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tylersmayhem 21 May 2020 54

I’ve recently read an article here from someone looking for a “cheap dentist”. [Ed. Here] I completely agree that “cheap” and “quality” rarely go together. I myself am looking for a good dentist. If they are an MBF preferred dentist that’s all the better, but not a requirement. I can recommend to steer clear of a particular dentist in Kippax. I’m used to my teeth and mouth feeling ultra clean and…well…clean after visiting a dentist. Instead, they did a very helf-arsed job (complete with digging into my gums with the cleaning hook and almost tearing a piece of gum), and seemingly no equipment that was made since the 90’s. Just a heavy handed dentist with a big cleaning hook and plenty of elbow grease!!! No standard ultrasonic cleaning tools etc. I can’t believe they are a preferred supplier by MBF! That dentist visit was about 3 weeks ago. I’m needing to get another clean already (that gives you an idea of the quality job), so I want to find a good dentist this time.


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ozdownunder ozdownunder 10:32 pm 03 Dec 14

Found Dr Shilpa Kalburgi at Northside Family Dental in Gungahlin to be a very good Dentist, highly recommended for any type of dental issues, she is genuinely very professional. They are now getting very popular in Canberra. Their website is http://www.northsidefamilydental.com.au

AmalgamFreeDentalCare AmalgamFreeDentalCare 1:07 pm 19 Jun 13

Due to comments #4magella 4:41 pm, 19 May 08 below.

Amalgam-Free Dental Care wish to inform that it has been providing dental services to Gungahlin communities since 2004. back then It was operated under the practice name Gungahlin Marketplace Dental Centre with two professional dentists. It changed its name in 2009 now operates under dental practice name Amalgam-Free Dental Care. It now has six(6) professional, highly qualified and skilled dentists with over 50 years of combined dental experiences and a team of 18 supporting staff. It currently celebrates opening of its second dental practice, the Gungahlin Central Dentist with opening Special, No-Gap*, 10% less, more details please see our websites
http://www.amalgam-freedentalcare.com.au or http://www.gungahlincentraldentist.com.au or call 02-6242 66 66

AmalgamFreeDentalCare AmalgamFreeDentalCare 12:42 pm 19 Jun 13

magella said :

Gungahlin Marketplace Dental Centre above woolies is really good, they have 2 dentists now, are open saturdays and are MBF preferred.

Thankyou for your comment. We had relocated our dental practice to ALDI supermarket building (Gungahlin Square) in 2009, and now operating under dental practice name Amalgam-Free Dental Care with a total of six(6) professional, highly qualified, and skilled dentists with a team of 18 supporting staff to provide dental service to the wide Gungahlin region communities.

We currently celebrate opening of our second dental practice the Gungahlin Centre Dentist with special promotions, NO-Gap* and 10% less,…more details please see our websites: http://www.amalgam-freedentalcare.com.au and http://www.gungahlincentraldentist.com.au or phone number 02-6242 66 66 or 02-6242 56 66

Kerryhemsley Kerryhemsley 8:59 am 29 Aug 11

justoneopinion said :

Dr Cheeseman at Deakin is fantastic. Very calm, gentle and reasonably priced for a dentist. Listens and is greatw ith both kids and adults.

I have heard the Cheeseman is a gasser with the ladies

justoneopinion justoneopinion 8:56 pm 28 Aug 11

Dr Cheeseman at Deakin is fantastic. Very calm, gentle and reasonably priced for a dentist. Listens and is greatw ith both kids and adults.

drgold drgold 7:30 pm 28 Aug 11

Hawker dental is really good. prices are very reasonable and you can usually get an appointment within a week. staff are very friendly and knowledgeable

Spykler Spykler 4:26 pm 28 Aug 11

Have been a patient of the male half of the husband/wife team at Kippax for 15 years and have had no issues at all..Unfortunately, am aware of the less than sterling reputation of the female dentist-Avoid.

yellowredme yellowredme 11:49 am 28 Aug 11

Hmm, Im a little concerned as Im booked for an inital appointment this week with the husband of the husband and wife team in Kippax, I had been told by an aquaintance not to book with the wife, but that the husband was good and their charges are reasonable. Will assess after inital appointment, wanted a reasonably priced good dentist in the Belco area after a expensive and extended treatment in Woden (dentist took holiday during treatment, would have been reasonable to advise before commencing).

malissae malissae 9:11 pm 27 Aug 11

Go and see Subin at the smile clinic in Civic he was fantastic explained everything to us in absolute detail was very upfront about the cost and although the procedure became more complicated did not charge anything extra even gave us his personal mobile number to call him if there was a problem on the weekend and called us himself to follow up . We sent a couple of our friends to see him and they were all very happy with him.
The only problem is he gets very busy and sometimes its hard to get into see him having said that if he knows you he will somehow squeeze you in

kezzafezza kezzafezza 4:11 pm 11 Jul 11

jamjam said :

Dr Liang at Oasis Dental is unbelievable! Never have I had such a positive experience at the dentist! The staff are always so lovely, they are always on time and they always keep me calm, collected and relaxed. Would recommend to anyone!

