Literary Locality Reviews Part 5. Lip Magazine.

SmithsalternativeBookshop 8 July 2011 3

Prue and Lip

If you have a teenage daughter… then most probably you should alert them to the existence of an amazing local magazine called LIP… that’s if they don’t know already!

With a tag line that reads: ‘The magazine for girls who think, feel, create, speak out, live.’ It gives itself big boots to fill – but fill them it does – with aplomb!

Issue 20 is utterly beautiful. A clean layout, amazing photos, beautiful artwork – it evokes the crafty sensibilities of Frankie Magazine, but aims, I think at a younger audience and is filled with less ‘cutesy’ and a lot more insightful, informative interviews with women of all backgrounds. It is a magazine of words, rather than pictures, which makes it the kind of mag you read for weeks, and revisit – rather than the disposable drivel that spills out of other less reputable covers!

Life advice about sex opens the magazine. Written in a no nonsense, open, respectful manner, it is closely followed by some hard hitting body image issue articles that frankly put to rest lovely young ladies fears of not being a Cleo cover look alike.

There is a brilliant compilation of the top 20 scary films of all time and the magazine rounds out with a selection of short stories and poetry full off issues that face young women today.

One stand out piece is Victoria by Ariella Van Luyn. Sparse and provocative the story lays itself on the page ready to be gobbled up.

There is a healthy dose of fashion, tempered by some level headed feminism and everything is rounded out by a great article on living green.

Head to to check the magazine out.

Then head down to Smiths Alternative Bookshop to grab your copy of the latest issue today!

Lip Magazine
Issue 20
Editor: Zoya Patel

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3 Responses to Literary Locality Reviews Part 5. Lip Magazine.
astrojax astrojax 10:16 pm 10 Jul 11

does this issue have a tribute to rachel funari?

blind blind 4:32 pm 08 Jul 11

I always wrote Lip off as a local variant on Frankie, but then I read it and was totally surprised and pleased. It has a solid quantity of guts and depth and style. Probably more guts and depth and style than teenage girls want, but that’s their problem.

PrueAlexandra PrueAlexandra 2:41 pm 08 Jul 11


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