Libs sink the boot in

teepee 18 September 2008 21

I saw this election ad on TV tonight – quite a hoot. Funniest so far (maybe the only funny TV ad of the election campaign?) . I particularly like the angry grunt when the boot sinks in.

I wonder if Stanhope will call foul on this? And the question is when will Captain cranky strike back with some Labor ads? I’ve heard their radio one heaps, but I thought the Labor Club might dig in the pocket to sponsor a bit of TV?


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21 Responses to Libs sink the boot in
Granny Granny 12:22 am 19 Sep 08

A tug named Tyball (cousin to the skirt)
Sprags ’em an’ makes a start to sling off dirt.
Nex’ minnit there’s a reel ole ding-dong go -—
‘Arf round or so.
Mick Curio, ‘e gets it in the neck,
“Ar rats!” ‘e sez, an’ passes in ‘is check.

Quite natchril, Romeo gits wet as ‘ell.
“It’s me or you!” ‘e ‘owls, an’ wiv a yell,
Plunks Tyball through the gizzard wiv ‘is sword,
‘Ow I ongcored!
“Put in the boot!” I sez. “Put in the boot!”
“‘Ush!” sez Doreen … “Shame!” sez some silly coot.

C. J. Dennis
The Sentimental Bloke

“Put in the boot!” I sez. “Put in the boot!”

bd84 bd84 10:56 pm 18 Sep 08

Actually it’s quite clever if you think about it. All they need is something to stick in people’s minds and people will remember him… worked with Kevin07, one can only hope Zed doesn’t end up being krudd.

winning star winning star 7:32 pm 18 Sep 08

Come on … ZED INSTEAD.

It’s getting stupid.

Granny Granny 3:37 pm 18 Sep 08

I laughed my head off … ha ha ha plop!

*hyuk hyuk*

jakez jakez 3:05 pm 18 Sep 08

You know, the internet has search facilities these days.

It seems relatively straight forward so I’ll make one tonight and post it here.

whistle whistle 2:17 pm 18 Sep 08

Me no speakee this acronym language … Please explain jakeee

jakez jakez 2:05 pm 18 Sep 08

I think the first five seconds would be perfect for a YTMND page.

…Anyone here know how to do that?

whistle whistle 1:47 pm 18 Sep 08

That’s pretty funny. I like the first five seconds. They should run that part of the ad on a repeating loop and ditch the rest.

New Yeah New Yeah 1:17 pm 18 Sep 08

First the ‘Vote for Morgo’ as in ‘Vote for Pedro’ t-shirts and now lampooning Stanho as a demented football/ventriloquist dummy.

Morgo – I’ll never vote for you (I live in the wrong electorate for starters) but I like your style. Imagine what you could come up if you had the resources of a sitting MLA?

Reach for the stars, son!

jakez jakez 11:22 am 18 Sep 08

I thought it was pretty funny, and quite harmless when it comes to political ads.

mutley mutley 10:25 am 18 Sep 08

I don’t think they quite captured the essence of the “angry voice”, but otherwise very amusing.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:37 am 18 Sep 08

Doszpot-> despot, or Doszpot -> Tosspot.

Take your pick, but I know which one I prefer.

Duke Duke 9:33 am 18 Sep 08

Doszpot is worryingly close to Despot – tread carefully Steve.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 9:08 am 18 Sep 08

This ad sucks, and regardless of who I’m likely to vote for, I’d not vote for any party with suck schoolyard campaigns like that – on pure principal.

Thumper Thumper 9:06 am 18 Sep 08

Jacqui Myers will get you higher?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:04 am 18 Sep 08

Jacqui Myers was doing an ad with “Jac lives here” as a slogan.

So not only has she got mad skills at SimCity, but is keeping in touch with the young people and their alcoholic ways

niftydog niftydog 8:43 am 18 Sep 08

Well… I’m convinced!

Thumper Thumper 8:42 am 18 Sep 08

Hahahahahahaha 😉

dorkus mallorkus dorkus mallorkus 8:38 am 18 Sep 08

Thumper said :

Have some fun with Vicki Dunne!

Oh, dear God…. I read it, and now I can’t un-read it.

Thumper Thumper 8:34 am 18 Sep 08

Have some fun with Vicki Dunne!

Nah, no, no, don’t go there 😉

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