 CoffinRX2 9:59 am 14 May 10

Ok couple of things, …. I certainly would have given beer, wine, whatever of someone found him, but the “Karma” part of things (if you read my post) was that I assisted an RA member find her pup last year, and maybe karma would help me this time.

Also, he has been found, see post number 2.

Still no idea how he got out, rear yard is 100% totally secure unless someone opened a gate.

The entire bill will be in excess of $4500 after he has his surgery though

SmirnOff SmirnOff 9:32 am 13 May 10

Dogs like Chevy sounds like mans absolute best friend, I’m sure lots of your love and attention will nurse him back to great health. He certainly knows he’s loved if he came back to be with you again after going through what he did. Good luck and best recovery wishes to Chevy:)

MissPeaches MissPeaches 8:59 am 13 May 10

Your poor doggy, lots of love and care will help to pull him through.

It might be worth having a very good look around your yard to see how he got out so it won’t happen again.

ConanOfCooma ConanOfCooma 8:57 am 13 May 10

Yeah, good luck with the vet fees.

Bud White Bud White 8:06 pm 12 May 10

Stuff karma, how about beer!?! I recently saved three dogs of the one owner from being road pizza, took them home, rang RSPCA and Canberra Connect, fed and looked after them over night, cleaned their crap out of my garage, and moved my plans around to be there for the owner to pick them up. Oh and the owner was soooo relieved and gushing and grateful. Pfff! Back it up with a gesture ya knob.

It’s not about the beer or gift; its about the gesture. If someone saved three of my “family” members from certain death then the least I could do is buy that person a drink, a box of chocs or mow their lawn. Even if that person insisted on me doing nothing I’d still post them a thankyou card. Man! there are some real clueless wankers out there???

Sorry Damo, I had to get that one off my chest. I hope you find you dog.

amarooresident3 amarooresident3 4:18 pm 12 May 10

Oh dear. One thing I have learnt about dogs (I’ve got three at the moment and had two others die after protracted fights with cancer over the last four years) is that they are incredibly tough. With the right treatment and care I’m sure Chevy will make a full recovery.

The wallet on the other hand…

GardeningGirl GardeningGirl 3:50 pm 12 May 10

Poor thing. Hope he’s better as soon as possible.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 2:46 pm 12 May 10

@CoffinRX2 – hope the outcome is good

CoffinRX2 CoffinRX2 1:10 pm 12 May 10

Well theres good and bad out of this story, …. about an hour after I submitted this thread, we dropped back home to grab a drink n head back out and look some more, where low and behold chev is sitting on our front doorstep as we walked back out.

Bad part of the story is he was severely injured 🙁 and thankfully he knew his way back home (he’s only been living here for about 3 weeks) … he had a severely lacerated rear leg which wasnt bleeding, so can only assume that he had been injured for a while, and was maybe laying sitting somewhere in shock until he heard us calling and maybe slowly limped back home.

Ended up taking him out to the Animal Emergency Hospital last nite for xrays, has a dislocated leg and bone fragments around the place, and the wound is right on his joint, so they cant operate on him until the risk of infection is gone. Took him to Canberra Vet Hospital today, and now he’s sedated beside me on the couch for the next 2 weeks before he can be operated on 🙁

Both vets believe he was attacked by another dog.

amarooresident3 amarooresident3 12:37 pm 12 May 10

Good luck with your hunt.Hope he comes home soon.

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