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Knife hysteria

By johnboy - 31 August 2006 53

The Canberra Times has the sad news of another Civic stabbing, this time at the Meche nightclub (will we see an ADFA ban on going there?).

Simon Corbell makes the reasonable point the increased penalties would offer little deterrent to carrying a knife. Steve Pratt on the other hand has never seen a problem he didn’t think could be fixed with harsher penalties (his staggering historical ignorance is a testament to the party processes which delivered him into our Legislative Assembly).

“Increasing penalties won’t stop people committing crime,” he [Simon] said.

Opposition police spokesman Steve Pratt said he “couldn’t disagree more”.

“The incidence of knife carrying and violence with knives is on the increase, and there will be no respite until there are tougher laws in place so that people will fear carrying a knife,” he said.

Mr Corbell said he understood the three stabbing fatalities in the ACT in the last year had all involved kitchen knives, and no one could ban kitchen knives.

We can only hope Steve does try and take away our kitchen knives as the electoral backlash would be a thing to behold.

UPDATED: With thanks to Bonfire, the Liberals have put out a media release calling for permits to be required to carry a knife. I hope stores carrying boxcutters keep the form by the checkout.

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53 Responses to
Knife hysteria
Danman 1:42 pm 28 Aug 06

All depends on their definition of reason to believe huh ?

Big Al 1:41 pm 28 Aug 06

Although – it would be f*cking hysterical… and justified – if they were on their way home from Carlo’s in Watson

Mr_Shab 1:10 pm 28 Aug 06

Dunno about 3am – but there would be a few freelancing cooks floating around Civic with about half a dozen scary-arse knives around 12…

Danman – I can’t see a cop pulling up some 1st year apprentice in check pants and a red toolbox, and capsicum spraying them for saying “Knives” when asked “what’s in the box”…

Although – it would be f*cking hysterical…

Big Al 12:48 pm 28 Aug 06

I would imagine that there are a fairly limited number of legitimate reasons to be carrying a filleting knife in Civic at 3.00am on a Sunday morning … but hey, I might be wrong.

RG 12:36 pm 28 Aug 06

Knife carrying is obviously something that would be extremelely difficult to police. I guess it would be up to police to distinguish if the person carrrying a knife would use it as a weapon.

Thumper 12:19 pm 28 Aug 06

Big Al,

I did the same in the gun buy back amnesty. I wandered into Belco Police station with the semi auto and put it on the counter.

No probs…

Big Al 12:09 pm 28 Aug 06

Danman – it’s the nature of the world we live in. Like your cleaver tale, I too recall, with some nostalgia, taking my firearm to be repaired at a Melbourne gunsmith in the mid-1980s. I parked about a hundred metres away on Franklin street and walked to the shop carrying the shotgun. These days I doubt I would have got 20m before being surrounded by police and pinned to the ground …

Danman 11:13 am 28 Aug 06

People are going to get so paranoid that we will have to keep our knives in knife safes – register our knife serial numbers with law enforcement agencies and have specific clubs away from residential areas were people can go and test their chopping skills ( after the obligitary police record check ) – gone are the days of apprentice chefs lugging around their red toolboxes on busses to get to Tafe – I can see them explaining why they were late just because they had a beard and got on a bus with a tool box full of knives. What next – banning people in public because they pose a threat to the safety of the common public. Simply put I think its bullshit.

bonfire 10:58 am 28 Aug 06

a knife is just a tool.

more people are stabbed to death with kitchen knives in domestics than in the ‘street’.

i have carried a pocket knife since i was a schoolkid. they are uesful tools. i will not stop carrying a knife.

i reject this mania for describing all knives as weapons.

a piece of wood can be used to beat someone brains in or frame a picture. shall we define all lumber as ‘weapons’ ?


Absent Diane 10:41 am 28 Aug 06

maybe we should just imprison everyone… and let out those who don’t commit crimes.

Thumper 10:39 am 28 Aug 06


I think the increase in AFP will be for overseas regional hotspots.

ie, peacekeeping and police action.

Danman 10:24 am 28 Aug 06

I remember working at a manuka fine dining location PRE Coles era – having a head chef who lived about 200m from manuka.
One day I had to walk to his house to get some produce from the garden – imagine the looks I got walking to his house with a blunt old clever in my hand to hack some vegies out of his garden. This was all topped off by stopping a police car on the zebra crossing and giving the boys in blue a huge smile and wink – no questions asked.

Tempestas 10:20 am 28 Aug 06

Perhaps we need laws to imprison idiots?

Oh hang-on most of the pollies would end up in the lock up then.

Maybe idiots should be forced to be smarter. Thats it compulsory “get smart” courses. Is that a good idea Chief

Absent Diane 10:02 am 28 Aug 06

yep harsher penalties won’t stop these kind of crimes. The kind of idiots that carry around knives with intent to stab are exactly that… idiots.

seepi 9:57 am 28 Aug 06

The only time Steve makes sense is when he says Canberra needs more police. It is a pity he goes overboard with these other ideas.
– So on a related note – this huge increase in the AFP that is happening – will that result in any more police in Canberra?

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