Liberals and Greens clash over Government’s ‘arrogant’ car-free day plan

Lachlan Roberts 17 September 2019 105
car-free days

The ACT Government is working toward holding car-free days at least once per year. Photo: File.

The ACT Greens allege the Canberra Liberals are “wilfully misrepresenting” the ACT Government’s climate change initiatives after Opposition Leader Alistair Coe labelled the government’s climate change strategy “arrogant” and “ideological”.

The ACT Climate Change Strategy 2019-2025, which was released on Monday afternoon, recommended car-free days once a year, as well car-free areas, shared zones and traffic-calmed streets as soon as 2021 to help reach the ACT Government reach its zero net emissions target by 2045.

As part of the strategy, the government said it will provide “incentives” for Canberrans to consider active travel or public transport to move around our city, with transport currently accounting for more than 60 per cent of ACT emissions.

Canberra Liberals leader Alistair Coe said it is “arrogant” of the ACT Government to ask Canberrans to not use their cars.

“Once again, the ACT Government is demonstrating how out of touch they are by arrogantly telling Canberrans how they should be living their lives,” Mr Coe told Region Media.

“The Government switched off 750 bus stops, they slashed the number of services and then they have the hide to tell people that shouldn’t be in their cars and they should be riding in busses.

“If transportation is one of the target areas for emissions, surely the best way to tackle those emissions is by having a good quality bus service that delivers for all Canberrans. If we are serious about climate change and serious about emissions from transportation, we have to start with a viable transport system.”

Mr Coe argued that the vast majority of Canberrans want to play their part against climate change, so it is arrogant to impose the Government’s plan on them.

“Everybody is already conscious on how they use their car,” he said. “They are certainly conscious on how they use their car when they fill it up with petrol, when they pay $17.50 for parking, when they are caught in a traffic jam turning on to Northbourne Avenue or when they pay their rego.”

“The Greens are unapologetically ambitious when it comes to putting our climate first” – Shane Rattenbury. File Photo.

In response, Greens leader and Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability Shane Rattenbury said the Liberals are “wilfully misrepresenting” the Government’s climate change initiatives.

“Car-free days are an opportunity for our community to experience a small-scale festival, without cars – akin to what happens during the Multicultural Festival or Enlighten – which both create car-free zones,” Mr Rattenbury said.

“At every turn – in every motion or debate on climate change – all we’ve heard from the Canberra Liberals is ridicule and scepticism rather than actual climate change policy.”

Mr Rattenbury said it is clear the Canberra Liberals have no plan to tackle climate change and would “rather sit back and watch the planet burn rather than show political leadership”.

“Asked more than once what the Canberra Liberals have in store for climate action in Canberra, Alistair Coe simply could not answer the question,” he said. “The Canberra Liberals can’t be trusted to deliver the climate action Canberra needs.

“They are really putting the ‘con’ in conservative.”

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105 Responses to Liberals and Greens clash over Government’s ‘arrogant’ car-free day plan
Andrew Khin Maung Andrew Khin Maung 11:32 am 21 Sep 19

Erin Camporedondo well.there you go

BlowMeDown BlowMeDown 10:28 am 21 Sep 19

What is the ACT government doing to increase options for working from home for its 25000 strong workforce? Think how that would rejuvenate local suburban shops and services at the same time as taking thousands of cars off the roads. Bingo!

BlowMeDown BlowMeDown 10:04 am 21 Sep 19

I have mostly voted labor or greens in the past but I’m more than happy to hear the liberals speaking up finally on this issue.

A Nonny Mouse A Nonny Mouse 8:35 pm 20 Sep 19

Nothing new in Libs misrepresenting the position of the ALP or Greens. Par for the course really.

Spiral Spiral 1:05 pm 20 Sep 19

Encouraging people to use public transport is a great idea. Obviously it isn’t suitable for everyone but there are many people who could use public transport with minimal disruption to their day.

However the worrying part is that the government will provide incentives.

Sometimes our government gets confused and their idea of an incentive is that they wont punish you if you do what they want.

Encourage people to use public transport – Great idea
Provide an incentive for people to do so – Probably a good idea but of course the details are important
Penalize people because they don’t use public transport – Very bad

astro2 astro2 6:32 pm 19 Sep 19

“The ACT Climate Change Strategy 2019-2025…recommended car-free days once a year…” Oh! The Horror! The Hysteria! The Hand Wringing! Toughen up you perpetually outraged snowflakes.

    BlowMeDown BlowMeDown 10:36 am 21 Sep 19

    If it has no substantial impact then why even bother? Perhaps it’s a decoy or perhaps it’s a foot in the door or perhaps it’s a dog whistle to the entitled.

