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Knife hysteria

By johnboy 31 August 2006 53

The Canberra Times has the sad news of another Civic stabbing, this time at the Meche nightclub (will we see an ADFA ban on going there?).

Simon Corbell makes the reasonable point the increased penalties would offer little deterrent to carrying a knife. Steve Pratt on the other hand has never seen a problem he didn’t think could be fixed with harsher penalties (his staggering historical ignorance is a testament to the party processes which delivered him into our Legislative Assembly).

“Increasing penalties won’t stop people committing crime,” he [Simon] said.

Opposition police spokesman Steve Pratt said he “couldn’t disagree more”.

“The incidence of knife carrying and violence with knives is on the increase, and there will be no respite until there are tougher laws in place so that people will fear carrying a knife,” he said.

Mr Corbell said he understood the three stabbing fatalities in the ACT in the last year had all involved kitchen knives, and no one could ban kitchen knives.

We can only hope Steve does try and take away our kitchen knives as the electoral backlash would be a thing to behold.

UPDATED: With thanks to Bonfire, the Liberals have put out a media release calling for permits to be required to carry a knife. I hope stores carrying boxcutters keep the form by the checkout.

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Knife hysteria
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Thumper 4:08 pm 04 Sep 06

That JB, is the frightening thing about it all.

We’re all doomed, doomed I say. Doooooomed…..

johnboy 3:59 pm 04 Sep 06

what gets me is they make stanhope’s motley crew look like the better option.

bonfire 3:56 pm 04 Sep 06

it gets better – yet another press release from the ‘liberals’:

“The fact that anyone is carrying a knife suggests they would be prepared to use them as a weapon.”

How is this a fact ?

Whenever i get my meat cleaver out to prepare a bbq im secretly thinking of running through Garema Place attacking the good citizens ?

Nonsensical scare mongering.

Yet more attempts to criminalise citizens.

I’ll quote Walter Lippmann circe late 1940’s:

‘the generation to which we belong is now learning from experience what happens when men retreat from freedom to a coercive organisation of their affairs. Though they promise themselves a more abundant life, they must in practice renounce it, as the organised direction increases, the variety of ends must give way to uniformity. That is the nemesis of the planned society and the authoritarian principle in human affairs.”

if im carrying a knife its because knives are useful tools. ‘the fact’ that someone is carrying a knife does not mean that they will use it as a weapon.

what next ? making kids at karate licence themselves as deadly weapons in case they decide to batter someone to death ?

let’s look at that quote again:

‘The fact that anyone is studying karate suggests they would be prepared to use themselves as a weapon.’

If this is an effective opposition, were doomed to more stanhopia.

VYBerlinaV8 11:45 am 01 Sep 06

I used to work with a pommy guy who showed me how to construct a ‘Manchester Brick’, out of a standard newspaper. It could be used to smash a human skull without much effort, provided the correct (and easily learnt) technique was used…

Thumper 8:53 am 01 Sep 06


Milk cartons should be registered….

shauno 2:10 am 01 Sep 06

“A mate of mine was attacked with a milk carton once.”

They build houses entirely out of milk cartons in Nigeria. I kid you not lol

KaneO 5:58 pm 31 Aug 06

Just noticed the comment by DJ above ” (vii) religious purposes;”

Could carrying a knife for the purpose of beheading unbelievers or sacrificing babies be used as an excuse for carrying a knife in public?

KaneO 5:55 pm 31 Aug 06

Part of me thinks: what a load of crap. Just a bunch of tossers who wish to be seen to be doing something to stop crime, without actually doing anything to stop crime. Just more ban-it ban-it sqwawking from the retards.

The other part of me thinks: Who cares? I carry a knife (small one on the keyring) all the time, and some rather nasty deadly ones for my recreational pursuits. The police here are basically a reasonable bunch of people and if you aren’t a total f**kwit they aren’t going to chuck you in the slammer over a blade, so long as your reason for having a knife on your person is a good one.

Most laws are an ass, it’s the discretion and common sense with which they are applied that matters – no problem there from our local plods.

Special G 5:23 pm 31 Aug 06

And we’re in the ACT so you could use the suffering from banana withdrawel defence in Court

Special G 5:23 pm 31 Aug 06

Mr Shab, with the price of bananas at the moment that may just be a better option than paying for them.

el 4:37 pm 31 Aug 06

I can’t afford bananas at the moment anyway.

Mr_Shab 4:08 pm 31 Aug 06

You’ll get my banana when you pry it from my cold, dead hand.

barking toad 4:04 pm 31 Aug 06

Is pratt a closet member of the labor party?

Why not permits for pointed sticks? Or bananas?

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