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Lookout Cafe – Red Hill – Mini review

By Tack - 1 July 2007 28

For those who have not heard, the new cafe has finally opened (6-8 weeks ago) at the Red Hill lookout. Named – appropriately – The LookOut Bar & Cafe.

Open Wednesday to Sunday at the moment – Planning 7 Days once the weather warms up. Throwing caution to the wind, SWMBOB and I walked up for lunch on Friday. Parking is not a problem given the size of the area! Having taken over the ground floor, with views predominantly to the north – over south Canberra and the lake, the situation is great on a clear day. Tables are available outside and in. I can see it as a great place for evening drinks in summer – maybe for the fireworks too!

At present, there are 2 menus: one available until around 5 pm and another predominantly after 5 (although they will serve from it earlier on request). Closing time around 8pm. There is also a drinks menu.

We started with a Kia Royal – $7.50 each. There was also a selection of spirits – $5.50, as well as wine by the glass (reasonable selection), beers, cider and soft drinks. Over all, the alcohol was cheaper than I have come to expect. Food- a selection of pies (on the specials board) salads, toasted croissants, open face sandwiches, breakfast staples etc. The “evening” menu consists of finger food – meat balls, spring rolls, chicken wings and dipping sauces and so on.There are no pretensions to restaurant status, more a Tapas approach to go with the drinks. Upstairs is being refurbished, and will presumably be let as a restaurant (again….)

You order at the counter, but food is brought to the table. Presentation is simple but good, and the food fresh. Salads clean and crisp, smoked salmon delicious and the bread tasty. Coffee was excellent.

I was surprised to see many tables taken at lunch, which I think bodes well for the future and perhaps some consistency.

Overall, we were quite impressed. A good spot for lunch or an evening drink and nibbles. Worth a look.

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28 Responses to
Lookout Cafe – Red Hill – Mini review
Tack 5:08 pm 02 Jul 07

Meconium – 🙂 may your liquor stay clear.
BigDave – Sorry to hear your hamster has died 🙁
Mr Shap – Eggs Benedict mmmm, Newspaper..mmmm, Mrs Shap …mmmm um I mean hmmm? “…and let some other poor schmoe do it for me these days…” kinda like sex IMHO 😀

Stung 4:51 pm 02 Jul 07

You can’t talk shit about anybody Big Dave, your rapping is wack son

Mr_Shab 4:47 pm 02 Jul 07

I’m sure, like me, you’ve banged out enough eggs benny for two lifetimes Danman. ‘Sides, I’d rather sit reading the paper and chatting to Mrs Shab and let some other poor schmoe do it for me these days.

Danman 4:20 pm 02 Jul 07

meh eggs benedict – make it at home 😛

Mr_Shab 3:16 pm 02 Jul 07

BTW – the new owners are the guys who used to own the wine bar/wood-fired pizza joint at the Yarralumla shops. I liked their food there, and I’m happy to see them back in the trade. I went there a couple of weeks back for breakfast, and had some distinctly above-average eggs Benedict, and a tops cup of coffee. I’d recommend it.

Mr_Shab 3:13 pm 02 Jul 07

Geeze Dave – trolling much?

Don’t worry. Those “pretentious arseholes” will be hidden away at the top of Red Hill, so as not to offend your delicate sensibilities. Now hop along to Dickson Maccas and feel at home with the other bogans.

BigDave 12:37 pm 02 Jul 07

Ahh great…just what we need. Another place for Canberra’s bunch of pretentious arseholes to be seen in.

Meconium 11:30 am 02 Jul 07


(don’t worry, I know what YMMV means… I just couldn’t find SWMBOB on urbandictionary, but SWMBO is there)

Tack 11:10 am 02 Jul 07

Sure – SWMBO if YOU prefer – I always used SWMBOB ( I find “swimbob” more palatable to pronounce than “swimbo” – YMMV)

caf 11:03 am 02 Jul 07

Yeah I’ve only seen it as SWMBO too, it’s common in the armed forces because of the plethora of acronyms and abbreviations used in defence to represent organisations and people (eg “The CDF said the other day…”)

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:31 am 02 Jul 07

It’s usually SWMBO, without the last B. Made famous in recent times by Rumpole of the Bailey, who referred to wife Hilda as She Who Must Be Obeyed. This, in turn, was a reference to She by H Rider Haggard.

Tack 7:40 am 02 Jul 07

SWMBOB*……. She Who Must Be OBeyed 🙂

As for opening times – hmmm – I THINK around 11am BUT not sure – will report back …..

Meconium 1:46 am 02 Jul 07

Breakfast or brunch would be great up there, what time do they open?

And who/what is SMWBOB? Google gave me this…

dr. faustus 6:58 pm 01 Jul 07

We popped up there today for a coffee, having last been a year or so ago.

The new owners seem to have done a good job of it. They’ve made good use of the small space, and it was warm and friendly.

We ordered some sandwiches and coffee. The food was prompt and well done. The coffee was a little hot, but otherwise fine. No complaints about the service.

I’d be interested in seeing what it’s like as a bar at night. I imagine the view is great, but it’s a little out of the way. We’ll check it out some time soon, I guess.

Overall, a good development for the inner south.

asp 3:57 pm 01 Jul 07

I’m not at all surprised that it was busy at lunch. The cafes on Red Hill have always been popular during the week.

Last time I was up there (couple of months ago), I was quite surprised to see the incredible crowd at around 7:30 in the morning. Are they still doing early morning breakfasts? It would make good sense to. I don’t think I’m the only one who appreciates watching the sun and mist rise over Canberra while eating breakfast.

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