Lake George – Australia’s Bermuda Triangle of Mystery?

Ralph 16 August 2005 44

Local cryptonaturalist, Tim the Yowie Man, will be presenting lectures on mysterious phenomena this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as part of the Australian Science Festival.

Can water in Lake George really vanish into thin air?

This week, as part of the Australian Science Festival, Canberra cryptonaturalist, Tim the Yowie Man, will delve into the unusual science behind many of the world’s mysterious phenomena, including the Canberra region’s very own Lake George.

When? 1pm – 1:45pm. Wednesday August 17, Thursday, August 18 and Friday August 19.
Where? Nicholls Theatre, National Convention Centre, Canberra.
Bookings? 6207 5901.
Cost: $3.

Further details are available at the Science Festival site.

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44 Responses to Lake George – Australia’s Bermuda Triangle of Mystery?
Ralph Ralph 2:33 pm 22 Aug 05

Uh huh. I have asked the Yowie man and he is interested in the idea.

I’ll follow it up further with him. Will post more details later but if we do organise something it probably won’t be until the end of September at least.

This way the nights won’t be as cool, and we’ll know that Thumper is trembling through fear alone.

bulldog bulldog 2:20 pm 22 Aug 05

Ralph, just one question;
Will there be beer involved?

Although I’m sure it would detract from any alleged sightings it would sure help pass the hours of unavoidable boredom and inaction.

And Thumper, if you want to come don’t be scared, we’ll all be there to protect you from the boogey-man, evil spirits or UFOs.

Ralph Ralph 9:24 am 18 Aug 05

We should organise a late night UFO watch at Geary’s Gap.

Thumper Thumper 8:55 am 18 Aug 05

Yep, I’m not sure how they do it but they always come back.

And, aside from what I wrote previously, it is a seriously spooky place. I for one would not walk along their at midnight on my own….

Ralph Ralph 8:53 am 18 Aug 05

Given that the lake has dried out, should it ever be full again, I wonder if it will have fish in it.

Thumper Thumper 8:15 am 18 Aug 05

I once saw a UFO abducting a Yowie that was being chased by a Lake Monster whilst I was ghost hunting at lake George!

Well, okay, it was a redfin being eaten by a stork, but from a distance…..

johnboy johnboy 8:29 pm 17 Aug 05

Amy: You know Fry, its nice to find someone I can talk to about stuff, and junk.

Fry: Yeah, it’s like we feel the same way about junk and stuff or, whatever.

Kerces Kerces 8:01 pm 17 Aug 05

Let me explain:

The mumbly part was due to the softness of the participants’ voices compared to the loudness of the music. A problem which is less apparent when it’s playing directly in your ears rather than over a car sound system.

And the rubbish part was the comment of the other people in the car at the time, and related I believe to the mumbly bit.

I personally would recommend Insatiable Banalities to anyone who enjoys stuff.


johnboy johnboy 7:39 pm 17 Aug 05

“mumbly rubbish”

Righto then, at least we all know where we stand then.

Kerces Kerces 11:36 am 17 Aug 05

Sam I tried that on a recent trip to the snow. I only got about 10 minutes into the podcast before being told to get rid of that mumbly rubbish by the other car occupants.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 9:40 am 17 Aug 05

I’m a big big fan of Tim the Yowie Man. I think he’s fab. And not at all “full of his own self importance”. Maybe that is what you think from what the media writes, but it’s not true. He is a lovely lovely man, very witty, very smart, damned cute and passionate about what he does.

LG. Sigh. Swoon.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 9:19 am 17 Aug 05

Why bother with radio on road trips when you can download the entire set of Insatiable Banalities and get 19 hoursish of audible entertainment?

OK, I would probably see what the airwaves were providing in certain areas…but 19 hours of IB is fun.

Thumper Thumper 8:30 am 17 Aug 05

Whoops. Stuffed the italics….

Thumper Thumper 8:29 am 17 Aug 05


I don’t know though I am caught in this bizarre realm of being someone who loves the fantasy of ghosts and UFO’s and being a cynical bastard

Exactly like me! ‘Cept I think they exist, even after I bag out every option.

And if you want to be a true believer then try the Port Arthur ghost tour. That is seriously freaky….

Thumper Thumper 8:26 am 17 Aug 05

Except it hasn’t got any water in it and Lake bathurst is not far away.

Interestingly, when you drive along there, you can actually see the furtherest northern point that the lake reached during its lifetime as it left a largish, east west running sandy dune.

See if you can pick next time you drive up to Sid-en-ee

johnboy johnboy 7:36 pm 16 Aug 05

It’s the only large body of inland water for a very long way, aboriginal legends would be remarkable only in their absence.

Thumper Thumper 5:48 pm 16 Aug 05

TYM the media man….

I read a book years ago by a guy called Steve Cropper and someone else I can’t remember. The book was called ‘Out of the Shadows’ and these guys were serious researchers.

TYM is full of his own self importance, just google the word ‘cryptozoology’ and you’ll see what I mean.

TYM the Media man, more likely.

Having said that, I think it would interesting…

Macca Macca 4:31 pm 16 Aug 05

You should google him he pops up everywhere and he does seem to make a fairly good living out of being “The worlds only Cryptonaturalist” as he claims. He’s the Steve Irwin of Cryptozoology.

Ralph Ralph 4:25 pm 16 Aug 05

Best description of his work is here.

Ralph Ralph 4:21 pm 16 Aug 05

Seeing a yowie in the Brindabellas many years ago.

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