Married at First Sight’s Bryce Ruthven ‘definitely’ doesn’t regret his explosive behaviour

Hannah Sparks 18 March 2021 34
Bryce during the dinner party argument.

Bryce Ruthven says Married at First Sight viewers can expect more confrontations. Photos: Nine Entertainment.

Married at First Sight contestant Bryce Ruthven says he “definitely” doesn’t regret his fiery argument with rival Sam Carrao during a televised dinner party and that he would “throw a jug of water on him next time” instead of a cup.

The former radio announcer with Canberra’s Hit 104.7 entered the reality television show to find his life partner but has found a lot of controversies instead.

And Bryce says, “the drama we’ve seen so far is just a warm-up of things to come”, as rumours circulate that he had a secret girlfriend in Canberra while on the show.

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“There are some confrontations that come up from that because it’s not true,” he says.

“If you’ve already seen how I react so far, then you’ll know I’m not going to react too well.”

The 31-year-old is referring to his fight with Sam during a cocktail and dinner party on the show, which ended up in a battle of name-calling and Bryce throwing a cup of water over the fashion-label owner.

This has given Bryce a reputation for explosive anger, but he says Sam “deserved it” and that viewers didn’t see what the fight was really about.

“For me, the only disappointing part was not showing the reason why I was angry which was because he made a comment towards [television wife] Coco during the week, that because she wears fake tan, she looks like a burn victim,” Bryce said.

“That’s what I wanted to pull him up on and I was actually happy to have a civil chat.”

Sam Carrao during the dinner party argument.

Bryce and rival Sam Carrao have run into each other since the show.

However, Bryce says he and Sam have kept things civil since running into each other in Melbourne post-filming.

“We’ve crossed paths at a couple of bars in Melbourne and we’ve both been very civil, we’re both adults,” he said.

“He’s not the kind of guy I’d be mates with going forward, but you can definitely be civil.”

Bryce has moved to Melbourne since taking part in the show and says he’s doing some casual, operational work for the radio station Nova.

While the fire may be out in his relationship with Sam, photos recently circulated online show Bryce involved in a fight with an opposing player during a soccer match in Melbourne.

However, Bryce argues the photo doesn’t show the full situation.

Bryce and Melissa in a supermarket.

Bryce and television wife Melissa Rawson have been snapped in Melbourne together.

“There was a paparazzi at the game – they’ve been following me around a bit – and one of the guys on the team was making some homophobic slurs towards the boys in our team and then kicked one of our guys,” he says.

“Then me and a few of the other boys in our team tried to break it up before it escalated, and I got shoved in the face from him, he took offence to me trying to break it up.

“I guess the paparazzi can put whatever spin he wants on the photos, but I was trying to break a fight up, I wasn’t getting involved.”

Another controversy is the text messages leaked by former MAFS contestant Connie Craydon showing Bryce making advances while they were recording a radio demo together. In the messages, Bryce asks Connie if she thought about kissing him while together, which she quickly shut down.

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However, Bryce denies he was being flirtatious and that Connie has been “very selective” with the parts of the text messages she’s revealed.

“There was definitely some instigating on her behalf. I don’t think what’s been leaked publicly is that bad and I don’t really classify that as flirting,” he said.

Bryce and Melissa on MAFS.

Bryce says the experts couldn’t have found a better match in Melissa.

“I think she’s just bitter that we did a radio demo together for a Victorian station and it came back being pretty crap and ordinary so it didn’t get picked up.

“I think she had a goal of getting into media, making a bit of a profile for herself and unfortunately, the talent wasn’t there so it didn’t work out for her.”

As for Bryce and his television wife Melissa Rawson, the paparazzi has also snapped the pair together in Melbourne and Bryce says the experts couldn’t have found a more perfect match.

“I was asked to be challenged and get someone out of the usual for me,” he said.

“It’s no secret that I had a type of girl before going into the experiment that I was usually going for, so I said I wanted someone different and someone who would match me on an emotional and personal level, and I think I got that.”

Bryce said the pair are still speaking regularly and getting along really well.

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34 Responses to Married at First Sight’s Bryce Ruthven ‘definitely’ doesn’t regret his explosive behaviour
Jenny Tolhurst-White Jenny Tolhurst-White 11:43 am 08 Apr 21

Derrrrr 🤮

You need to take some lessons on how to tell the truth the first time🤢🤣🤣

I haven’t seen it all .... your behaviour is disgusting 😏

Tristan Wellens Tristan Wellens 10:56 pm 19 Mar 21

Isaac Butterfield, your mate

Pauline F Coetsee Pauline F Coetsee 10:31 pm 19 Mar 21

Bryce is a chop!! He is worse than an old lady sticking his nose into others business.

