Kate Lundy makes the top ten

johnboy 2 November 2010 10

The Canberra Times has intriguing news for those who wonder what ACT Senator Kate Lundy does with her time.

Did you know that the ACT’s own Senator Kate Lundy (@KateLundy) was named one of the Top 10 People Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics last month?

She actually topped the top 10, winning the International eDemocracy Award at the World e.Gov Forum in Paris, largely in recognition of the ”Public Sphere” policy consultation initiative, a series of online forums and workshops examining the intersection between technology and democracy.

Congratulations to her.

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10 Responses to Kate Lundy makes the top ten
rebcart rebcart 7:36 pm 02 Nov 10

Deref said :

This’ll be the Kate Lundy who has been trying since the beginning to fight against luddites in her own party like Senator Conroy who are hell bent on introducing web censorship to Australia?

What a hero, shame she hasn’t succeeded.

Fixed that for you.

basketcase basketcase 7:27 pm 02 Nov 10

She must be toeing the Conroy line for secret internet censorship. Never seen her name with those fighting the Goebbel’s type ambitions of Herr Conroy.

Oooops, mentioned the nazis, argument lost.

WillowJim WillowJim 6:24 pm 02 Nov 10

The Canberra Times found out about the internet?

Deref Deref 5:19 pm 02 Nov 10

This’ll be the Kate Lundy who belongs to a grubbymint that’s hell bent on introducing web censorship to Australia?

What a joke.

Fiona Fiona 4:58 pm 02 Nov 10

if you want a reply – @piawaugh from her office.

ricci ricci 4:13 pm 02 Nov 10

I would prefer Lundy to be doing something somewhat more practical, like getting off her backside and pushing the indexation issue for defence force pensioners and superannuants. Despite inquiries and promises by both major parties, they remain on CPI indexation whilst even poorly paid pensioners are on AWE indexation and, of course, parliamentarians like her get huge indexed rises set by a supposedly independent organisation.

sepi sepi 4:12 pm 02 Nov 10

She used to actually respond to quite technical emails about pair gain (phone trouble) in Griffith etc, she knows her computer stuff too.

I’d say Kristina Keneally is letting staff do her tweets, and Malcolm hasn’t got a lot else to do I’d say.

rosebud rosebud 2:32 pm 02 Nov 10

She’s got an excellent presentation on the consultation model using Web 2.0 thinggies.

I-filed I-filed 1:26 pm 02 Nov 10

No outcomes yet from web 2.0 thinggies – save your awards till she’s actually achieved something. In any case, actually it was Conroy and Tanner who initiated public sector online consultation, not Lundy.

ainsliebraddon ainsliebraddon 11:21 am 02 Nov 10

Amazing – everytime I tweet to her, she never ever replies. Malcolm Trunbull, Kristina Keneally, Tony Burke all tweet back. Never Kate Lundy!

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