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Libs sink the boot in

By teepee - 18 September 2008 21

I saw this election ad on TV tonight – quite a hoot. Funniest so far (maybe the only funny TV ad of the election campaign?) . I particularly like the angry grunt when the boot sinks in.

I wonder if Stanhope will call foul on this? And the question is when will Captain cranky strike back with some Labor ads? I’ve heard their radio one heaps, but I thought the Labor Club might dig in the pocket to sponsor a bit of TV?


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21 Responses to
Libs sink the boot in
jakez 2:05 pm 18 Sep 08

I think the first five seconds would be perfect for a YTMND page.

…Anyone here know how to do that?

whistle 1:47 pm 18 Sep 08

That’s pretty funny. I like the first five seconds. They should run that part of the ad on a repeating loop and ditch the rest.

New Yeah 1:17 pm 18 Sep 08

First the ‘Vote for Morgo’ as in ‘Vote for Pedro’ t-shirts and now lampooning Stanho as a demented football/ventriloquist dummy.

Morgo – I’ll never vote for you (I live in the wrong electorate for starters) but I like your style. Imagine what you could come up if you had the resources of a sitting MLA?

Reach for the stars, son!

jakez 11:22 am 18 Sep 08

I thought it was pretty funny, and quite harmless when it comes to political ads.

mutley 10:25 am 18 Sep 08

I don’t think they quite captured the essence of the “angry voice”, but otherwise very amusing.

Skidbladnir 9:37 am 18 Sep 08

Doszpot-> despot, or Doszpot -> Tosspot.

Take your pick, but I know which one I prefer.

Duke 9:33 am 18 Sep 08

Doszpot is worryingly close to Despot – tread carefully Steve.

tylersmayhem 9:08 am 18 Sep 08

This ad sucks, and regardless of who I’m likely to vote for, I’d not vote for any party with suck schoolyard campaigns like that – on pure principal.

Thumper 9:06 am 18 Sep 08

Jacqui Myers will get you higher?

Skidbladnir 9:04 am 18 Sep 08

Jacqui Myers was doing an ad with “Jac lives here” as a slogan.

So not only has she got mad skills at SimCity, but is keeping in touch with the young people and their alcoholic ways

niftydog 8:43 am 18 Sep 08

Well… I’m convinced!

Thumper 8:42 am 18 Sep 08

Hahahahahahaha 😉

dorkus mallorkus 8:38 am 18 Sep 08

Thumper said :

Have some fun with Vicki Dunne!

Oh, dear God…. I read it, and now I can’t un-read it.

Thumper 8:34 am 18 Sep 08

Have some fun with Vicki Dunne!

Nah, no, no, don’t go there 😉

dorkus mallorkus 8:31 am 18 Sep 08

“A better fella for Brindabella”, “Doszpot for top spot”…….you’ve gotta hand it to the Libs. They’ve got a good feel for busting mad rhymes.

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