Kim Bailey Kim Bailey 10:16 pm 19 Mar 21

Why is he now a "former" Canberra radio announcer? 🤔😂

Sarah Coye Sarah Coye 6:45 pm 19 Mar 21

Meanwhile, significant developments in battery technology that was developed and tested in Australia gets no airtime, because clearly loud mouth bogans on tv are more important to our social fabric.

Joe Hulm Joe Hulm 6:22 pm 19 Mar 21

Used to be that reality show contestants took all the radio jobs... now radio announcers are trying to fast track their careers by being reality show contestants. Talentless and vacuous people that will do anything for attention except actually work at being anything of value to anyone. Lame.

Lorraine Flanagan Lorraine Flanagan 5:58 pm 19 Mar 21

Do people really behave like that, and James is terrible

Kel Hungerford Kel Hungerford 2:36 pm 19 Mar 21

Chelsey Ashcroft..... he says ‘it’s just a taste of things to come.....’ 🙄

    Mel Mudford Mel Mudford 4:50 pm 19 Mar 21

    Kel ummm I didn’t know you watched this!! We need to discuss!!

    Kel Hungerford Kel Hungerford 5:00 pm 19 Mar 21

    Mel Mudford maaaaaate!!! I live for this bloody show!!!!😅

Sea Shell Sea Shell 2:13 pm 19 Mar 21

Lara Maree Beard Bryce will end up being a blue tick

Jenny McCurley Jenny McCurley 1:34 pm 19 Mar 21

The show is full of 15 minutes of famers there must be other shows more worthy of air time

Steve Ross Steve Ross 1:02 pm 19 Mar 21

Isaac sums it up nicely! (Warning-language.)

Nick James Nick James 12:49 pm 19 Mar 21

I wonder if he regrets any of his behaviour towards his 'wife' tho...

Jessie Nicho Jessie Nicho 12:30 pm 19 Mar 21

Doesn’t regret how he’s behaved?

If he was my son I’d hang my head in shame.

I wonder what his family thinks.

His attitude is deplorable and his lack of insight is very telling on what kind of person he is... not that he’s hiding it.

I’m glad to hear he’s now a FORMER radio show host from Canberra!

Alwyn Edwards Alwyn Edwards 12:22 pm 19 Mar 21

Should be taken off forever!

Sue Skinner Sue Skinner 11:40 am 19 Mar 21

Who cares?!

In light of the current discussions in the news around respect in relationships, this stupid show just perpetuates so many of the attitudes involved. Wrong on so many levels as previously stated in the comments.

Siân Victoria Siân Victoria 11:35 am 19 Mar 21

Alexandra Holland did Marshall weigh in on this guy's behaviour?

    Alexandra Holland Alexandra Holland 12:13 pm 19 Mar 21

    Siân Victoria Marshall doesn’t stand for this sort of behaviour

    Siân Victoria Siân Victoria 12:22 pm 19 Mar 21

    Alexandra Holland Marshall for PM

Sher Bee Sher Bee 10:07 am 19 Mar 21

Absolute disgusting behaviour that isn’t appropriate on so many levels. Considering the current news headlines, why is this sort of show screening? Wouldn’t it be great to have a show with people who are respectful.

    Stephen Matthews Stephen Matthews 12:27 pm 19 Mar 21

    Sher Young women love it

    Jennifer White Jennifer White 12:31 pm 19 Mar 21

    Sher Young I totally agree, this kinda show, with this kinda behavior needs to go

Feona Baranowski Feona Baranowski 9:58 am 19 Mar 21

A classless show...waste of time

Kathleen Murphy Kathleen Murphy 9:34 am 19 Mar 21

Why would anyone get married to a complete stranger?

    Corey Karl Corey Karl 2:06 pm 19 Mar 21

    Kathleen Murphy because it’s great for their social media profiles

    Kathleen Murphy Kathleen Murphy 2:22 pm 19 Mar 21

    Corey Karl so immoral

    Kathleen Murphy Kathleen Murphy 2:30 pm 19 Mar 21

    Corey Karl and the women are such drama queens fussing about how good they look for the TV camera's some full of botox and hair extensions carrying on about every little thing in their life not at all loving or genuine. The show should be banned.

    Corey Karl Corey Karl 2:36 pm 19 Mar 21

    Kathleen Murphy to be fair I think there are shows on tv that perhaps are just as bad. But yes there is no surprise to many as to why the participants on the show are single to begin with !!

    Kathleen Murphy Kathleen Murphy 2:38 pm 19 Mar 21

    Corey Karl haha. Could you imagine being their partner.

    Corey Karl Corey Karl 2:38 pm 19 Mar 21

    Kathleen Murphy I try not too

Ingrid Decak Ingrid Decak 9:11 am 19 Mar 21

Shane Haiduk - former Canberra radio announcer! 🤔

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