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Licence re-testing – ACT road toll reaches 25

By Special G - 8 November 2005 42

It is reported in the Canberra Times that the ACT government is considering an introduction of licence re-testing every time that you need to renew your licence.

The discussion is prompted after the ACT road toll reached 25 over the weekend with the death of a motorcyclist.

I agree that there are some terrible drives out there in the ACT. I think that most of them could still pass their test on the given day and then go back to their driving habits.

Maybe driver education in the form of skills training is a better long term prospect. Say every 10 years you must complete a day/half day course in advanced driver training or the like. The infrastructure involved in putting this together would be very costly, although what does a life cost?

I also think in situations like this years road toll, governments are inclinded to consider knee jerk reactions.


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42 Responses to
Licence re-testing – ACT road toll reaches 25
Thumper 10:41 am 08 Nov 05

Come to think of it, when i got my licence it seemed compulsory for about 75% to fail first up.

bloodnut1 10:41 am 08 Nov 05

If natural selection worked we wouldn’t have such a useless system. Taking natural selection into your own terms is technically classed as murder.

damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

LurkerGal 10:39 am 08 Nov 05

Thumper: That’s why I said “not all”. I know some are very careful. But I see some in the wet flying around corners and am very glad I am not their mother, because riding like that it is only a matter of time before the police knock at your door to tell you of the bad news.

terubo 10:37 am 08 Nov 05

Let’s get back to basics – it’s clearly too easy to pass the driving test in the first place. In the UK it’s almost obligatory to fail the first time: if you don’t, you’re doing extremely well. Also, one has to wonder how good some of the driving schools are…

Special G 10:26 am 08 Nov 05

Thyumper – you have a point. REward safe driving/continued training with reduced registration/licence renewal fees and offset this with increases for those who drive like shit and don’t upgrade their skills. Thus promoting skill safe drivers on the roads.

The roo comment is because I hit a roo on my bike about 4 months ago and I remember reading on this site somewhere that NRMA quoted that the mojority of insurance claims are for driver v roo. The roo came off second best as I stayed on and it didn’t.


Maelinar 10:14 am 08 Nov 05

Bloodnut1, that’s because the system, just like the scholatory system in this country isn’t designed for you to fail…

I’ve seen some numpties on the roads, and do my best to avoid them. Unfortunately not everybody on the roads have the skills to properly control their route through a tense time, such as trying to avoid a child while driving through a school area on the mobile phone in your 4WD doing around 80-100.

Natural Selection.

bloodnut1 10:09 am 08 Nov 05

Whta I don’t understand is how ‘eveyone’ can obtain a license. It’s not like having kids where the authorities have no say. Bike/car licenses should be as hard to obtain as gun licenses and not just handed out to any idiot who after five tests, finally passes.

Thumper 10:03 am 08 Nov 05

Or how about looking at driving records? I’ve had two speeding fines in my life and both were about 20 years ago.

And as a previous rider of many years, i’d have to say that most accidents involving bikes are due to some unobservant idiot in a car. my only stack on a bike was simply due to some recumbent not giving way. Luckily I anticipated that he wasn’t going to and took some serious defensive action that saw my bike on its side smashing into his car, and me flying through the air like Peter Pan (look Wendy, I can fly….), albeit, without any serious injury….

Expect more speed cameras.

colsim 9:54 am 08 Nov 05

Of course, if we had a functional lightrail system… (ducks for cover)

Special G 9:45 am 08 Nov 05

A lot of comes down to observation. A large proportion of the motorcycle deaths this year are because a car has pulled out in front of them. There is no question as to who is at fault – a car driver with bad observation skills. They were probably talking on their mobile phone.

Thumper – there have been numerous discussions on this site about ACT’s lenient Court system. I don’t think we are getting through to them.

Maybe discounts on your Compulsary Third Party insurance if you have completed advanced driving courses. This would mean yearly discounts to people who update their skills.


Thumper 9:39 am 08 Nov 05


most riders are really careful because it really hurts when you come off, at whatever speed….

Thumper 9:38 am 08 Nov 05

A knee jerk reaction that will undoubtedly cost the public another $100 or so to do the test, remembering that we already have to pay about that much simply to get a little piece of plastic with your name on it.

I would suggest that, even though it is seemingly being proven that speed cameras have nothing to do with road tolls, that our ever caring, and money hungry government, will simply up the number of speed and red light cameras.

What a ridiculous proposition.

Maybe the courts should go a little harder on those with deplorable driving records, as in confiscate their cars, disqualify them from driving and put them on a bond that says, ‘you get caught driving while disqualified, then its six months behind bars son….’

Retesting, what a joke. Punish the innocent because of a few miscreants so that we’re all equal…..

LurkerGal 9:37 am 08 Nov 05

Sounds to me like its the motor cyclists that should be retested. The way so many of them (not all, don’t flame me) ride, I am surprised more of them don’t die, and horrified that they haven’t learnt by all those who have gone before them.

Special G 9:36 am 08 Nov 05

K man, I totally agree with you. The current format of bith motorcycle testing and car testing does not help when you need it most. In a situation that involves speed. This is where people panic, crash and end up dead.

Mor roo culling while we are at it.


Kramer 9:32 am 08 Nov 05

This sounds good, but driver testing shouldn’t be about parallel parking and hill starts – it should be testing emergency stopping, high speed vehicle handling, and sliding / skid control.

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