    This snowflake wants the government to do the hard sustainable stuff, like put a hard limit on population.

    astro2 astro2 1:11 pm 21 Sep 19

    You couldn’t really say it has no substantial impact unless it’s been tried, could you. The main potential benefit would be to open people’s minds to alternative methods of getting around town. As to the so-called population problem: the fact is Australia has a fairly low level of population; it’s the emissions per person that is the problem and our over-reliance on coal exports; we simply need to diversify economic output. This is quite feasible and, as a prosperous nation, we are in a good position to do so.

rationalobserver rationalobserver 9:41 am 19 Sep 19

Australia’s, and by extension Canberra’s best contribution on a world scale is to be as efficient and effective economy as possible so that there is an excess which we can use to help others.
These social experiments / ego trips will lead directly to inefficiencies as people adopt less productive routines in response (more time on buses, less efficient transport options, increases in absenteeism, diversion of discretionary funds). We are now les able to help those who are worse polluters than us. No one wins.

theberra theberra 7:11 am 19 Sep 19

Perhaps the government could actually do something useful about combating emissions and install intelligent traffic lights.
It is appalling to see 10-15 cars stopped at a red light to let one vehicle through from another direction. with intelligent lights the single vehicle could be held for 15 or so seconds longer and save 10 vehicles worth of acceleration emissions.
this would have the added benefit of improving the efficiency of the traffic flow.

Raffy Sgroi Raffy Sgroi 6:22 am 19 Sep 19

Even Production of Synthetic drugs use dangerous chemicals and the waste generated by the production process is often disposed of unsafely, causing environmental harm! The Government though encourage people to use it and spend money on pill testing!

Charlie Sgroi Charlie Sgroi 5:50 am 19 Sep 19

When are canberra people going to wake up...and change government....wake up...

    Robert McDonald Robert McDonald 5:45 pm 19 Sep 19

    I couldn't agree more. When are these clowns who want us to do away with gas and change to all electric heating as well as electric cars think the required electricity supply is going to come from without adequate base load generation which is in serious decline throughout Australia. Solar and windmills are fine when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. Battery storage for large scale enduring supply is not an option.

    Robert McDonald Robert McDonald 5:50 pm 19 Sep 19

    Sorry hit the enter button prematurely. Meant to say - I couldn't agree more. Where do these clowns who want us to do away with gas and change to all electric heating as well as electric cars think the required electricity supply is going to come from without adequate base load generation which is in serious decline throughout Australia. Solar and windmills are fine when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. Battery storage for large scale enduring supply is not an option.

Mal Sinfield Mal Sinfield 8:36 pm 18 Sep 19

We bought 2 units in Queanbeyan a few years ago great investment

Dallas Dogger Dallas Dogger 6:07 pm 18 Sep 19

No wonder Queanbeyan is growing.

Elizabeth Ann Thurbon Elizabeth Ann Thurbon 4:24 pm 18 Sep 19

And what is Alistair’s contribution to slowing climate change?

Capital Retro Capital Retro 10:24 am 18 Sep 19

“Electric autonomous vehicles perhaps, they will give the elderly and disabled far greater freedom than they currently have. It is a plan. “

Being an aged person, I would be very hesitant to get into a driver-less car controlled by computers. I have visions of the Greens overriding my chosen destination on the computer and then arriving instead at the Soylent Green factory.

It is a plan, indeed.

Bruce van den Dungen Bruce van den Dungen 10:20 am 18 Sep 19

It is for them and hreat pay as well

Trevor Watson Trevor Watson 10:08 am 18 Sep 19

Its a good idea provided that vehicle registration and CTP fees drop by 1/7th but they wont these fees will be hiked to pay for the administration of car free days.

Ben Garden Ben Garden 9:44 am 18 Sep 19

Im seeing plenty of comments below which pretty much echo the fear and hysteria that would have been seen as the motor car was being introduced for the first time in the early 1900s. People wondered how everyone would function without their horses and carriages and thought that motor cars were going to be the ruin of civilisation. Chill. If you haven't actually driven an electric car and experienced how superior they are in performance and efficiency than internal combustion you can't really understand it. Price parity is predicted around mid 2020s so plenty of time for people to buy new electric cars before 2045.....

Justin Watson Justin Watson 9:36 am 18 Sep 19

It is a long term plan. Seriously just because some people like the lack of planning by our Federal government, doesn't mean you can't plan. They are not going to force pensioners to walk on a car free day. They are not going to force these things, they most likely will occur naturally. Gas for a starter is already far more expensive than electricity and in 2045 i doubt anyone coule afford to pay for gas.

Trish Roberts Trish Roberts 9:11 am 18 Sep 19

Did they not foresee the white hot rage out here about the buses? Whether there is some fine point or not, they were foolish to raise any issue about transport right now.

Toby Van Der Zwart Toby Van Der Zwart 8:31 am 18 Sep 19

I think it's great that we have a left wing government but I wish they actually acted left wing

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