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Man killed in early morning accident on Morshead Drive

By caf - 20 July 2007 12

ABC online reports on a fatal single vehicle car accident at 3am this morning, on Morshead Drive. This comes only days after the AFP asked Canberra drivers to exercise greater caution in the icy conditions that are a natural consequence of the sub-zero nights we’re experiencing at the moment.

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12 Responses to
Man killed in early morning accident on Morshead Drive
Mr Evil 4:08 pm
20 Jul 07

I’d hazard a guess that either alcohol or driver fatigue have more to do with this accident rather than icy road conditions.

futto 6:26 pm
20 Jul 07


el 6:51 pm
20 Jul 07

Speed will be blamed regardless of what caused the accident.

Meconium 7:02 pm
20 Jul 07

Poor old speed, nobody ever comes to his defence.

asp 8:57 pm
20 Jul 07

I really can not think of any place along that road that a person who is of sound mind could impact a tree. Fog or no fog.

My guess, drug and/or alcohol.

ant 9:44 pm
20 Jul 07

Trees. It was the Trees.

Danman 9:28 am
21 Jul 07

Speed does not kill.

Scientists have proven its stopping really quickly that does the damage.

schmerica_ 11:25 am
22 Jul 07

Have they released the name?

mike_j 1:27 pm
23 Jul 07

I knew this guy. Why must you people offer brainless conjecture over his tragic death? Mr Asp do you know the roundabout up Morshead that he came off? Are you telling me that that is a safe road at 3am? To label the poor guy drunk, or drugged, or not of sound mind is disgraceful. I hope all you people poking fun die fiery deaths just like my friend did, and soon.

Mr Evil 3:32 pm
23 Jul 07

Well alcohol, driver fatigue and/or excessive speed are quite often factors in single vehicle accidents – especially ones that occur late at night or very early in the morning.

Have a nice life, mate. 😉

ant 8:41 pm
23 Jul 07

Well, judging by the bunches of flowers and things stuck to a tree there this morning, it was coming off the tiny little roundabout that takes people down to the lake (nursing home and restaurant) or up into the Russell carparks. The tree was a fair way from the road, too.

Felix the Cat 7:32 pm
28 Jul 07

mike_j – sorry to hear about your friend but can you explain how hundreds of other drivers manage to negotiate the same roundabout without having an accident?

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