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Looking for links or sources of Ethicurean food in ACT, or cafes/ restaurants with this ideal?

By dixiebelle - 14 August 2008 52

I am just learning about being an Ethicurean.

I am very interested in SOLE food… that is, Sustainable, Organic, Local and Ethical food and ways of eating!

Not long having been in Canberra and on this forum, I may have missed something obvious, so please feel free to direct me, as I am sure you will!

What’s Your opinion?

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52 Responses to
Looking for links or sources of Ethicurean food in ACT, or cafes/ restaurants with this ideal?
Affirmative Action M 10:11 am 15 Aug 08

The latest wanky idea emanating from bearded soyaccino sipping tree huggers. For Canberrans this would mean no seafood, bread, corn, rice or tropical fruit.

People have been transporting food in season since the Romans got their herrings from North Europe & their wheat from North Africa.

sepi 10:00 am 15 Aug 08

Is there anything we can plant out now – vegies I mean?

magella 9:54 am 15 Aug 08

farmer’s markets at EPIC on saturdays and I think in fyshwick on sundays have local (ish) and seasonal produce, also there are community gardens you can join, contact the Canberra Organic Grower’s Society.
Griffith shops are very good also.

Mr_Shab 9:17 am 15 Aug 08

I don’t like the flounders’ ethics, BT. Very shady. They’ll stab you in the back as soon as look at you.

barking toad 9:11 am 15 Aug 08

I like SOLE food too. Lemon Sole is very nice.

My cousins call them Flounder.

Flounder fishing involves waders (in winter), a float with a battery in it, lights and spears. And beer, lots of beer. Or, in winter, other stronger warming beverages, rather a lot really.

Flounder are very local and organic. They must be sustainable because they’re still around and you don’t spear undersize ones. I’m not sure about their ethics though.

neanderthalsis 9:03 am 15 Aug 08

Dixiebelle, ever considered growing your own? Obviously not practical if you’re in a 1 bedroom inner city flat, but on a small suburban block you can grow a variety of crops. In my tiny lot I have spinach, cabbage, leek and a variety of herbs, and come spring, I will be doing the “summer salad” mix. If I had the room I would add chooks, ducks and a goose.

dixiebelle 7:19 am 15 Aug 08

Thank you! I have looked into the Slow Food Movement before, but didn’t think there was many Australian branches of it. When we moved here, I totally forgot to find out about one in this area… one advantage of being in Canberra is the possibility to access resources and people who care about these things too!

caf 11:42 pm 14 Aug 08

For cafes, try “As Nature Intended”, in Acton (Marcus Clarke St, right down the end, in the new building). It’s also some kind of organic food supermarket.

captainwhorebags 10:51 pm 14 Aug 08

dixie, check out the Slow Food Canberra group. These guys & gals promote partnerships between lovers of good food, and local producers. The Canberra region has a wealth of local produce that is well worth discovering.

dixiebelle 10:06 pm 14 Aug 08

Oops, should have used the preview button! Where is the edit button in this place??? LOL

dixiebelle 10:03 pm 14 Aug 08

I-filed said :

Hmmm … how local is local?

Well, I guess, the closest it can be, whilst also pursuing the other ideals. Primarily, I want to focus on Organic, but find out how the organic animals (meat/ dairy) are treated, and if there are farms/ producers as close to Canberra as possible doing that, that’s what I aim to find out!

dixiebelle 9:59 pm 14 Aug 08

Excellent, I am finally going there this Saturday! I wonder if they do ‘market tours’ there?

sepi 9:42 pm 14 Aug 08

Poacher’s Pantry smokes their own meat and makes olives etc.

There is local meat from Murrumbatemen.

and plenty of local area wine.

Most local stuff is available at the Farmer’s Markets at Epic.

I-filed 9:32 pm 14 Aug 08

Hmmm … how local is local? Canberra in midwinter … local food? Cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, eggs (if you can find local free-range). There’s no local milk. And I guess the ‘ethical’ also cuts out local lamb, beef … um there are ripe lemons … unless you’ve grown your own and stored root vegetables and things, an ethicurian would be on short rations at this time of year! Good luck with your quest, you’ll need to compromise a fair bit to get fed!

dixiebelle 9:26 pm 14 Aug 08

Oh, and if anyone can help with information for the blog post in “Everyday Eco in the ACT” that would be great too…

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