Lite Greens?

johnboy 27 May 2009 27

The Canberra Times reports on how Our Brave Leader was seriously having a go at the Greens yesterday, trying to paint them as just more of the cross bench rubbish which, over the years, has stupidly prevented him from doing whatever he pleases.

The flash point seems to be watering the small patch of grass in Kingston which he is determined to annihilate for reasons best known to himself. (Although if they do clearfell the inner south’s urban forest and demolish Manuka Oval residents might start to wonder if there’s some class warfare going on).

He appears to have been particularly stung by Caroline Le Couteur’s recent observation that there’s never a shortage of water for the unwanted arboretum.

Greens parliamentary convenor Meredith Hunter appears to be used to these tantrums and isn’t taking it too seriously.

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27 Responses to Lite Greens?
redrioter redrioter 10:43 pm 29 May 09

It just shows that Canberra is a town with too much media and not enough news when grass becomes a major political issue.

Granny Granny 2:00 pm 27 May 09

Tanbark is one of the worst things for hidden sharps also.

Dante Dante 1:25 pm 27 May 09

Was going to comment on it somehow, it’s ridiculous. Turf’s gone down there umpteen million times, and then crowds and a truck destroy it during the Multicultural Festival.

Rinse repeat…

timgee2007 timgee2007 1:21 pm 27 May 09

On the subject of grass (and the absence of it), has anyone noticed the mess that is City Walk, at the Akuna Street end? The grass there used to be green and provide a really nice reprieve from the concrete everywhere else – but sadly, it too has been left to die a (very) unsightly death.

Igglepiggle Igglepiggle 1:18 pm 27 May 09

I agree with what sepi said too. And without the shrubs etc, its easy for us as parents on a sunday morning to pick up the bottles/glasses etc and other detritus from Saturday night idiots who can’t seem to find the bins themselves to make the space a safe one. And a place where you can drink your coffee and appropriately supervise the kids? heaven!

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 1:10 pm 27 May 09


Jim Jones Jim Jones 12:38 pm 27 May 09

Thumper said :

Of course there is no grass at Charnwood shops, it’s all car park!

There’s grass at Charnie, you just gotta know who to talk to.

Granny Granny 12:38 pm 27 May 09

I do have a soft spot for Queanbeyan, I must admit. I love that ‘main street’ ‘country town’ feel. Some southside playgroups and homeschooling groups specifically choose to meet at that park in Queanbeyan for those very reasons.

ant ant 12:22 pm 27 May 09

I’m sure there’s options, like planting with more hardy grass, maybe some local stuff like Wallaby Grass. It’s not as lush and green, but it grows in paddocks and doesn’t need constant watering, mowing, feeding etc. Kids could play on that.

Or they could head into Qbn with their kids to play on one of the best local parks I’ve seen, the main park that runs off Monaro St along Lowe St. It’s huge, green, and there’s a lovely sunken garden/lawn there too. Qbn City Council does not a bad job of being a city council.

Granny Granny 11:55 am 27 May 09

Oh, what sepi said!

Granny Granny 11:54 am 27 May 09

How does fake grass cope with cigarette butts?

johnboy johnboy 11:46 am 27 May 09

I suspect the cost of cleaning vomit out of fake grass would far exceed maintaining the grass.

And would probably use more water too.

sepi sepi 11:42 am 27 May 09

Farrer shops is carpark too.

I dunno how the fake grass would go with the ciggie butts and other detritus from the pub crowds at night.

Thumper Thumper 11:35 am 27 May 09

Of course there is no grass at Charnwood shops, it’s all car park!

Loose Brown Loose Brown 11:32 am 27 May 09

They should lay that fake grass there. Problem solved.

Loose Brown Loose Brown 11:31 am 27 May 09

No – that word isn’t better.

sepi sepi 11:28 am 27 May 09

He is mad to keep on about this. Public opinion seems to be wildly in favour of keeping the grass. So much for consultation…

And in one breath he says that there is no grass at Farrer and Charnwood shops, so why should Kingston have grass, and in the next breath he defends the grass at Manuka shops.

The plan in the paper today looks ok, but I would prefer all grass, as it is now. Surely little bits of grass will get more hard wear. And a few shrubs is a nice idea, but it just means the kids playing can get out of sight, and one of the biggest benefits of the current open grass is that parents can drink a coffee and kids can run around inm plain sight.

Canberra is really lacking any kiosks with grass or play equipment nearby.

LG LG 11:26 am 27 May 09

maybe ‘unnecessary’ is a better word, given we already have the National Botanical Gardens?

Loose Brown Loose Brown 11:22 am 27 May 09

“There’s never a shortage of water for the unwanted arboretum”.

The arboretum is not ‘unwanted’.

It’s going to be a fantastic drawcard for the ACT in the future and will be there for generations to enjoy.

caf caf 11:09 am 27 May 09

Sure, he’s the head of a minority government, but calling him “self-appointed” is overegging things to the point of silliness. He was appointed by a majority vote of the LA, after all. And even within the ALP only stays Labor leader by majority support of his caucus colleagues.

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