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Lying for Todd Carney?

By johnboy - 24 July 2008 63

Todd Carney is already entering the language. Just a few minutes ago I went to the smallest room in the house to have a Carney.

The Herald Sun is now reporting that his former partner in crime, Steve Irwin, (the League player not the stingray annoyer) is dropping a bucket on last year’s events.

    Irwin said Raiders management asked him to cover-up Carney’s guilt.

    He was told to lie to police by saying he asked Carney – who had his licence suspended at the time – to drive home after a night out after consuming several drinks himself.

    More seriously, Irwin alleged Canberra asked him to tell police Carney was not drunk – claims which could force police to reopen their investigation.

    Raiders chairman John McIntyre last night aggressively denied the allegations.

UPDATED: The ABC reports that police are investigating.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The Canberra Times is running with the club’s denials.

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63 Responses to
Lying for Todd Carney?
KingMonty 1:47 pm 24 Jul 08

Brumbies must be rubbing their hands with glee….

tylersmayhem 12:45 pm 24 Jul 08

…and I keep hearing comments wondering why Canberra doesn’t seem to be supporting the Raiders like they used to!

Try, stop representing a town as a bunch of wankers!

vg 12:39 pm 24 Jul 08

And I would add that this is my personal opinion, not that of who I work for

vg 12:38 pm 24 Jul 08

Lying to the Police happens each and every single day. Did you pinch the chocolate bar? No I didn’t. Here is the video evidence showing you doing it. What does the person get charged with (if anything). Theft. Not lying to the Police etc etc. Just theft.

Perverting the course of justice is an extremely long bow to draw in this case. Being told to ‘stick to a story’ (if indeed this happened) can hardly said to be applying enough pressure to substantiate such a charge.

Pressuring people to lie, and we’re talking real pressure, can have some consequences as far as perverting justice is concerned but I can tell you that at the end of the day nothing further wil happen here from a Police perspective. Irwin could have told Police that Carney was off his chops and exactly the same charges would have arisen. When questioned about his alcohol intake on the night in question all he had to do was tell Police that he wasn’t drunk and his story would cancel out Irwin’s. People doing the bolt from scenes where they may get breath tested isn’t rare.

Stat decs aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Irwin would need to make a formal complaint to the Police that he was pressured into lying before anything would even get looked at and that won’t happen. Funny how its only now an issue now that Carney has done something stupid (allegedly) again. Didn’t feel the need to pipe up until the Tele rolled into it.

There is pressure and there is pressure. Unless Irwin can categorically prove that actual pressure was exerted on him to lie, which won’t happen, there’s nothing further really worth discussing about ‘that’ incident.

A bit like pollies who publically state they have evidence of certain members opposing them doing something untoward that ‘would warrant a Police investigation’ shutting up about it when the Police ask. Irwin’s credibility would be shot to pieces if push cam to shove here and, to be honest, Carney should be more worried about what will happen to him THIS time rather than what happened last time

Colin_Dixon 12:34 pm 24 Jul 08

Todd Carney even had Mark Parton standing up for him on a rival station

He was telling Mike Welsh on 2CC that he was there at All Bar Nun.

At least I think it was Mark Parton – he said his name was Mark, and it sounded a lot like him. I know he’s no longer working for 106, but it’s odd that he’d be calling a rival on the AM band.

Cameron 12:28 pm 24 Jul 08

Freudian slip there AG?

I don’t see how it would be perverting the course of justice. There is no way that Carney could have been charged with DUI based on someone saying he’d had a few drinks or that he was pissed. They need a definite test result on his blood alcohol content within two hours (could be wrong about the timeframe) in order to charge him with it.

If Irwin lied, he’s an idiot. If the Raiders told him to lie, they’re idiots. Whether he lied or told the truth would have had no impact on the charges laid on Carney.

AG Canberra 12:13 pm 24 Jul 08

EDIT – insert “the police” after media

AG Canberra 12:13 pm 24 Jul 08

Yep johnboy – it’s called perverting the course of justice. John Della Bosca and Belinda Neale know a bit about this type of thing. It is an offence to pressure a person to provide false or misleading information to police during an investigation…..

And should Mr Irwin complete a stat dec to back up wehat he has said in the media would then be obliged to investigate his allegation…wouldn’t they?

Roadrage77 12:04 pm 24 Jul 08

I honestly think Todd Carney IS a great role model**

(**Compared with Noa Nadruku).

Cameron 12:03 pm 24 Jul 08

For anyone to be charged with drink driving they need to be tested within hours.

Text messaging saying “stick to the story” certainly arouse suspicion, but certainly don’t prove anything, and are nowhere near enough for police to reopen their investigation. If they do, that is a complete WOFTAM.

I wonder why the Raiders would pressure someone to lie only to sack him days later. Would that not risk the revelation of said pressuring?

johnboy 11:33 am 24 Jul 08

Cameron said :

There is absolutely no way that Irwin can prove it, and he knows it.

Depends if he’s still for the alleged text messages from Carney on his phone surely?

Cameron 11:31 am 24 Jul 08

There is absolutely no way that Irwin can prove it, and he knows it. Seems to me that this one, like many others, will be tried in the media.

I don’t imagine that anyone would be shocked that NRL clubs are covering for their players indiscretions. Joey Johns anyone?

johnboy 11:23 am 24 Jul 08

Pressuring people to lie to police and the courts, however, remains quite a serious crime does it not VG?

vg 11:16 am 24 Jul 08

Somebody lied to the Police!

A revelation in contemporary society!

Force Police to re-open their investigation into a traffic matter? Ah……no

He didn’t cover up Carney’s ‘guilt’, the Court sorted that part out. The only part ‘hidden’ was the part about him being drunk (which incidentally is his opinion only). Police would have breath tested Carney if they could have, except from what I have read he bolted to Goulburn. At the end of the day Irwin telling Police he thought Carney was drunk would have made no difference to what he got charged with in the absence of proof of his intoxication (i.e. a breath test).

Sounds like the whinings of an ex ex footballer punted from Qld Cup who is short of a quid, that the Tele was keen to offer to. No real news value in it all. Only giving his opinion of what everyone else suspected (including the Courts) all along

AngryHenry 11:06 am 24 Jul 08

SO they’ve been covering things up have they?

Hasn’t that been happening for quite a while?

Even if they’re denying the allegations the fact that the idea has been planted in peoples minds will put a huge dent in their credibility.

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