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Looking for links or sources of Ethicurean food in ACT, or cafes/ restaurants with this ideal?

By dixiebelle 14 August 2008 52

I am just learning about being an Ethicurean.

I am very interested in SOLE food… that is, Sustainable, Organic, Local and Ethical food and ways of eating!

Not long having been in Canberra and on this forum, I may have missed something obvious, so please feel free to direct me, as I am sure you will!

What’s Your opinion?

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52 Responses to
Looking for links or sources of Ethicurean food in ACT, or cafes/ restaurants with this ideal?
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dixiebelle 8:51 pm 16 Aug 08
miz 4:07 pm 16 Aug 08

Sepi, you can plant out spuds and spring onions at this time of year. You can also sow some lettuce – you can grow lettuces in pots too, which is very convenient, especially if you get the cut and come again sort.

I have heard english spinach thrives in winter no problem, but I have not had a go at it myself.

dixiebelle 3:16 pm 16 Aug 08

I LOVE Organic Express so far… we are up to our 3rd delivery and am absolutely amazed by the flavour, freshness and quality, plus the convenience factor is the big one for me, for using this service (rather than going to EPIC etc. myself) Also, the petrol (and cost) to me to go to individual places would add up quickly…

I have had organic produce from supermarkets, which ironically comes in plastic and packaging, and it is nothing compared to my experiences with Organic Express. I have given Tanya feedback about my great experience, and blogged about it too!! Well worth cutting back in other area to be able to afford it… I see it as a challenge to my resourceful and creative cooking skills (rather than a problem), to find out on Friday what has arrived in our vege box, then meal plan based on what vege’s we get…

che 1:53 pm 16 Aug 08

or for those who don’t have the time to get across town to Choku Bai Jo, but want to get hold of local organic food you can order online from Organic Express. Orders need to be in on Tuesday and they’ll be delivered on Thursday. Its the cheaper option for delivered organic groceries, and by ordering online you can see what the prices are like, which not all places have.

dixiebelle 10:53 am 16 Aug 08

fabforty, I also need to do alot more research too, it’s just finding time. The Choku Bai Jo shop gets good reviews from those I know who go there…. not in my local area, so haven’t been yet!

I agree that we shouldn’t grow crops that aren’t suitable to certain areas, and use energy/ resources to be able to do it… I would like to know more about the agricultural industry in Australia, and what really would grow here in the most sustainable ways. Perhaps now alot of the country is in drought, we need to re-evaluate what we grow, looking to other arid countries for inspiration. What desert plants can we grow and eat? Perhaps amaranth is one such option…

Pandy 1:12 am 16 Aug 08

Chimps and dolphins kill for meat. So why should I no?

che 7:27 pm 15 Aug 08

Choku Bai Jo is at North Lyneham shops, we annouced there opening in this story back in February. The father/family that runs the store set up the EPIC Farmers Market through Hall Rotary 5 or so years ago. They still attend the farmers market, but from what I’ve seen the farmers markets are now more about agents on selling food rather than local growers brining in local produce to sell.

Choku Bai Jo provide excellent value for money compared to other organic grocery stores around Canberra. No I’m not being paid to say these things, just if I’m going to buy organic groceries, I want to find the cheapest I can because they are more expensive than other places. Thats my choice.

They’re looking at having an open day on their farm just outside of Hall sometime in the spring. We’ll put it up on RiotACT once the date is annouced.

fabforty 6:11 pm 15 Aug 08

I am glad to hear from those like myself who see the mindlessness of growing crops such as rice and cotton in the driest continent in the world. These crops require enormous amounts of water and have contributed heavily to the destruction of the Murray River.

Lets leave it to countries who have a climate suitable to these crops. Often they need the trade with western countries to help their economy.

Just because we can grow rice and cotton doesn’t mean we should.

I do applaude the idea of ethicurean, although need to do a bit more research.

I think there is also an organic/local foodmarket at the North Lyneham shops on saturdays. I haven’t been there yet, though. Would appreciate a report from anyone who has.

NoAddedMSG 4:56 pm 15 Aug 08

astrojax said :

and the food miles theory is seriously flawed. it makes sense, for instance, for an area that can grow a massive bunch of, say rice, susatinably, then transport it, than have unsustainable produce in regions where it farks the ecology of that region. whilst nice in conversation, the details don’t stack up.

Hear hear!

Clown Killer 4:40 pm 15 Aug 08

I always buy Asian rice in preference to Australian as it cant be grown sustainably here. If people from another country want to sell themselves down the river then I’m all for it.

Also hunting or traping is a great way to ensure your food is fresh, local, and GM free. There’s still plenty of rabbits in Namadgi that can be caught with traps and snares – they make great stews. Wallaby and Kangaroo can often be taken in farming country (only with the consent of the land holder of course – and with a permit if you want to be an absolute pedant). Avoid wild pig unless you know how to diagnose for fluke and other parasites on the hook.

dixiebelle 4:22 pm 15 Aug 08

Yes, astrojax, hence the Ethicurean concept covers not just Local, but Sustainable too, as well as Organic & Ethical…

The same could be said abour Organic food, it may be ethically/ environmentally better, but it (generally) tastes fantastic too… anf if people eat it for that reason alone, than better than not eating it at all, I say!

jakez 4:11 pm 15 Aug 08

sepi said :

It also makes good sense to eat apples grown in Pialligo rather than ones flown over from Tassie.

Why does that make sense and why do we do nonsensical Tas apple eating?

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