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Lake George Zebras to be moved – REPRIEVED

By johnboy 16 July 2010 48

[First filed: Jul 16, 2010 @ 8:22]


The ABC has a story on threats to the recently beloved Lake George Zebras by the NSW Government.

Mr Aston did not seek permission from the relevant Government department, and the NSW Department of Lands has ordered their removal, citing safety and environmental concerns.

“I did get a call from the NSW Department of Lands,” he said. “They said they have to be removed forthwith.

“They are really popular and I’m a little bit disappointed with that.”

He says the herd will soon migrate to a new Canberra location.

We look forward to future sightings.

UPDATED: The ABC reports that the NSW Government has not liked the look of the growing PR surrounding this decision and is gently walking it back:

The department says it ordered the herd’s removal after a complaint from the grazier who leases the land. However, Mr Aston says the department has changed its mind.

“I don’t think it is a backdown. I just think it is different people in the department are having different views,” he said.

He has been advised to lodge a development application with the local council, improve fencing, signage and provide public liability insurance.

(RiotACT was this day approached for help to move the unwanted Zebras to Port Kembla.)

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48 Responses to
Lake George Zebras to be moved – REPRIEVED
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p1 11:57 am 21 Jul 10

and that one. Maybe I should start using the preview option?

p1 11:56 am 21 Jul 10

I appear to have stuffed up that“>link.

p1 11:55 am 21 Jul 10

Ya’ll might be interested to know that if you type “zebras” into google, two of the auto-text options it gives you are now “zebras in lake george” & “zebras on lake george”.

miz 6:18 pm 18 Jul 10

dtc #22 – I agree that we need more of this friendly, accessible kind of art and less of the pretentious stuff in Canberra. Eg, I personally would approve of a big thing something similar to this . . .

DBCooper 1:49 pm 17 Jul 10

Their is no legitimate need to have a Zebra Sculpture.

ARTWORK CAN KILL YOU!!! and it will only happen once.

Ban these F**king things before they wind up killing someone! Think of the children………FFS!

There’s no place like Australia!

Thumper 10:57 am 17 Jul 10

the zebras are welcome to graze on my large, well sited front yard.

Ian 10:51 pm 16 Jul 10

The cat did it said :

That said, it was probably not very wise for the artist to not get the landowner/leaseholder’s ok before installing the zebras. Is it a case of a dreamy otherworldly artistic temperament, a guerilla artistic ideology, or just a lack of common sense?

I would be pissed off if he installed it on my land – or alternatively if it was a work of value, I’d claim ownership.

Hmmm, maybe I can clean my garage out, go and dump it on some politician’s front lawn and claim that its a work of art not a pile of junk?

Ian 10:48 pm 16 Jul 10

Skidbladnir said :

Erg0 said :

More on Zebragate…

Not every story that may or may not turn out to be a scandal or conspiracy needs ‘-gate’ tacked onto the end of a noun.
The original Watergate had nothing to do with water, it was the name of the hotel.

The -gate suffix is a fucking stupid concept, revived through ‘scandal syndrome’ in modern media.
Also, it is overused.


Hooray! The use of the “gate” suffix is one of my pet hates. It just screams when a journalist uses it that “I’m too lazy to think of anything original or better” not to mention “I’m a moron”.

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