Did you find Dr Liang on Ebay??

Great product, highly recommended, AAAA+++++ Would buy again!!

On topic, I want to go to Dr Fang in Dickson. Just because he has an epic name for a dentist.

jamjam jamjam 3:53 pm 11 Jul 11

Dr Liang at Oasis Dental is unbelievable! Never have I had such a positive experience at the dentist! The staff are always so lovely, they are always on time and they always keep me calm, collected and relaxed. Would recommend to anyone!

Baz Baz 5:21 pm 24 May 09

After much research and secret enquiry from former patients I discovered a high quality dentist operating out of the Philippines. I had major work done and saved at least 70% on Australian costs. Accomodation and some food costs were also included! If you want a referral let me know your proper name and I will at no cost to you provide you with any initial info you may need. My email address is macbazzy@gmail.com if you desire to take this further.

mbsman mbsman 12:26 pm 06 May 09
fanbuy fanbuy 11:46 am 12 Mar 09

sorry to bring this thread back from dead, but i’d like to know which particular dentist from Kippax was so bad. somebody suggested me to go to that dental clinic, but i don’t want to have a bad experience. if you cannot give me the name, at least some more details that will help me identify her/him.
thank you very much.

ziffel ziffel 8:04 pm 04 Jul 08

the web site is familydentist.ning.com

ziffel ziffel 7:59 pm 04 Jul 08

Oh very few teeth ever need root canal,he often only does white fillings,only if you need a filling . he calls himself a remedial dentist . He says that that means he only does fillings crowns etc if you really need it,he will show you if there is a hole in your mouth or on the x-ray. Sometimes like my girlfriend who went to him, he will replace certain fillings ,like silver or amalgam fillings to make your teeth look good ,with veneers or white fillings familydentist.ning.com

ziffel ziffel 7:39 pm 04 Jul 08

Fancy going to terrigal new south wales great dentist . he is funny too . Puts you at ease.Yea , and talks you out of the expensive options too ! Root canals take time to do properly if you want the tooth to last . He says to watch your mates , they will hate you when you tell them that the root treatment did not hurt! After all, they gave you all their sympathy when they knew you were having a root canal.
Root canals are quite cheap if you just have a composite bond crown.Which is what I did ! He has been in terrigal forever .Anyway ,he has a web site familydentist.ning.com

Snarky Snarky 2:42 pm 20 Jun 08

Eh, who says these “where’s the best…” threads are worthless? Just went to Modern Dentistry in Civic on the above recommendations, and have to agree – highly recommended! Fair price, friendly manner, good work. Even the chair seemed unusually comfortable. Thanks for for the tip, guys.

miracle miracle 11:41 am 06 Jun 08

I had good experience with the Dentist at Woden Dental Centre. It is located above Oxygen cafe just outside the Woden Plaza. I am going to see them again in few months. very polite and understanding dentists. I was in fact surprised to see how helpful they were and the way she explained the treatment.

needlenose needlenose 12:32 pm 21 May 08

ant said :

nn, your sister’s name isn’t Stephana, is it?!

What a crazy, awful “system” they have. Their whole social system is geared toward business in ways we’d never tolerate here. Peoples’ rights are completely subjegated to the interests of businesses, so they can make money.

Nope, ant, not Stephana – don’t tell me this has happened to two people?! Utah is a parallel universe, I swear. Last time I was there a local exclaimed in delight over my accent and said he had once met someone from Brazil! Because, you know, all we foreigners know each other.

I don’t want to defend the often excessive fees set by medical specialists. I crowed when I heard about the SA decision. But one of the reasons I oppose those “gap reducing” schemes health insurers keep pitching is because they involve doctors signing up to fees set by the insurers, and the insurers then direct patients to choose those doctors – it gets closer and closer to the HMO system. A year or two ago health insurers started targeting clients who made claims for particular services and trying to get them to sign up to various courses of treatment etc financially affiliated with the insurer. A gross breach of privacy (processing my claim does not give an insurer a right to delve into my medical history – that’s why we have a non-rating system in Australia) and another step toward the insurer trying to take over management of my health care. Some of these things look like mildly good ideas in isolation – I mean who doesn’t want to avoid paying a gap fee, and who doesn’t like the idea of a treatment specifically geared for them? But there are other ways of achieving those things that don’t take us down the American road of having our health care controlled by private for-profit insurance companies.

Sorry, completely OT, I know, and not even Canberra focused. Let me hand back that soap box there. Ahem.

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