Lions turn their noses up at roo dinners

johnboy 8 December 2010 14

The ABC brings word that the National Zoo and Aquarium is not entirely keen to be the receptacle of Canberra’s kangaroo culls as less wasteful options are sought rather than just burying the bodies.

Mr Russell says the big cats would not be happy to have roo meat as their staple diet.

“The big cats generally eat a whole range of different meats and some other zoos in Australia do use kangaroo. It’s quite a lean meat so in a lot of ways it is popular from a feeding point of view,” he said.

“But all of the cats have different tastes, some of them like it and some of them don’t. It wouldn’t be something that we would make a staple type for them.”

And who wants to work with an unhappy lion?

On the other hand I know some dogs that’d love a cheap supply of roo meat.

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14 Responses to Lions turn their noses up at roo dinners
MsCheeky MsCheeky 12:08 pm 09 Dec 10

I have a friend who is a farmer. If he sees a freshly dead roo on the side of the road, he cuts the back legs (he calls them hoppers) off and drops them into my place on his way through for my three dogs. The dogs prefer them when they’re a couple of days old and usually infested with maggots. Not long after that, they start to absolutely stink and I get rid of them before the neighbours want to kill me. I think it’s a bit of sensible re-cycling.

Ceej1973 Ceej1973 11:37 pm 08 Dec 10

How about they make it into roo salami, I’d take a freezer full

I dont blame them (the cats). These cats have been eating a mixed diet that includes deer meat from animals hunted in the ACT region for some years now. That meat is bloody exxy in restaraunts, why would they want to change to dog food?

Doc Dogg Doc Dogg 9:44 pm 08 Dec 10

How about they make it into roo salami, I’d take a freezer full

matjones matjones 3:47 pm 08 Dec 10

Actually the government just released a new Roo cook book called ROOcipes, which is available as a free PDF download (see link at bottom of page):

astrojax astrojax 2:52 pm 08 Dec 10

I’m happy to go along with the lion’s opinion on what it wants to eat. No arguments from me.

hey kimba, toss another quokka on the barbie…

Ian Ian 2:46 pm 08 Dec 10

I’m happy to go along with the lion’s opinion on what it wants to eat. No arguments from me.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 12:59 pm 08 Dec 10

Typical of cats, bloody fussy creatures.

Lin Lin 12:25 pm 08 Dec 10

In most countries people pay good money for game. Here we only want to feed it to animals? Anywho, both my dog and I would be delighted to get some cheap roo steaks.

Reprobate Reprobate 12:13 pm 08 Dec 10

Big pussies.

KB1971 KB1971 12:00 pm 08 Dec 10

Bugger the dogs, I love a marinated good roo steak on the BBQ. Sausages are good too.

Send them my way………

capn_pugwash capn_pugwash 11:40 am 08 Dec 10

what about giving it to the RSPCA for their dogs?

Deano Deano 11:15 am 08 Dec 10

Free BBQ at Australia Day in the Park?

boo boo boo boo 10:54 am 08 Dec 10

Some of the lions dont like it? they are obviosly too well fed. Heres a suggestion, If the lions need a varied diet, send some of the inmates from the prison out (shackled) in a ute to collect roadkill and anything else dead they can find. All sorts of native meats are available really. And what about trapped wild dogs? I am sure they would be very nutritious. And the fussy ones… send them back to Africa.

ConanOfCooma ConanOfCooma 10:17 am 08 Dec 10

There is big business in roo meat for dog food, I know several shooters down C-Town way that actually make a living from it.

NFI why the ACT Government can’t figure out where to sell it off to; it’s an inexcusable waste, really.

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