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Belconnen Foreshore sexual assault?

By notbothered - 3 April 2009 42


Just hoping some one might have some info about an apparent gang rape that happened outside the Subway in Belconnen. Hopefully some witnesses?! The two girls that were assaulted are in a fairly serious condition, and all that’s known about the offenders is that they were of polynesian appearance and that there were four of them and one female.

Also Canberra hospitals suck, as when they went in to get a rape kit (after being bashed, stomped on etc, as I said serious condition) they were told to “wait” How are the police supposed to do their job, if the hospitals wont do theirs?!

[ED – If you have information best to contact Crimestoppers rather than post it here.]

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42 Responses to
Belconnen Foreshore sexual assault?
notbothered 7:07 pm 05 Apr 09

They got taken to the police station first, one of the girls lost consciousness there, so an ambulance was called, they were rushed to the hospital where staff were told one of the girls was unresponsive to light and had lost consciousness for however long (unsure) and the ambulance officers had reassured the girls they would be put straight through. Instead they recieved mild pain relief, the once over and told to wait in the waiting room.

Igglepiggle 6:35 pm 05 Apr 09

The waiting may have been until the oncall member of the forensic sexual assault service (who is specifically trained to best provide this service) was able to attend?

Igglepiggle 6:33 pm 05 Apr 09

aa said :

Also, why were they told to wait? Was it to wait til the police got there or anything like that? Also, the church isn’t against rape kit? Unless there’s something in the rape kit that I’m not aware of.

I susupect it is in regards to the provision of emergency contraception (banned by the Catholic Church, but a standard component offered to women who have been victims of sexual assault). This is then combined with the double whammy of banning terminations of unwanted pregnancy as a result of the assault.

aa 6:12 pm 05 Apr 09

Also, why were they told to wait? Was it to wait til the police got there or anything like that? Also, the church isn’t against rape kit? Unless there’s something in the rape kit that I’m not aware of.

notbothered 5:43 pm 04 Apr 09

It happened late Wednesday night(1.4.09)I dont know how there could be no witnesses coz as Panhead said, its the main street, which in someways makes it worse, are people so oblivious to what’s going on around them? No luck with who the offenders were yet, but hopefully the bouncers know something

blueberry 10:21 am 04 Apr 09

What is a faith based solution to a rape kit?

aa 1:20 am 04 Apr 09

I hope they catch the guys and when they go to jail the same thing happens to them. One thing no one has picked up on is that there was a female offender too.

I-filed 12:05 am 04 Apr 09

Let’s hope there are cctv cameras in Belco …

Panhead 11:21 pm 03 Apr 09

How did this happen? That is a main street with apartments everywhere and the Lighthouse directly next to it. WTF!

ikarus 11:20 pm 03 Apr 09

what time did this happen??

The cat did it 10:12 pm 03 Apr 09

I trust that the hospital that was so apparently tardy about the rape kit wasn’t Calvary. It wouldn’t be a good look for the Pope’s emissaries in Belconnen to be trying to substitute faith-based solutions when a clear request for a rape kit had been made.

Footloose 8:11 pm 03 Apr 09

Terrible stuff. When did this happen?

sunshine 7:41 pm 03 Apr 09

poor girls – hope they catch whoever was involved. horrific crime

Timberwolf65 6:43 pm 03 Apr 09

This is so horrible to read, surely there has to be some witnesses, I am not familiar with the Subway as I live South side and rarely venture to the North.
I hope the girls are ok, I mean I know they would be fully traumatized and it will take them forever to come to terms with this.

Canberra is becoming a very unsafe place to live

Clown Killer 6:13 pm 03 Apr 09

Also, can we please not go back over the whole polynesian / south sea islander ethnicity debate … please!

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